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Description of Street Racing 3D

Free street racing 3D car game!

Drive a top-class sports car, join the top street racing camp!

Real racing, drift in the asphalt. Racing in multiple races, driving on the streets, full of exciting challenges, and the world's professional racers compete to become a street legend!

Start driving in unique car or never seen before on the asphalt tracks. start your racer, the world's top-class racing cars for you to choose! Upgrade turbo engine, find the tune for your car, colorful paints and cool stickers.

Race in different modes of street scene, Show your rivals amazing speed in real competition. Unbelievable turns, Driving skill need to exercise in the different mode competition, so start racing in arcade style, perform amazing stunts. Unique mix of arcade action and simulation way of driving. Start driving and earning rewards, collect coins and diamonds on the street asphalt. Drag your Career and PVPevent into high stake racing.

Street Racing 3D Features:

► Street themed asphalt racing

► Challenge friends, start a fierce racing on the PVP track

► Drive 30+ extreme cars

► High speed racing in street

► Real drift racing for speed

► Leader board score, you are the king of speed

► Create your car, show the perfect look: decals, paints, wheel, etc.

► Collect as many coins and diamonds as possible

► High-speed racing mode, driving technology is the first

► Win the PVP event, get a great reward

Street racing 3D has already started, drive your turbo car with the fast speed in the street asphalt. Racing is the best checking for your skills. Experience drift speed in the road, be the king of car racers.

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More Information Of Street Racing 3D

lable: Racing - Games Current Version:7.2.9 Publish Date:2021-11-15 Developer:Ivy

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Eodee Wolf 2020-12-14

Great new update! Loving how you can earn more of what you need now. One thing I\'d like to see change is the amount of diamonds the S-Level cars are worth. I\'ve only had enough coins and diamonds to buy two of them. The others just cost way too much. Please consider lowering the amount of diamonds for each S-Level car in your guys\' next update whenever that will be. Thanks devs. ~ Eodee
Deekshith Gajula 2020-07-26

This game is very nice, excellent. Cars are also nice. But the reason why i gave 3 stars is cars in the game are very costly so many diamonds we should use to buy most of the cars. So please make the cost less for the cars which are used to buy diamonds. Instead of that everything is so nice, good, excellent.
Rushi Saste 2020-12-29

Very nice game i love it so much. While playing this game i am wonder so much. Because of its animation and action without hanging the game. One thing is to do in this that the control of the car must be more accurate as well as sensor. Oooo all apther things are very good at those. When I played this game i was truly wonderd. I make this game so awesome . It\'s not about my it\'s about yours pride 🌈.
Sophie T 2020-07-01

This game is a great game, but things are spelled incorrectly, and the grammar is way off. Whoever made this game obviously needs to work on that. Ads come pretty often, but are short and you can skip them in five seconds. There are a few glitches such as going through walls, and often I run into walls even when I\'m not trying to. Please fix. It\'s a good game, but it\'s hard to control. Overall, three stars.
Bryan Honeysette 2021-01-18

First few days great until you don\'t have money to pay for anything. Then you should just delete game. No help unless you play 24/7 you really get no where. Tried for a week or so. Over it. Can\'t upgrade your cars. For given codes they are impossible. Really disappointed . Thanks for leading me into something horrible. Never again.
Man Man 2020-11-24

Very nice game and very enjoyable, but if you could add some improvements like making online account, so can log in to my past game account Because Everytime I cleared its data or reinstall the app, I back to the very start game and I need to create new account again, my purchased cars in the past were gone already.
goodness nwanna 2019-11-27

It\'s a really nice game to play. I would recommend it to people who don\'t have anything to do with their free time. I don\'t have any suggestions for the producers of the game, but I have something to say which is keep it up and keep making awesome games like this so that people don\'t have to waste their times looking at Instagram all day. More importantly, can you (producers of the game) make a chatroom where everyone can communicate with their challenger, Good huh?, Consider my suggestion 😉...
Chat Iguban 2021-01-26

Its a nice racing game I love the update im playing this for an hour or two and the control are great even the drifting is great too but in the next update I wish you add some car like toyota Ae86(I don\'t if its the right name of the car?) and that\'s all keep up a good work!!!
Timothy J. Holloway 2020-09-21

I wonder if this game is old. I don\'t blame my new Lenovo Duet Chromebook for the strangely clunky performance. It\'s not really stuttering, but it\'s as if the frame rate and the performance give it a seeming hesitancy. This is not a good game. It\'s more like something you\'d expect from a mediocre developer who\'d put in enough effort to make it look good but never polished it to make it attractive. Like something that would be a browser game if Android weren\'t available to make money off.
G.E Jac 2021-01-05

The game itself is decent. However the ads are excessive. More ads then any app I\'ve ever had. Have to watch an ad when you first log in before you can start, then again before you race, then sometimes 2 more after your 1 min race is over. You spend more time watching ads then playing. Also to buy diamonds on the game is not even a reasonable price for what you get, some of the good cars cost 600 diamonds or more which would cost you $50 if you bought them!? Greedy creators wrecking the game..