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Stuff - To Do List Widget (Tasks & Notes)



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Description of Stuff - To Do List Widget (Tasks & Notes)

Stuff is a convenient, minimalistic, and ad-free todo widget that works straight from the homescreen. Add tasks to your to do list in just one click.


• Clean & minimalist design so you can focus on your tasks

• Adding, editing, and organizing tasks is just one click away

• Lightweight & power efficient - Does not run in the background, minimal on system resources

• Highly customizable widget - Change the transparency, colors, fonts, and more to match your home screen (Requires an optional in-app purchase to unlock)

• Ad-free and privacy focused - Free to use without ads, and respects your privacy. No analytics are collected, and no internet permission is requested, meaning your data never leaves your device


Q: Why doesn't the widget respond when I tap on it?

A: If you are using a Xiaomi device, MIUI is blocking some permissions for the widget to work correctly. Please go into Settings -> Stuff -> Other Permissions, then enable "Display popup windows" for the widget to work correctly.

For non Xiaomi devices, the home screen launcher app you are using may not support widgets correctly, please try installing another launcher app instead.

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More Information Of Stuff - To Do List Widget (Tasks & Notes)

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:3.9.1 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:mlhgdevelopment

User Reviews


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Nicko Vargas 2019-02-18

Simple and very efficient task list manager. Dear developer, if you have time, please add support full multiple widget display. Task list can sometimes quite become very hard to scroll once it\'s filled with a lot of a task. A multi widget option can help user divide task categories into different widgets. Also, please add an option to backup to Google drive (manual or automatic). Anyway, thanks for maintaining and creating this app. Keep up the good work!
Matthew Durocher 2018-10-28

I\'ve tried calendars, agendas, alarms...etc. but nothing seemed to really improve my organisation. I\'m quite scatterbrained, so needing to put \"check your to-do list\" on the top of your to-do list is a guaranteed failure. Having a nicely presented list on my homescreen has SOLVED this issue. So thanks!
Ehmmy Foure 2016-07-27

Great app! Lightweight & EoU Pros: fast, easy to use, categories can be edited and organized with certain hand commands. Con: I wish there was a white version , as the black goes with nothing I have on my launcher. It\'s more of a cosmetic thing, however. The only things I\'d fix is being able to make as many categorised as I want, as opposed to only being able to modify the 5 that are already there. Thx!
Rachel Anne Hicks 2018-12-02

I couldn\'t add the widget to my screen. Each time I have tried to add it, it says, \'Available in Pro Version.\' Then it disappears. So, what\'s the point in having a NON-PRO Version? I am definitely NOT buying it w/o trying it first! Uninstalled.
Susan G 2018-11-23

I can finally toss out my scrap paper to-do lists! I have MULTIPLE to-do list apps, but was still defaulting to my paper lists because the apps lacked the accessibility and simplicity that I needed. I got the paid version within 5 minutes of opening the app. Having the (transparent background) widget right on the home screen makes it instantly accessible and easy to update. The only thing I\'d wish for is the ability to decrease the space between task lines a bit (so more tasks are visible at once).
dyna MOna 2018-12-29

Light, easy and straightforward! Does exactly what it says it does... exactly what I needed to do and nothing else. Nothing but positive experience and haven\'t used any other apps for this long, uninstalled because they proved too difficult or too many clicks. All I do is use this app/widget! In love! Get it, get it now.
David Thomas 2016-11-30

For the simple folks. If you\'re looking for a clean, simple widget to write down the things you\'d otherwise forget, this is it. It doesn\'t come with all the unnecessary bells and whistles that other tasking apps shove in your face. It\'s simple, light, and by no means gets in the way. No pop ups to confirm if you REALLY want to delete something, no delay, no stuttering. Just elegance. Bravo 👏
Sophia Sevilla 2020-06-30

I just downloaded it. I\'m having a hard time navigating the app. For example when I click the category \"Today\" to edit and write immediately, it hides that category instead. Then I clicked on the first 4 instructions in hopes I might edit and write my own stuff on, but it just crosses out the previous default instruction. I\'m genuinely confused. Please educate me.
Joseph Gericke 2020-05-20

Super app! Love it to bits! Really usefull and looks good all the while. Pro version is well worth it. Only two suggestions for it. Would be great to be able to center the headings. I know this might never come, but it would be awesome if you could sync up with a browser, to make the occasional emptying easier! Also extended notes would rock. As in beeing able to hide the rest of a long note.
A Google user 2017-10-11

Good in theory, but really silly in practice. None of the things you expect to be able to do easily are there really. Even if you decide to just use the app icon, it brings the app up quickly and cleverly.... But then takes you straight to settings instead of the to do list behind it? That\'s so silly