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Description of Stickman Battle Fight

Stickman Battle Fight: Legendary Dragon Warrior best fighting action role-playing ball game.

A unique game with Rogue-like gameplay combine classic combat gameplay.

- A lot of superheroes for you to choose (hero)

- Upgrade the power of characters ( Rank A to Z ) to participate in the universal power tournament.

- Diverse combat dragon skills.

Download Stickman Battle Fighters now - to experience the world's best fighting action game.

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More Information Of Stickman Battle Fight

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:2.5 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Onegame Studio Global

User Reviews


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This game is very good except the controls whenever I move in the left direction then 60 percent of the times my character gets out of control and flys up and goes back even after removing hand from the joystick, because of this I had no choice but to uninstall it , if the control were good I could have given 5 stars for the game, it\'s the controls which disappointed me a lot, and at last the game is awesome.
Bybybat Gaming 2020-10-09

Very funn game 5 stars because when i had it on my old phone it diddnt have any pvp or online battles or great apes and other stuff so devs thank u 😁😊 but also every time when i go on daily raid boss every time the dude flipping SPAM PUNCH ME And then i ALWAYS DIE AND HE HAS BEEN DOING THIS FOR A LONG TIME NOW AND I HAVE GOKU ULTRA INSTINT AT LIKE LEVLE 42 AND HE STILL KILLS ME EASY so 4 stars thank u for your service but its still fun acept raid boss
brad stardust 2020-11-01

Good game, but when fighting some enemies it\'s either your too op or they don\'t let you get up and beat you till you die, the onse that do that are the daily bosses, absolute nightmare to fight I can\'t get a bit in, I recently caught against mecha f something idk but I was yohan ultimate and couldn\'t even hit him because he pinned me down with teleport hits and normal combo hits
Sidra Ishtiaq 2020-11-21

Good game but my only problem is that I wish goku and the other characters could level up like your at super saian 0 and there is a button that when you press it you go to ssj1 and on characters if you double tap you go on stats and forms. Then if you have ssj123 and 4 you can level up to it.But it\'s still nice. Plz add my features NOW🤬
Nneoma Uzuegbu 2020-11-03

It was very very good and and I really loved the thethe experience was very very good I love the experience and you should really download this game I finally found out where all the characters were turns out you will get the characters wearing them the Wi-Fi is on
eric plays roblox 2020-10-24

Omg the the game is so good the reason why I put five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ cuz the control and gameplay is ez and combat animation is out of this world!!!!! and u can upgrade character and moves become the strongest all that stuff my man u get five star great game 👍
Zizo Voom 2021-02-08

It is just awsome! I have searched so much for a dragonball game that has online pvp and the fact that i found one is great! The only little problem is that you have to play hours in the pvp to get in the next section
Sarai Garza 2021-02-23

I just joined the game 2 days ago and I love it, it\'s so creative and exclusive with the 3 day free member pass but the only problem is when I join PvP and win, it tells me I lost because of wifi, and I had full bars so please fix this issue
Jay Marc Valdepeña 2020-10-02

Fixed bugs really?I was gonna give it a five stars but everytime i battle there is always a part where i cant move or punch
d u 2020-12-11

I would give this a 5 star, but some of the characters like SSJ2 Vezito need the hitbox of the energy blade fixed. The energy blade hitbox is too short, and it needs to be extended because vezito aka vegito is one of my most favorite characters and i dont want it to get ruined like this and some people dont either.