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Description of Stock Exchange

Are you playing the stock market? You will stay informed of all the news with the “Stock Exchange”! The application allows you to keep track of the latest changes stock prices in international stock markets.

Thanks to user-friendly interface, you can adjust the application settings specifically for yourself and feel comfortable enjoying the things you love. The application allows you to add unlimited number of companies to the menu. You can search for them using their exchange name or symbol. Using the system of schedules you can adjust the viewing of detailed information about a particular company in the market, and looking over the time intervals of schedules you can determine if the stock prices trend upwards or downwards.

Basic features of the application:

• 11 different types of schedules for each company, allowing you to track upward or downward trends of specific stock prices;

• the opportunity to look through the schedules of different time periods: the menu includes daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules, as well as demonstrative schedules for the entire term of sales of stocks;

• viewing all the information about the stocks of the company, which includes indicators of the current value, volume, rising or falling prices percent, the lowest and highest point, averages and other important characteristics;

• elegant, user-friendly interface of the application that allows you to understand everything quickly and adjust the menu for yourself;

• comfortable and easy controls;

• user-friendly search system and addition of companies using their names or symbols in the stock market;

• the ability to work in standalone mode without network connection using the latest data loaded;

• work in active mode. The application allows the screen always stay unlocked, which significantly reduces the operating time;

• automatic updating of data after a set amount of time.

This app will keep you informed of recent changes in the financial market, you will be able to keep track of the world's major indices, exchange rates and commodity prices.

With the “Stock Exchange” you can invest you funds easily and without any risk, control over the state of the selected stocks and increase your income at any time.

The convenient mobile app “Stock Exchange” will allow skilled players to earn money in any place and at any time. You will be able to invest in stocks of any international companies and get the maximum profit by implementing permanent price control using intuitive interface management of the application.

Differences from the free version:

- No ads.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.0 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:Kataykin: apps for education & lifestyle

User Reviews


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John Smith 2016-05-12

Good but need zoom. Need to be able to zoom, full screen charts, otherwise good application.
A Google user 2019-02-06

can\'t find server error
Michael Santoso 2018-11-24

Dont waste time with this app, worse app ever created for stocks
Johnny Portis 2014-03-03

Stays pretty accurate with the actual market activity and gives you quick and easy to read results. I would recommend this app if you are a novice or seasoned investor who likes to stay connected on the minute.
JosF 2019-03-20

absolute garbage.....
Spencer Holguin 2017-11-29

It does not work like in the screenshots. It is only a collection of shortcuts to Yahoo Finance.
William Emory 2015-01-06

A good way for the novice to start learning.
A Google user 2017-10-13

Need to have a different color when stocks don\'t change daily. Also chart graph does not work currently.
Darrin Bowen 2020-10-27

Waste of money, it shows you your list of stocks but when you click on any of them it just opens yahoo finance. You might just as well use yahoo finance anyway, and that\'s free. I was expecting a lot more from this app. Don\'t bother.
Glen Neto 2020-09-23