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Description of Stop - Categories Word Game

STOP is the classic pen-and-paper TRIVIA word game you know and love

One letter. Five categories. 60 seconds. Infinite chances to become a TRIVIA quiz legend ... or at least laugh and have fun with your FRIENDS. It's fresher, funnier, and more frantic than ever—and still no pen or paper required!

From the studio that brought you the smash-hit crossword category game CodyCross and the zen-like Word Lanes

Features you will love:

- A MODERN version of the CLASSIC pen-and-paper categories quiz game! 😃

- SNEAKY STRATEGY: Done answering? Stop the flow of time and END YOUR RIVAL'S ROUND EARLY! 😈

- 200+ FUN and different TRIVIA CATEGORIES (and counting)!

- DUEL FRIENDS and foes in Europe, the Americas ... all over the world!

- MULTIPLAYER MODES including ""classic"" pen-and-paper mode and timer-free ""zen"" mode.

- CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS to become a true trivia master! 😄

- Earn free coins to UNLOCK TIPS and hints for tough categories!

- LEARN new words, MEET new people, and become a STOP champion! 🤗

- Play with your friends on YOUR SCHEDULE! Whether you have 60 minutes or 60 seconds, you have time to enjoy the game STOP ! 😁

- PLAY ANYWHERE: on the couch, on the go, on your lunch break ... it's all good!

- Friends busy? Don't let the game stop. Let the MULTIPLAYER MATCHMAKING find you a brand-new nemesis to add to your fight list! 🤨

- Support for many languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Turkish!

- Crafted by the same puzzle-loving people who gave you the unforgettable crossword blockbuster CodyCross and the meditative word search Word Lanes!

Ready to test your TRIVIA talents? Start playing the cutting-edge word puzzle category game STOP today!

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More Information Of Stop - Categories Word Game

lable: Word - Games Current Version:3.25.5 Publish Date:2022-05-21 Developer:Fanatee, Inc.

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Traci Williams 2020-12-04

This is my second time installing the game and now I remember why I stopped playing the first time...people won\'t play the game. At one point I had 5 games going and NOBODY played. I think if a game sits too long (48 hours) the match should automatically be forfeited and the winner receives a free life. The loser (the one not playing) should lose ALL of their lives and have to wait for them to be restored (if you don\'t wanna play, you don\'t need the lives anyway🤷🏾).
Angel Liarmas 2020-12-17

it is a very good board game and I play it when I get the chance but because English and non of the other languages is my mother tongue I can\'t really think of many stuff to answer so I don\'t enjoy it as much. so devs please when you get the chance and if it\'s possible put Greek as a language for the game I would (and probably many more people) appreciate it. thank you
KaylieKat07 2020-12-29

Really fun and pretty hard but I like it that way, plus I think that\'s just me lol. The only thing is I\'ve seen the same ad quite a few times and if there\'s gonna be ads I\'d at least like difference in them so I can decide whether or not to download it. But besides that teeny thing, I totally recommend this game! Especially if you want to learn something new :)
Zoe Clemmerson 2021-02-05

This is a good game but then I found out it was mature just because of the stupid adds! Also I would like to point out that we have a certain amount of hearts and if you use them all then you have to wait until they get refilled and it is innoing me so can you please make it like Scrabble where you can play as many games as you want whenever because then it would make it so much easier and better. Also a Hi-Chew is a candy but on the game it says it isn\'t a candy but it is.
H. B.E. 2021-03-01

Edit: Realized this game is the cause of my phone sound issues. I\'ve only had this phone since summer and at first fine. Downloaded this game, played for months and started to have issues where callers couldn\'t hear me, I couldn\'t hear them, and my alarms and ringtones stopped sounding. Had to restart phone constantly. Took a break from game for a while and no problems with sound. Started playing again and problem was back. Not sure what\'s up with this game. Like playing it but a big issue.
Shania Govender 2021-01-11

This is a fun game. I like it a lot,but you only get 3 lives and when those 3 lives are finished you have to wait 30 minutes for another life.When me and the opponent have the same number of stars, the games says the opponent has won when it supposed to say it is a draw, so most of the time I don\'t win.I think maybe the opponent finished quicker that\'s why they won and its not a draw, but then if that\'s the case then the game should show the time each player took.
TeRae Mitchell 2021-01-12

The game itself is fairly fun, however it takes way too long waiting for your opponent. If there was an auto or practice mode where you could continuously play, the game would be better. I also feel as though the letter almost always stops somewhere at the end of the alphabet. Anyway, it was ok for a bit, but not one I would keep or recommend at this time.
Caress Hower 2021-01-27

Love this game! I\'m not having any issue so far. Ads can easily be bypassed. Great great great! Also, people seem to get super upset with the luck of the draw letters you spin for and categories... I mean, the randomness keeps the game difficult and fun!!! No one wants to work for the point anymore. Guys, keep doing what you\'re doing. The game is awesome. Best one yet!
RynBird 2021-02-21

I enjoyed this game almost as much as I enjoyed the look of defeat on my brother\'s face when I won. Slightly annoying when you get an obscure letter, but also a fun challenge. Also, sometimes it\'s fun to see what ridiculous answers you can scrape by with! The ads can be a little much at times, but with the length of each game and the time it takes opponents to respond, they\'re nowhere near as annoying as in other apps. Overall, a very underrated game- would recommend!
ally elias 2020-10-30

Only 3 stars because I quite enjoy the game, there are alot of ads which I can deal with however you dont get enough lives so you\'re basically waiting and hoping that the other player hasnt put their phone down so you can play for longer than 5 minutes. My suggestion is either add more lives, or cut down the time to wait for lives. If its going to be a half hour wait to get 1 life, it\'s not worth my time when I use all 3 in 5-10 minutes.