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Description of StudyGe - World Geography Quiz

Geography quiz

This game will help you to remember location of countries, their capitals and flags. 🌍

👨🎓 You can train your memory and memorize information about countries.

📚 Studying world map with this app will allow you to improve your knowledge of geography and also do a good brain training.

🌍 Pocket globe (world map)

Geography for everyone

This app is for people of different ages. This helps them develop many useful skills, as well as improve brain function and get good grades on geography tests. Quizzes help people train their brains, but StudyGe is more than just an educational game. This educational game has a lot of interactive elements that make the learning process much easier.

During the game, for the correct answers, you will receive achievements that you can show off to your friends 😎. You can also compete in knowledge of the map with others and prove to everyone that you are the smartest person in the world.

World Atlas

You can simply use this application as a desktop globe, where you will find a lot of information about countries, such as their flags and capitals

Political map

This app has a political world map on which you can find the location and border of various countries. Also it has addition menu where you can find a lot of additional content. At this moment it has one addition “States of the Unites States” where you can learn state’s location, flag, capital, area and population

"What where When"

Once you get comfortable with this application, you can easily participate in other trivia games like “what where when” or “who wants to become a millionaire” and other quizzes, and answer questions on geography there. And just feel like a real erudite.

The application contains:

- world map with 233 countries

- countries flags

- trivia contests

- friendly interface that can make learning process more fun for kids

- detailed information about the country such as:

➡ language spoken in a given country

➡ population of the country

➡ country currency

➡ form of government

Geography is fun!

Study with StudyGe

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:2.1.11 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:MileoDev

User Reviews


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Aseel 177 2019-05-20

It is called \"Palestine\" not \"Israel\" and the capital is \"Jerusalem\" not \"Ramallah\", and the whole land is related to \"Palestine\" not divided like this! Uninstall 👎🏼
Maria Goptareva 2020-05-27

I am so happy this app was recommended to me! I didn\'t study geography and didn\'t self-teach myself, so I constantly feel ashamed for not knowing it. This app has bright colours to separate out the countries, which I find very helpful. However, one little thing I\'d like to change is when you play in capital mode and you click on the country you think it is, the right country shows, but the name of the capital doesn\'t, it\'s replaced by the name of the country. Otherwise, fantastic app!
Kiel Natale 2020-05-30

This app makes it fun and easy to learn geography. It has ads, but they are not getting in the way of playing the game, and are not distracting. After I 100% that is available for free, I will probably buy the add on\'s. If the add on\'s are as good has the base game. They would be worth the price. Only probably that I have is the fact that they put U.S.A. capital has Washington, when it is Washington D.C., and there is a separate state called Washington.
Jul IO 2020-11-25

The new update is very unfortunate. It turned a very simple and nice learning app into a very \"kiddy\" game that honestly confuses in an attempt to be visually appealing. Perhaps you could add a toggle in settings to change between these two looks? The core functionality is still good, but I really dislike the new presentation. Judging by other reviews, I\'m not alone. Please consider it.
Smol Fun Child 2020-12-12

This app is great, just not perfect. It\'s perfectly for what I use it for, learning the names and flags of countries, but having to pay for the province/state options is kinda sucky. Maybe you could have an option for those where ypu have to watch an ad at the beginning and end of playing with those, instead of just buying them outright? IDK, not a game developer. Still, a great app!
Sgt. VinDoy 2020-08-22

This is a great app for learning about countries, and the developers seem very nice. I have one issue and a suggestion. Suggestion: Add a map that you can customize the colors for, so you unlock it and can choose the colors of each country for yourself. Issue: French Guiana and Reunion Island have the French flag in this, when in real life they have their own flags. This makes it impossible to tell if you are playing the whole world on flag mode, as they have the exact same flag.
Paul Buzoianu 2020-04-01

Excellent app! Great for learning geography. Just a few quick suggestions: In a future update could contain an option where you can change the map projection in order to see countries at their real size. You can also add a physical map where users could name mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, oceans, deserts and so on.
August Mxstat 2020-02-16

What I like about this app is that it doesn\'t limit you. A standard quiz is naming every country (and most territories) in a given region(s) or world. I just want a blank map and want to name every country and this app allows me to do that. One suggestion I would make would be to add a gamemode where you have to select and then manually enter the name of the country. Correct spelling and all. A super expert mode.
Ros Harper 2020-08-29

So good - I love the layout, the options, the competitive aspect (you go up levels, and can attempt to get 100% to get an award ). It\'s been 1 long car journey and I can name all of Europe and their flags with complete accuracy! Almost done with the America\'s too. I really recommend, it\'s a good way to pass time while learning something useful. It feels like a game, but it\'s still productive! Amazing. I only wish I could learn the states of America for free :( but you can\'t have everything.
Per-Erik Svensson 2020-05-25

Really Good UI that does exactly what it should and no more. What would be needed for five stars is support for my language and a \"reverse\" mode. Currently, a question like \"where is Botswana\" is asked. The \"reverse\" of that would be for the game to select the country on the map and ask \"which country is this\". I realise this is harder to program since some places are hard to spell but it is also more telling of your geography skills.