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Description of Stray Cat Doors2

The time that I spent with you at the house, the journey at dusk, the lost city

and the way back home through the white breathing snow...

The escape adventure game that has been a worldwide hit

"Stray Cat Doors"'s continuation is finally here!


◆Game introduction◆


■ Features

It's a escape adventure game where you solve the mystery and clear each stage with a cute character.

For those who have not played the previous game do not worry because you can enjoy it without problems.

In this new work, you can now operate the character and explore the stage together.

If you find difficult to solve any mystery, the hint function will help you so even beginners can enjoy it.

The kitties from the previous work will also appear. Please be healed by the warm heart of those kitties.

In addition, many other characters will appear making the game colorfully.

■ Number of Mysteries increased

Stages increased to 9 stages!

What's more, there are over 30 extra stages!

■ Dress-up function

A lot of character costumes! Let's change clothes and go out.

■ Let's be healed with beautiful background music

Includes more than 30 songs that decorate the stage! Turn on the sound and enjoy.

■ You can customize the room as you like

You can create furniture stickers by collecting the materials (pigments) on the stage.

Let's arrange many stickers freely to complete a wonderful room!

■ Recommended for the following people

・I have played the previous game

・I like healing games

・I like escape games

・I like cute characters and animals

・I like to collect items


◆How to play◆


■ On each stage, explore it and collect the four paints required for clearing the stage.

■ You can move inside the stage by simple tap or swipe.

■ You can proceed to solve the mystery by tapping where the cat footprint icon appears.

■ Use the items in the item column by tapping or swiping.

■ When you clear each stage, "bonus stage" will be added.

On the bonus stage, you can get new costumes and pigments as clear rewards.

■ At home, if you have a certain number of pigments, you will be able to challenge "the redecorating puzzle".

Let's look at the hints displayed in the room and use pigments to create and move the missing furniture.

You can freely arrange furniture in the room where you have cleared the puzzle


◆Strategy tips◆


■If you can't solve the mystery, you can see hints and answers through the [?] mark icon.

※You need to watch the video to see the hint.

※There is no hint function on the bonus stage.

■ Look carefully at the shape and pattern of the stickers in "the redecorating puzzle" mode

There may be slight differences even if they look symmetrical at first glance

■ Mini games are recommended to play for collecting a lot of pigments.

At the bonus stage, you can also get pigments as a clear reward.

■Double the number of pigments acquired by watching videos! Let's get a lot of pigments at once!

■ Is "the redecorating puzzle"solving related to the final stage 9?


◆Supported models◆


This app can be used in the following environments.

Android 6.0 or higher

*Please note that it may not work on some terminals.

[Official Twitter]


*For inquiries, please contact us from the official website.

*This game is basically free, but there are some in-app billing contents.

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More Information Of Stray Cat Doors2

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.0.7656 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:パルスモ株式会社

User Reviews


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I\'mNot GivingAwayMyName 2020-10-17

This is a very lovely game! I could not stop playing it and honestly I got emotionally attached, so much so that I was sad when I completed it. The music really moves you without realizing, but the art especially is what makes this game so good. It\'s primarily a puzzle solving game, and the puzzles were really good (though I ended up giving up half of the time and watching ads to get hints [worth it]). Please download this game!!
Tiffany Xian 2020-10-14

I love the game. It\'s heartwarming and adorable and the puzzles are *mwah* chefs kiss. However, the interface is glitchy and buggy to navigate, and there are SO MANY ADS to the point where it\'s almost unplayable. Removing the ads is also quite expensive. As a smaller developer, I understand the need for the income, but I simply can\'t stomach the interface. Maybe you can though, I\'d highly recommend anyone give this game a try if you don\'t mind ads.
Salvador Gonzales :v 2020-10-17

Absolutely phenomenal!, I love it. The puzzles are good and the story is cute even though it is not clear what it\'s about!. I love the way they put a little board over when the ad is showing or about to start!. I love how this one looks but Personally I like the first one better because there is no complex things in the first game. but I think both are great. ❤️
Wendy Huynh 2020-10-11

Incredibly delightful game. The art and animation is adorable, the music so soothing and story was so sweet. I love the puzzles, they weren\'t too easy/hard but enough to make you think and able to figure them out yourself. I downloaded this just to pass the time. It\'s a short game but such a delight to play. Ads can be abit annoying but they benefit by doubling rewards
Kellis R. *v* 2020-10-02

I almost cried at the end and I have a lot to say! The art was cute and worked well with the story. The story itself, might not be clear for some as it progresses with pictures and not words but each picture and element really tells itself. The functions within the game such as moving were quite, tedious, but it didn\'t bother me that much! Watching an ad or two was worth while for hints and the puzzles were both easy yet tricky as you progress. Thank you developers for this masterpiece.
Jor Graham 2021-02-12

Wonderfully lovely 💗💗. You can play at whatever pace you\'d like, and there are different ways to play the game!( I\'m a completion isn\'t). Brilliant and beautiful story, magical design, and generally heart warming all around. I did not experience any in-game problems. There are ads, but I did not find them intrusive. I hope they make a third, the puzzle parts of the game vary in difficulty to maintain a steady level in enjoyment.
Amanda Fowler 2020-11-03

Insanely cute game, loved the graphics/art style, and colors. The story line was really well put togther. Had me stumped a few times but the hints are helpful. There are an insane amount of ads but i was okay with it. I would much rather watch ads then have the game try to get me to pay for hints , if that were the case i wouldnt have finished the game. The costumes and the chance to unlock and decorate your house are really nice as well for further entertainment. Thank you for this game!
Jeniffer Vanessa 2020-11-25

This game has it all! Such aesthetic pastel-colored graphics, fun riddles to be solved, calming music, and simple room decorating. This game doesn\'t force you to spend real money, because you can acquire and enjoy the exciting story-play for free (including the free 37 cute outfits). There are ads, but it\'s not annoying (just around 3-30 seconds ads). Short of gems? Don\'t worry, because there are 3 mini-games that can give you gems for free. In conclusion: this game is more than worthy to play.
Adelia Shuhada 2021-02-07

This is so cute! I love the puzzles there\'s extra stages I feel like I wanna go though all of that again!! The musics relaxing and this is probably good for cat lovers! I have one problem tho. I was going to charge my phone and got rid of everything. But next time I played this game back, I go to the extra stage. Clicked continue. It make me do it from the beginning. Anyways Pls do stray cat doors 3!these are amazing!
ii cope ii 2020-10-16

this game made me cry a couple of times. the ost is just so powerful, full of meaning and emotion. the story is bittersweet in my opinion, it\'s happy but with a tint of sadness. oh and THE PICTURES-- it made me learn that, somethings have to go even though you want it in your grasp so badly. i reccommend this game you guys, it\'s just so beautiful. kudos to the creators ily🤧.