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Description of StrikeFortressBox

This is fps online shooter with different modes: sandbox, team fight and battle royale.

Player can spawn many types on building objects, transport and facilities for the construction of bases and new maps. Passengers can board cars and helicopters. A variety of weapons and maps, more than 30 guns and 12 maps provides a fun gameplay.

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More Information Of StrikeFortressBox

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.8.05 Publish Date:2021-11-28 Developer:ChaloApps

User Reviews


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Xenoslayer 2020-11-22

Game is to broken to play in capture the case mode, you could be all the way at the enemy base, and on someone else\'s screen you could be somewhere else, if your at the case you would randomly get killed bu someone who is seeing your character someone else, also sometimes when spawning you would spawn with the case, and when its delivered it gives 7-20 points behind the max 3 points.
Craft Fortress 2 2021-03-09

For some reason the leaderboard system wont work for me.. maybe its becouse im level 500 and its the rank? 1st i thought it would be the points you get every round but no its levels and how tf will i get a point as 500 max.... bulshiet. But im still not deleting this :D
KitKatGaming 101 2020-06-16

Best game ever i mean like there are no bugs or anything annoying. I love the new update. Reason rated it 5 star is because they have added plains to the game a new map my favourite car from Meme Wars the Lamborghini and a tank best update. Oh and if the creators of this game reads this I just wanna say keep up the good work. Bring more updates soon.
itsmike 2020-06-13

I like this game and all but I would also like if there can be unlimited time option in the custom server. Cuz me and my brother were playing together and we made a custom server with only about 3 minutes. So it wasnt as fun. You could do so much in the custom server. So please add the unlimited time option in the custom servers. Thanks!
Sahil Raza 2020-12-02

The game is amazing. Few of the things that cause problems while playing. It would be much better if you look into these:- 1. The fire bottles, the stun grenades and the bombs are too closely placed and the wrong grenades are thrown accidentally. Please reorganise them. 2. The fire bottles can kill even the members of the same team. Please fix this issue. Everything else is good. Just fix these two problems.
Sam Dance 2020-06-16

This game is DYNOMITE!!! Can you add all the planes, cars, and guns like Chicken Gun? I also don\'t like how you only give us 2 smoke bombs and 7 seven hand grenades. Can you make it to where we can a certain number of the grenades and smoke bombs?
Emilijo Batarilo 2020-06-15

Just please add ability to put cargo in large helicopters or on top of other vehicles. Also we need no PvP mode because I just want to experience fun of the game without everyone killing me. Also add kick option for players who are hackers or destroying everyone\'s builds. And save option if someone builds a nice base.
FS25 2020-09-07

Nice game switch many modes and also we can buy guns after a single match. Please put new features like invite friends and play a match with them. Add new attractive maps like airports,etc. I have a problem that I cannot use any other guns like burner, machine gun, rocket launchers,etc., in PvP matches
ɯǝǝǝɥɐɟ 2020-07-23

Great game.Excellent controls and graphics. However, I would like chaloapps to upgrade this game by adding skins,new maps,friends feature and unlimited match time.If these updates are added, I\'m pretty sure this will be a perfect shooting game...👍👍
Omar Rama 2021-02-06

I really like this game, it\'s a really great game if you can\'t afford PUBG of Fortnite, I rate it 4 stars, I would like to add an option that you could change the person view to second view that you could even see your character. If you guys would make that update this game would be SUPER similar to Fortnite and PUBG