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Description of Stickman vs Zombies

Previously known as Stickman Zombie Shooter, the game has been rebranded to better describe its features.


▪️ Epic stickman fights and massive zombie attacks!

▪️ Awesome Parkour moves: you can climb platforms and hang on high places!

▪️ Incredible melee fighting combos!

▪️ Many platformer levels and a lot of waves to defeat!

▪️ Many weapons and strategies to shoot all the zombies!

▪️ Survive the apocalypse!


▪️ Save your progress online.

▪️ Reach the top of the online leaderboards!

▪️ You can play it offline too!

▪️ Simple controls and hardcore gameplay!

▪️ Good performance on any device.

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More Information Of Stickman vs Zombies

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.5.6 Publish Date:2021-11-08 Developer:Aurecas

User Reviews


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20 2 2020-06-01

THIS GAME IS THE BEST EVER! I am obsessed and play on a daily basis multiple times a day. I find myself trying to conquer new levels in different ways than before. Trying to go farther even though I have all the stars in both categories for each level. Now after having beat the hardest chapter which was 7 you have given me chapter 8 to deal with. Please don\'t tell me this is the end though. With a new weapon, secret corridors, and maze like elevators after beating chapter 8 I need more please!
Amanda Boss 2020-12-21

I enjoyed the game and even paid for it; however, it no longer works. Whenever I attempt to start the game it immediately closes itself. I would appreciate it if you could fix this issue so that I may play it again.
X Ravager 2020-12-31

Op time pass game but.. some bugs are there specially, \'Ad Video not loding\' Bug even you have a good and stable net and Game always crashers after playing about 20 minutes. If Dev\'s are going to fix it then this game deserves 5 star 🌟 as its size and entertainment.
Jane Bradt 2020-11-24

Love this game thank you so much for fixing the revive cuz when I used to revive I watched an ad then I died right on rspawn but there is a problem when a group of zombies come up to me get stuck then I can\'t move unless I throw a gurnade and hope to survive or I can just let the zombies kill me which I don\'t wanna do so please do something about this.
Buttacup Chronicles 2020-07-27

This game is amazing you can upgrade characters, earn different weapons and fight zombies! there are daily challenges as well as story mode. story mode is the best in my opinion. This game needs no wifi or internet and you are not limited to all the cool stuff. you dont have to buy anything and you can have tons of fun. im really addicted to it.
Hairy Palms 2019-10-22

Absolutely disgraceful! I complete a level, watch a 30 second long advert then the screen goes black for two minutes until I cry, \"Enough!\" and force-close the game myself. Piss poor controls make me hate this game more than any I\'ve played in the last two years! Uninstalled!
David Senge 2019-08-13

Terriffic game, highly recommended. It\'s hard to find apps or games that keep me interested longer than a couple days. I have had this game for 2 weeks and still play it. Admittedly only playing an hour or so each day. I also paid for no ads- only $4 and well worth the spend(there are loads of ads) Had a small issue with the leaderboards but the devs got back to me very promptly. Looking forward to more stages being released.
Kryptic Glitch 2020-08-24

Omg, This is Godly I Love this Game Easy to Control unlike other stickman games ive played! I\'M INSANELY happy its even offline so i can play it at school with my friends on the bus. The only problem is theres a picture glitch whenever i get somthing from a ad it stays as the one you equip if i have punch I\'ll have a gun equipped but I haven\'t i have punch equiped
Angry Boi 2020-07-21

This game is just terrible. For some reason items dont spawn when you really need them and whenever a item that randomly appeared off screen it always disappears and theres like a 3%- chance you will even get it. Sometimes with guns like sniper,shotgun etc they always do a second shoot even when you let go and the run and jump doesnt work to good. And why do some many zombies appear at the same time so it\'s a crowd like just make it normal jeez. Fix these and it might not be 1 star
rockogamer 2019-01-26

This sucks, there is too many ads