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Description of Stray Cat Doors

Let's escape from the door by exploring the world like a picture book.

■ Features ■

· It is an escape game that solves a mystery together with a cute character.

· Escape game It is a game that even beginners can enjoy.

· Go around various stages, use items or solve problems and escape.

· Clear room will become lively.

· All six stages. There are plenty of extras.

· Healing music. Turn on BGM and play around.

· Once you clear the stage you can play many times later.

· You can play all free.

■ It is recommended for ■

· I love healing games.

· I like escape games.

· I like kawaii games.

· I love cute characters and animals.

· I want to play freely and free of charge.

· I want to collect items.

■ How to play

· It is a simple operation with only tap.

· Let's tap where I was interested.

· Press and hold the item in the item box to enlarge it.

· When the number of items increases, swipe the item box left or right to select it.

· Tap the gear icon on the screen to open the menu.

· You can see hints and answers from the menu. (* Required video viewing)

■ Note ■

Depending on the model, there may be times when it seems to stop on the white screen at the beginning of the stage.

There is a possibility that it takes time to load, so it may start when you wait for a while.

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More Information Of Stray Cat Doors

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.7.4 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:パルスモ株式会社

User Reviews


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Eve Greene 2019-08-25

Short, but sweet game. Rounding up the cats make for a lovely couple of hours. The illustrations are beautiful and dreamy, and gameplay is flawless : no tricks here, or hard to find objects that would get you stuck. If you do get stuck, you can get hints or answers by watching 15 seconds long ads - and those are the only adds you get. I definitely recommend you play it, and I would suggest it to be on a quiet rainy day, with a cat at hugging distance.
Karin Bell 2019-10-15

My absolute only complaint is that I wish I hadn\'t reached the end of the game. The graphics are lovely, the puzzles are just hard enough to be interesting but generally not frustrating (unlimited free hints/answers for watching videos helped immensely). I love these kinds of puzzles, but I\'m not great at them. This app struck the right balance and is adorable to boot. Hope you\'re able to do more! ❤️
phoaii 2020-10-16

i really love this game, its so beautiful and fun. i wanted to finish the whole game in one sitting, but once i got to level six, i ran into a bug. i was at the pumkin painting with the colored numbers, but no matter how many times i put in the right answer, it didnt work. i even looked up a video to see if i was wrong, but i wasnt. please fix this bug asap, i really would love to finish the game. thank you :)
tastetherainbow 2020-09-19

This is one of my fav games, the graphics and music are insanely good and the puzzles are really hard. Also, each level has a little theme which is super cute! The only bad thing I can think of about this game is that some puzzles are waay too hard without help and the hints are sort of hard to understand. Also, sadly this game only has 6 levels. I\'m gonna try to find another game like this one cause this is amazing! :D
Annaka Dodd 2020-07-03

The only downside to this game is that I wanted more levels, it\'s just that good. The puzzles get progressively more challenging, so don\'t take anything for granted. There\'s no time limit, so this is a very low pressure game with calming music throughout, you just have to be on your mental game. If you get stuck, you can get hints by watching an ad or two, so it\'s very unobtrusive. I highly recommend this game, and hope this won\'t be the last time I see Stray Cat Doors. Cute ending, too.
aslindehecate 2019-11-09

Let\'s get to the reason why it\'s 2 stars instead of the 5 stars it SHOULD get. I encountered a game breaking bug that didn\'t let me play the game anymore in stage 6, with the snowman and the cookies puzzle. I tried restarting the level, reinstalling the game, nada. I also tried emailing support but it bounced right back saying \"destination computer refused to accept\" my email. And the game itself doesnt have an option to provide error feedback. So here we are. If they fix it, I wanna finish it.
Jessica Buller 2019-09-15

Beautiful game! I love everything about it, from the art to the puzzles to the hint system, and the lovely music. The puzzles were mostly intuitive, with just the right amount of trickiness to be interesting and fun. The end sequence was surprisingly touching, too, and I\'m not sure why. Regardless, this was really fun and I\'m glad I played it.
mikan00 2020-10-23

Cute, quick, nice graphics. The art is really adorable and the main strong point of the game, I think. The story is honestly just ok, but that\'s not really much of an issue with these kinds of escape room games. The puzzles are easy and I was able to get through all levels in a sitting. The tapping was a bit annoying in parts (ex: picking up the food items) because it sometimes seems to have an unnecessary lock or limit. Maybe if later levels were harder it would be nice but it was fun!
Aremxlle 2021-01-08

Ì downloaded this because I just finished the 2nd game, and I played as the bear. And i got really sad when the sequel ended due to beating level 8, but the gameplay in this was really fun. I enjoy these games alot, because they are very fun puzzle games to play. A fun collection game. I think this is the context of why your going back to were you went. I think you\'re a girl who loses her memory, and everywhere you go is a memory. You get something from each memory. Good game!
Caitlin Tan 2020-05-06

Short but sweet. This is exactly what I was looking for in a game: soothing music, beautiful art, no time pressure. The puzzles weren\'t too easy or hard. Plus, getting hints and answers when you\'re really stuck just requires watching ads, which is nice especially when you get easily frustrated with games like these. I also like how the game just gives hints and answers for one puzzle at a time per stage and not a whole walkthrough. Keeps me from feeling like I\'m cheating. Thank you to the devs~