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Description of Stress Free with Andrew Johnson

Sometimes it can seem that there’s nothing you can do about your stress levels. Constant bills, lack of time, too many commitments, busy at work, demanding families and so many more situations that can seem overwhelming.

This app allows you to realize that you have a lot more control than you may think. These simple and effective suggestions listened to daily will reduce your stress and allow you to see solutions to your problems.

Stress Free with Andrew Johnson will help you:

• Learn to take charge of your thoughts and emotions.

• Create a healthy, positive routine for work or studies.

• Change the way you react to problems.

• Maintain a balanced life that allows quality time for family, work, and fun.

• Build the resilience to deal with pressure and meet challenges with a relaxed, positive,

stress-free mind and body.

Destress, improve your mindset, sleep better, grow your confidence and be healthier with guided meditations, mindfulness sessions and positive messages – and much more.

Mindfulness expert, coach and therapist Andrew Johnson has been helping people deal with life’s challenges with guided relaxations, meditations, self-care tools and breathing exercises for many years.

His best-selling range of mindfulness apps have a variety of content to help you, whether you are looking for ways to reduce stress and anxiety, lose weight, improve your health & confidence, learn relaxation techniques, etc.

Key features:

• Short meditations you can do anywhere: at work, commuting, at home, walking.

•Inspirational sessions to help you tackle life’s challenges, to be calm and find clarity.

•Mindfulness stories and talks to help you build better, healthy habits.

•Meditations to help you feel inspired and find motivated to eat well, workout and stay

healthy both in body and mind.

•Relaxation techniques and tools to help you sleep better every night, to wake feeling

energised and refreshed.

•Breathing exercises and calming meditations for anxiety, panic attacks and stress relief.

•Meditation sessions to stop anxiety in its tracks and release stress.

How do I get more?

Start your day mindfully, keep feeling positive and be inspired throughout the day with a range of guided meditations to help during tough or stressful moments. Boost your energy with a Power Nap, stay focussed to Beat Procrastination, and then drift off using a Deep Sleep meditation for a restful night.

Think of Andrew as your personal mindfulness coach, always there to help when you need him most.

Search for Andrew Johnson to unlock more daily mindfulness and guided meditation sessions.

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User Reviews


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Emily Hepple 2020-10-19

I can please have a copy of the old version :(. This did have a 5 star review but you\'ve changed it and now it doesn\'t help me sleep anymore. Why did you have to change the way it relaxes you at the beginning? Now it talks about breathing instead of relaxing your muscles. If I concentrate on breathing it just makes me feel thirsty not relaxed :(
A Google user 2015-08-27

Very Relaxing I have used this app for a little over a month now. I find it very relaxing and it has helped me with calming down before sleep. I still feel stressed in my day-to-day life, at work, studying, at social events and especially travelling between those arenas, but the daily reminders to focus on solutions are beginning to sink in. I\'ve got to slow down, prioritise and take care of my health. Hopefully this will continue to improve.
V Bieler 2016-06-07

VERY RELAXED Loved your voice and calmness which felt very genuine, thankyou! will definitely keep doing it! I felt relaxed and focused when finished.😊
Stefan Holma 2019-02-11

Most relaxing of all hypno I\'ve tried. very soothing voice.
Shan Thomas 2014-01-09

As always, excellent!! I was having a very stressful. day I listened to one session, fell asleep woke up and felt like a new person. Relaxed and calm! Thank you.
A Google user 2010-07-30

Yay new Andrew Johnson app!!! I think this makes 9. I love them! Make me a fertility one plz??? Still needs program lengths included...
Christopher GV 2019-02-13

Great app, but there is no option to move to external SD. Otherwise good app.
Michele McAlister 2018-12-13

Very helpful. I could tell my reaction to stress has changed. I use it nightly to help me sleep. Excellent program
Muhammad Saeed Chauhan 2016-08-21

Very Helpful Really work for people with Stress or need to relax from daily routine....!!!
Marie Lacy 2017-03-07

Love it love it love it!!!