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Sub Muxic for SubSonic Server



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Description of Sub Muxic for SubSonic Server

Sub Muxic is a Subsonic music streaming app to connect to your remote Subsonic server and listen to your music .

-Sub Muxic Top Features

-Play Songs Online & Offline

-Material Design interface

-Grid Album View


-Rate albums/songs

-Fast Progress syncing

-Option to Choose colors for themes

-Chat Option

-4 Different themes

-Internet Radio

-ChromeCast for audio

-DLNA casting for audio,

And Many more

By default, this program is configured to use the Subsonic demo server. Once you've set up your own server, please go to Settings and change the configuration.

•• All screen sizes are supported••

✔ Phones and Tablets

✔ All screen types and sizes

Source code for this project is released under the GPL v3.0 and is available on https://github.com/nitmee/SubMuxic

•Contact us•

If you have questions or problems, please contact us by mail: support@dewords.org

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More Information Of Sub Muxic for SubSonic Server

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:3.9 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:dewords.org

User Reviews


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Bret Rusnak 2020-09-21

For android 10, this is by far the best subsonic client, however for android 11 it has issues. It will not cache any music. You can\'t move forward or backward in the song. Looks like it\'s only streaming directly. Using Pixel 2XL running Android 11 **EDIT** These guys are on it. Worth the money if you use subsonic for streaming.
Jeff Ingraham 2020-09-09

I like the premise of providing an updated DSub but songs are not caching in Android 11. They download them delete themselves immediately. Browsing folders with large album art enabled, the pixel size is way too small causing the images to greatly distort. Navigation icons on the now playing screen are too small with way too much white space. The transition effect when going from Now Playing to Playlist is laggy and unnecessary. Volume also seems to be waayyy lower than DSub even with Pre-Amp.
Glenn Hughes 2020-10-20

I had some trouble getting this client working. You need to know your server\'s public IP address and configure 4040 port forwarding, i.e. can\'t use it with only a local IP address. But now I figured that out, I can say this is a pretty nice client. I especially like the larger album art. The support people actually got back to me also.
Chad Baker 2020-08-06

Basically identical to dsub which I already own.
Joshua Harvey 2021-02-02

It\'s basically a clone of dsub with slight ui changes. A few things bother me about it. It won\'t let me cange the cache folder, no matter what I chose it says it\'s invalid and goes back to default. Also it doesn\'t let you enter the server settings without allowing location access which I find real annoying. Fix these two issues and it\'ll work just the same as dsub with a subjectively slightly better ui.
Peter Szabo 2020-09-21

Nice to have a fork of DSub with frequent updates. Issues are quickly fixed.
Andreas Rosander 2014-08-05

Can\'t open wrong uid......
Andre Newman 2020-10-08

Great replacement for DSub.
bestco nova 2014-12-30

very nice and gr8 app for my music :) loved it !!!!1
Chelsea Bell 2021-03-21

I\'m getting an error when attempting to change the cache location to my music folder.