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Stickman Battle: Fighting game

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Description of Stickman Battle: Fighting game

Game Stickman Battle is an extremely good fighting game - engaging and funny. Players will play the role of stickman superhero, fighting against the legions of darkness.

Stickman Battle will return with a new look, new Stickman character, new Stickman skills, new stickman pets. Get ready to wipe out your enemies - evil monsters and their obstacles with unprecedented features. Stickman Battle deserves to be one of the most rewarding stickman games ever.

⚔️⚔️⚔️The visuals have been updated to a new level in this Stickman game, the new version of Stickman Battle will impress you with sheer contrast, impressive colors and engaging players with each type Stickman warriors, pet system and each type of stick war.

The maps in Stickman are constantly updated, the graphics on different maps are only available in Stickman Battle.

⚔️⚔️⚔️ The hero system is upgraded, diversified and engaging as never before

Hero system in different styles.

Each Stickman warrior has its own combat feature and uses different weapons to bring a whole new experience to the player.


+ How to play is extremely simple

+ The player controls Hero with Joystick to move and attack the enemy with extremely realistic physics.

+ The system will randomly drop weapons, quickly control the hero to get that weapon and fight the enemy to become the champion.

+ When the enemy has a weapon, drop their weapon before they attack you.

+ When the enemy has a weapon, control the hero skillfully drop the weapon before they attack you.

+ Avoid enemy attacks and attack them properly will lead you to victory.

+ Hit enemies in the head to deal fatal damage.

In addition, the player can hit the body parts that were attacked previously to deal more damage.

+ You can upgrade and buy new heroes to increase power to have ultimate power become the champion.


+ Game free and completely free.

+ Offline game, no network, no mobile data required.

+ You can play all continents anywhere.

+ The combat system is completely different from other fighting games.

+ Experience countless familiar supreme superheroes

+ 2 player stick player hero fighting game combined with extremely realistic physics.

+ Thousands of powerful and unique weapons.

+ Get rewarded every day when entering the game.

+ Vertical screen easy to operate.

Why not download Stickman Battle now and become the best League of Stickman player to continue the journey of revenge for Stickman and his family, destroying bloodthirsty monsters in the dark world. This is one of the Ninja fighting action games that you cannot ignore.


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More Information Of Stickman Battle: Fighting game

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.0.41 Publish Date:2021-11-01 Developer:OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.

User Reviews


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Wind e 2020-06-29

Well. This game is really fun, I gave it 2 stars due to so many ads. There is an ad every. Single. Round. And not to mention if you (accidentally or not) watch one for a reward , it just shoves another ad in your face. I wouldn\'t recommend if you don\'t like 67 ads per minute.
Defny UI 2020-06-28

All features are good, so entertaining but addiction is still under control. Nonetheless, the defeated player become mutilated, which is definitely harmful for kids seeing that state. Just simply change it into another harmless state, such as \"dissapearing\" or \"laying down\", please, and I surely will gove you 5 stars.
Christmas Monkey 2020-11-28

Good game...though in all honesty i haven\'t been long....i think it\'s a little suspect that all these games ask you to do a review and give them 5 Stars when you\'ve only been playing the game for sometimes only 30 seconds... That\'s not the case with this game I\'ve been playing it a little bit more than that but the concept is still the same you got to play it for a little while to know to give an honest assessment I think they just want people to give five stars no matter what they think of it.
ImWithStupid 2020-06-26

Big Fan, but how could you add lightsabers but not starwars characters? I\'m a big starwars fan so I would appreciate if you did this. Maybe do Luke, Anakin, Obi Wan, Kylo, Vader or SOMEONE from the starwars. Also Im not sure but each weapon does the same damage. It\'s not realistic. Like a sword would be nothing compared to a infinity gauntlet. Maybe the sword would do around 100-500 as the (starter character) and the infinity gauntlet should do 400-800 damage. Other than that its great!
nekra nz 2020-02-01

Its a good little game but the ads are just ridiculous. \'Watch a video for double reward?\" Click no but then it shows ad anyway for no reward. Scale back on the forced ads and this will be a much more enjoyable game.
ShockWave 2020-03-06

OMG! THIS GAME IS EPIC!!!! This is by far the best offline game ever. It is very fun and is a brilliant time killer. I love the way that you can attack whilst floating in the air and I like how they have put superheroes into the game. I very highly recommend this game. Although I cannot get enough of this game, there is one minor problem: the ads. The ads pop up quite often and the amount needs to at least be cut down. The ads don\'t affect the game too much though. Overall it is AMAZING! 😃😃
J E 2020-01-18

I love this game and the different characters and weapons that you can get. Overall this game is unique to most of the other stickman games and really fun. 😁👍
Jasmin Figueroa 2020-11-06

Stickman battle is so amazing and good 😀 I am really happy with that even though I like minecraft 1 times more and among us 1 time more than stickman battle. And I like hobby kids adventures 1 time more. But it is so good I\'ve fell in love with stickman battle. I don\'t like stickman hook though.
Sean Mobile Gaming 2020-04-12

This game made me extremely mad. I used 100,000 coins on the lucky spin (no luck) and didnt get a single fighter. There were times where all slots but one were filled with fighters. I happened to get 300 coins out of it. Not a single character. Other times i would get only 300 coins 7 times in a row. Uninstalling.
brook beatty 2020-11-05

I like this game has good graphics! And without the music is even better! But I don\'t like the floating in the air to fight part! But its a good time killer game!