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Description of Stop Breathe Think: Meditation

Learn to meditate and be more mindful with the award-winning Stop Breathe Think, formerly known as MyLife Meditation. Stop Breathe Think is a meditation and mindfulness app that offers daily wellness check-ins and suggests activities personalized to how you feel. Learn to maintain perspective through your mental and physical wellness journey. Develop simple habits so you can get to a better place in just a few minutes a day.

Meditation and mindfulness exercises will lead you on a path to “wind-down” with us and help you relieve stress and relax. Let our experts guide you through journaling prompts that help you think on and let go of emotions, aiding you through your wellness journey. Destress with a meditation guide to gain a better, calm mindspace.

Stop Breathe Think is here for you, whether you’re anxious, sleepless or angry. Our personalized meditation and mindfulness experience has won a Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Health App and has been featured by the Today Show, Apple, Cosmopolitan, Parents and many more. Join millions of others on their journey of guided meditation and relaxation, helping them to destress and become happier.

Breathe, meditate and relax. Mind and body need to be realigned, and it can be achieved with guided mind meditation. At Stop Breathe Think, we believe that taking a few minutes each day to take care of how you feel and relaxing is as important as regular exercise. Let us be your meditation guide to relaxation and calming sleep. By developing this simple habit, you can better navigate life’s ups and downs, reduce your stress and get more sleep.

Meditate with a community! Over 5,000,000 downloads and 17 million emotional check-ins and counting!



• Calm yourself with personalized meditation recommendations just for you

• Relax with daily meditations for beginners or experienced meditators

• Meditate with deep breathing exercises and guided meditations

• 20+ meditations available in Spanish

• Practice mindful eating with our new series


• Check-in with how you feel

• Track your mood before and after your daily meditations

• Explore your feelings with expert-guided journaling


• Anxiety relief. Users were 82% more likely to NOT be anxious with consistent use of Stop Breathe Think

• Stress relief is here with specific exercises tailored for any age

• Create space for yourself through mindful breathing and self-care

• Use our meditation timer when it’s time to meditate


• Learn to cultivate your breath to find calm, improve focus and feel more grounded

• Count your breaths to calm your mind and live more mindfully

• Meditation timer helps you stay focused and time each meditation


• Sleep sounds help you fall asleep, faster

• Meditation timer helps you relax while you fall asleep

• Fall asleep to soothing meditation sounds

• Sleep better and relax with our ‘Wind Down’ series


• Mediation for families of any shape and size

• Early learning of meditation and mindfulness practices can help with long-term mental health

• Find exercises and guides for any age to help with stress, anxiety and sleep

Stop Breathe Think has meditations for everyone. Learn to meditate, sleep better and relax with Stop Breathe Think.


Stop Breathe Think is free for foundational meditations, and we offer a premium membership that unlocks 450+ premium activities, guided journaling, yoga, acupressure, soundscapes and more premium features.


Subscriptions automatically renew at the end of each term and you will be charged through your Play Store Account. You may turn off subscription auto-renewal at any time through your Play Store Account Settings. We can't offer a refund for unsubscribing early.

Privacy Policy: https://my.life/privacy-policy/

Terms of Service: https://my.life/terms-of-use/

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:8.0.2 Publish Date:2022-01-23 Developer:Stop, Breathe & Think

User Reviews


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Vince 2019-06-29

I paid for the upgraded version of the mediation and now they changed to a monthly subscription plan and my purchased upgrades are all gone. That\'s not how to treat a paying customer. Be warned if you purchase anything from them they may renig on what they promise you and leave your high and dry.
Mareesa Villaire 2020-11-22

I really love this app! The check-ins help me to really Stop and Think about where I am emotionally and mentally. There are lots of options for guided meditation of any length, though I mostly use the meditation timer. Because it keeps track of streaks, there\'s added motivation for me to keep at it everyday. The developers are also fairly quick to respond to bugs and errors. I am very satisfied with this app as a paying user. The free version is also worth a shot if you\'re new to meditation!
Peter Symmons 2021-03-14

I have been using it for nearly 6 years now and it has helped me to a lot more stable and less moody. I\'ve tried lots of different meditations & because I\'m pretty stable at the moment I have a set of staple favorites that I choose from depending on how I\'m feeling when I wake up. It\'s great! Edit last updated 14 Mar 2021. I can wholeheardedly recommend it. There was a problem with the last update & I lost connectivity for a while. The support people were very helpful and the problem was solved.
Jasmine Boykin 2021-03-15

This app was what I found when I was extremely disappointed with Headspace. It has helped me a lot to settle myself especially at night before bed. The check ins are very helpful. However, as with the other app, I wish there was more unlocked. I understand every co onay needs to make money. It\'s just that sometimes I\'m seeking specific help that I can not get. For the most part, it\'s good though.
Sarah Eggleston 2021-03-02

Changed from 4 to 5 stars because they fixed the glitches I was experiencing and added a filtering feature. Would love to see additional badges eventually, and maybe calendar tracking or total number of sessions (lifetime). They just added a bunch of new content and I am enjoying exploring the new material. I highly recommend this app.
Susan Baranoff 2020-11-21

Thank you for your diligence in getting the broken app fixed. It has been my sanity saver since we went into \"covid mode\" in March 2020. I\'ll continue daily use and appreciate the efforts to make the app socially relevant and current.
Alyssa Shreiner 2020-06-25

I really enjoy this app! I love their meditations and how they have a daily check in! The best part is, I ran into absolutely no ads while using it! I really like the setup, and the fact that they have someone talking you through the meditation process. Plus, unlike all the other meditation apps I\'ve tried, this one is absolutely free! They have an option to upgrade to a paid service, but I use the free version and love it! I would definitely recommend it!
Lisa Adamson 2021-02-19

I love this app. At first I was apprehensive of meditation because I believed it to be attached to a certain religion. But when I became open to it after discovering that it is good to clear the mind and develop focus, I needed to find one that was right for me. This app is great! If you are running short on time in the morning, it is quick and effective. You do an emotion and body check in and then they tailor the right meditation just for you. I would definitely recommend.
Jules R 2020-03-11

This is a really good app with a large selection of meditations to suit many different situations. It also has relaxation music and white noise tracks in it, which are great. And it has a check in section whenever you open the app to recommend the best meditation suitable for that moment. It keeps a record of emotions before and after meditating and gives sticker rewards, all of which are motivating to help to meditate on a regular basis. As well as this, there are some yoga video sessions.
Kim st-gelais 2021-01-16

Really.good app when I can\'t concentrate on my own meditation, helps guide me when I\'m agitated and can\'t seem to focus on my thoughts and feeling. It\'s an amazing add on to my therapy and working on myself. I really like this app, I would subscribe if I could afford it. ♡♡ Thanks for sharing meditations with mw and all the community. ♡♡