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Description of Stock Events: Portfolio. Dividends. Earnings. News

Stock Events is the only global portfolio tracker with an accurate one day chart over all your investments. Get the most detailed and complete dividend and earnings data to stay in the loop of your favorite stocks and never miss important events again.

Portfolio Tracker

Add transactions with price and date to your stocks and see how your portfolio value changes over time. It also includes profit and loss calculations per intraday and overall.

Dividend Tracker

View all upcoming and past dividends in your personal dividends calendar view.

Earnings Calendar

View all upcoming and past earnings in your personal earnings calendar view. Get notified on earnings calls and updates as soon as earnings are published.

Stock Widgets

Add stock widgets to your home screen and keep an eye on your favorite stocks and cryptos in real-time.

IPO Calendar

The latest information on initial public offerings (IPOs), including latest IPOs, expected IPOs, recent filings, and IPO Performance.

Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, Bonds, Indices, Crypto

With Stock Events, you can follow stocks, ETFs, commodities, bonds, indices, crypto and more. You can also track them in your portofolio to keep up with your earnings and dividends.

Price Alerts

Create Price alerts for your favorite stocks and get notified as soon as your target price is reached.

Price Change Calendar

View all significant price changes in the past and get related infos for each of them.

A lot of information

The most important information you need to research your investments. Analyst Ratings, Statistics, Dividends, Earnings, News, ETF distribution with holdings, regions, sectors and much more.

Your privacy is important to us

You don't required an account to use Stock Events. We also don't aquire any personal information from you and we don't store any information about your subscribed stocks on our servers. All the data remains on your device only.

Simple and intuitive

Our services, and information are built to be intuitive and accessible for everyone — newcomers and experts alike.

Stock Events is a tool that allows you to view the earnings calendar, dividends calendar, ipo calendar, manage your stock portfolio, view performance over time and much more.

Stay informed

Stock Events helps you stay informed about upcoming earnings, dividends, IPOs and news of you favorite stocks. Never miss any new earnings report by receiving dedicated push notifications.

What's special about Stock Events?

Stock Events displays important events in a calendar like view to help you keep up with important events as well as a dividend and portfolio tracker.

Cryptocurrencies available

Add cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum along with your stocks to your watchlist and portfolio to track the prices and stay up to date.

No ads

Stock Events doesn't have any ads.

Stock Events PRO

We have Stock Events PRO to unlock the best features we have to offer.

Stock Events PRO users get:

★ More Stocks on their watchlist

★ News

★ Upcoming IPOs

★ Stock Screener

Why do we have Stock Events PRO

We want to provide the best features and service to you, but we do need to cover our costs. Since we don't want worsen your user experience by using ads, we have Stock Events PRO for our most loyal users.

We are not a Robinhood alternative or Trade Republic alternative

Since you can't directly trade stocks, ETFs, bonds, crypto and securities on Stock Events, we are not a Robinhood or Trade Republic alternative for investing. But if you seek information in a similar fashion, Stock Events might be a good fit for you.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:7.1.2 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Stock Events

User Reviews


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Joe Calderon 2021-03-20

Fixed the VZ issue! Love the app. Pumped to try premium.
Hopelessdecoy 2021-02-04

One of the best portfolio trackers out there and has an amazing dividend calendar screen! The developers are constantly churning out great updates and what you get is totally worth the premium price! If they add some more info/features around ETF & Mutual Funds such as holdings and sector breakdowns then this will be my defacto investment app!
Jesper Bæk Jørgensen 2021-02-05

I really like this app for keeping track of my dividend. It was hard to find a nice clean app for this purpose - one that doesn\'t look like it\'s straight out of 2010. The new update includes adding your tax percent which is incredibly useful! There is a few things I\'d like to see improved: My dividend set to my local currency yet a dollar sign ($) is still displayed next to every number. It\'s really confusing and a little bit misleading if I wanna share it. I want a 1 time purchase upgrade!
Alejandro Castillo 2020-06-25

Updatíng this because the developer actually helped me and solved my issue.. I had an issue viewing a page that showed dividend income over different months and that caused the app to keep crashing. Once I contacted the developer and explained he provided an updated version that fixed the issue right away. This is the only mobile dividend app that I use that allows fractional shares to calculate dividend income. Amazing job 🙌
Alejandro Garcia 2021-01-13

The app is awesome and the team behind it is even better. I have been loking for a portfolio tracker a long time and now I found it. It is simple to use, full of features even in the free version and the best part is that the PRO version does only cost 35€ a year, less than a beer a month. Extremely cheap and even better if we take into account the amount of advantages it provides.
Yannik Leybold 2021-02-03

It would be nice to have a acurate graph with some numbers on the side instead of the abstract/simplistic one which shows in the holdings window. At the 1 week time sale, there are !!! 3 !!! data points, which makes the graph straight up unusable, not mentioning that there is no way to see the values, its just a line. Which begs the question why it is even there. The rest of the app is perfect, and I hope that the developers will make the graphs useful instead of esthetic but sadly unusable.
Samantha Reardon 2020-08-05

This app is great! I like the that it breaks down the dividends if you have fractional shares. The UI is easy to deal with and you can edit which event feeds you can get so you can see the info that is most important to you. I use this app in concert with Robinhood, they are a great pair. The only thing I wish they had would be an option to tap the month in the dividend view that shows which ones come in that month (I had to write it on a separate piece of paper).
Bobby S 2021-01-01

Text in app scales with device text size setting, but many labels, button text, etc get cut off as a result of larger text. Dev probably needs to either cause text to overflow or just disable text scaling on everything except news articles or any long blocks of text.
Dimitris Bakolas 2020-09-09

A very good app, with good UI. But not good enough for a subscription, especially at this price. If you add an ad-supported version with unlimited stocks, it will be 5 stars.
Arnold Gentz 2021-01-15

This is a great app for dividend investors. It has a clean user interface and also different sets of stats and charts for dividends: dividend calendar, earnings calendar, dividend by month and year. It\'s almost everything I have wanted from a dividend tracker app. The only thing I personally miss from the app and the only thing that stops me from rating it as a 5 star app is the lack of European exchanges, more specifically the Amsterdam Exchange. All in an excellent app! Edit: European stocks I was interested in were added, so I will keep my word and update the rating to 5 stars. I love this app!