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Stride: Automatic Mileage, Expense & Tax Tracker



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Description of Stride: Automatic Mileage, Expense & Tax Tracker

Stride is the completely free expense and mileage tracker for business that helps you automatically track your business miles and expenses and save thousands on your tax bill.

It's perfect for Uber & Lyft drivers, DoorDash delivery drivers, Postmates couriers, Instacart delivery drivers and shoppers, UberEats drivers, Grubhub delivery drivers, goPuff delivery drivers, Shipt delivery drivers, Rover dog sitters, TaskRabbit workers, Amazon Flex drivers, Caviar drivers, mobile independent workers, and self-employed workers including real estate agents, salespeople, hair stylists, and more.

It automatically records your miles, lets you import expenses from your bank and take photos of your business receipts, helps you find money-saving tax deductions and write-offs, and integrates with tax filing software to makes tax filing a breeze at tax time and during quarterly taxes.

Built and designed for self-employed and 1099 workers, Stride helps you find business expenses that you can claim as a self-employed or independent worker to help lower your tax bill. Most people save $4,000 or more at tax time by using Stride!

If you’re self-employed, Stride is the expense and mileage tracker for you!

Stride helps you save time and money:

+ Log miles automatically while you’re driving

+ Record your business expenses and upload your receipts

+ Import and categorize your expenses from your bank account

+ Export your expenses to make tax filing easier than ever

★★★★ Automatically track business miles

Just press start when you leave the house and let Stride run in the background while you work; Stride will automatically track and log every business mile while you drive using built-in GPS. Stride users get $535 back for every 1,000 miles they drive!

+ Automated GPS mileage tracking

+ Reminders to make sure you never miss out on miles

+ Expenses captured in IRS approved format

Accurately log and track mileage, organize and report what you need to maximize your tax deductions and reimbursements.

★★★★ Find business expenses, write-offs and deductions

We help you find business expenses you can deduct to help lower your taxes based on the kind of work you do. On average, Stride finds users $200 worth of deductions each week.

+ In-app guidance on what business expenses you can deduct and how to track them

+ Bank integration & receipt photo uploads to easily import expenses

+ Real-time support for any tax tracking questions

Stride users tend to cut their tax bill in half (56%)!

★★★★ Import your business expenses and upload receipts

In addition to automatically tracking your business miles, Stride also lets you import your business expenses from your credit card or bank, and makes it easy to categorize them for tax filing.

Just link your bank accounts and watch your business expenses appear automatically in the Stride app!

★★★★ Get an IRS-ready tax report for easy tax filing

We help you prepare everything you need to file in IRS ready reports.

+ Gathers all the info needed to file in an IRS ready report

+ Helps your taxes be audit-proof

+ Works with all filing methods: e-filing, tax software, accountants

+ Integrates with H&R Block Self-Employed

Stride makes tax filing a breeze!

Track miles, import expenses, upload receipts, find deductions, save money!

+ Automatically log miles

+ Import business expenses

+ Find deductions and write-offs that save money

+ Integrate with tax preparation software that makes it easy to file your taxes


Stride is the perfect expense and mile tracker for:

Uber & UberEats drivers

Lyft drivers

Postmates Couriers

DoorDash drivers

goPuff drivers

Weee! drivers

TaskRabbit taskers

Instacart delivery drivers & shoppers

Amazon Flex drivers

Shipt drivers

Caviar drivers

Airbnb Hosts

Rover dog sitters

Delivery drivers

Rideshare drivers

Business consultants

Sales agents


Real estate agents

Anyone who wants to improve their mile iq

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User Reviews


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John Doe 2019-11-12

Contrary to what the developer claims, this app DOES NOT \"automatically track your miles\". You must MANUALLY START tracking. That means you miss trips - and write-offs. There are better FREE alternatives that actually DO \"automatically track your miles\".
Crystal 2019-03-02

It tracks my mileage, time, and amount. I really like the physical map to see where I have travelled. I like the options to choose car cleaning, food, music, and accessories as deductions and the option to take a pic receipt. At the end of the year, it calculates a total summary for you for your taxes. I highly recommend using this for any rideshare or delivery service.
Khaine Collier 2020-06-19

Have been using this for my rideshare. So far I like the app as its pretty straightforward but felt I had to drop 2 stars. The one major thing thats going against it in my opinion is the inability to export the data. It\'s basic log data so I don\'t see why you cannot just do a simple export outside of having to request a year-end tax document.
Christina McWhinnie 2020-01-11

This app WAS super easy to use and so efficient, but now it is such a hassle...I connected my main account to go in and log deductions, but they\'re all duplicated and every time I select one to add to my expenses, it goes ALL the way back to the beginning, which is super annoying.
David Parker 2019-06-28

On 6/27/19, this app said I drove 27 miles and my tripometer said I drove 80 miles. Sometimes the app says I\'ve driven 0 miles. Major bummer when you expected the app to track your miles for tax puposes and you see the app hasn\'t tracked any of them
Nathan Ford 2019-04-16

It makes it a breeze to track miles, or input miles you forgot to track. It doesn\'t \"automatically\" track miles, but rather presents a prompt asking if you\'re driving for work. In reality, this is much better. Tracking miles automatically every time you have dinner with the family or take a cab is a sure way to have a fun time with the IRS. As a first year self-employed, I was shocked how accurate the logs were, down to the address - giving peace of mind should any audits occur down the line.
Luke Skinner 2019-07-03

Favorite app out there for taxes and expenses. Also helps me keep track of my income when it comes to 1099s and so forth.. The only reason I didnt give 5 stars is because sometimes the gps does not track my full route and in my line of business I could have multiple stops. So when that happens I need to manually track my mileage and so I need to input one destination after another. If Stride can add a multiple stop option that would be great!
Cristiana West 2020-05-25

It\'s a really good app. I only experienced 1 issue with it; it shuts itself off if you stay in 1 location for awhile. Sometimes I have to wait 30+ minutes while food is prepared. I start driving again not knowing it shut itself off and miss deductions. This needs to be corrected. This timeout feature needs to be removed from the app or at least have a settings area where you can turn off the timeout feature.
Sasquatch Nunu 2019-08-21

Stride Tax is an extremely useful app. In regards to tracking your miles, gas receipts etc. So if you\'re an Independent contractor, and you\'re driving alot. This app is for you. It is a life saver come tax season, instead of owing money you might get some cash back or break even due to tracking miles and keeping receipts. Make sure you\'re being as informative as possible for each trip you log. Ex: Date/Time, start destination, end destination.
my love keefer 2019-03-18

I am a new user, but so far I\'ve been incredibly easy to use my biggest problem being remembering to record my miles. really appreciated the frequently asked questions section on difference between standard mileage deduction and that thing for each expense very eye-opening.