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Description of [Substratum] DARC

Darc is an powerfull Dark, Black, Clear and Gradient Theme for Substratum and Synergy for samsung

Supported Device and Os

• Android Q 10 Pixel Stock and Custom Roms

• Oxygen OS Q 10

• Samsung Pie OneUi 1.x

• Android Pie

• Oxygen OS Pie

• Samsung Q OneUi 2.0 Supports Now !!!

Themed apps


How to?

• Enable Dark Mode from Settings

• All you need Substratum theme engine and supported roms

• Select darc theme to open in substratum app

• Select your android version first from the top of the overlay list

• Choose the option carefully in Android System and respective overlays

• From the bottom Fab select build and install

• Once it complet installing overlay reboot your device

• Now again open substratum app go to manager tab

• Select your installed overlays and enable it

• Reboot again

• Enjoy the theme


Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeadmanxXd

Telegram Support: https://t.me/fantasy_themes

Hangouts: deadmanxxd@gmail.com

Changelog: https://t.me/samsoft_updates


Substratum - Development Community

Transparent and Samsung Guide - +BryanOwens (djdarkknight96)

Theme Logo Icon: Krishna AR

Icons - www.flaticons.com

Banners and Logo - www.freepik.com

Telegram Theme Testers and Friends

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More Information Of [Substratum] DARC

lable: Personalization - Apps Current Version:4.9.0 Publish Date:2021-08-03 Developer:DeadmanxXD

User Reviews


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Dylan Edwards 2020-01-20

My device is a Samsung Galaxy S10+ so FLARE, VALERIE & LINEAR were my options. All Fantastic 5/5 themes. i asked you in Telegram if Sam10 was supported on dARC release So i knew that it wasnt when i bought the theme anyway. My setup isnt even supported yet(still ~works) and its the best theme on the Playstore. You took the best from all your other themes and combined them. Dark? Gradients? Transparent&Solid options? Beautiful icons? Lots of apps themed? Yes to all. Youve outdone yourself 6/5☆
Nimueh Lake 2020-01-19

Another gorgeous theme from an amazing themer/dev ... it\'s like Valerie and Flare had a child together and it got upgraded lol. Lovely colors, tons of choices ... a must-have for everybody that loves themes!
Zabir Raihan 2020-02-05

Probably the best theme right now. Has got cool curves for botton navigation strips and even upper navigation for some apps. The backgrounds are amazing and so are the matching accents to go with them. There are beautiful icons as well. Could you please theme some gboard icons when you press the three dot icon? Also, I want to request Discord and Swift backup. Maybe VLC and subs lite along the line as well. THANK YOU FOR THIS.
Ankit Kamal 2020-02-10

This guy is a beast! He releases a theme and I go ahead and buy it! His sense of design is fab.. This theme does what it is supposed to and that\'s make my Oneplus 7 pro look even more classy! Grab this!
Veeresh 2020-05-22

It has solid and transparent baground themes with solid and gradient accents and it has also support for \"PowerAmp\" which i really appreciate 👍 Best part, it has got an Addon which makes it beautiful in an unique way
Aaron Scott 2020-06-02

Absolutely beautiful theme.. Great colors and the gradient looks amazing! Thanks for the hard work dev...
Steaven Gross 2020-05-23

Absolutely amazing. Added what I asked for. I strongly encourage folks to donate.
Kali Greer 2020-11-24

One of the best substratum themes. Its safe to mix wi in other themes too. Pick a clear android system here, a gradient color from liv dark, tweak all else however & thank me later
Tejas Rao 2020-01-24

Any theme by this guy is pure awesome. All of his themes are worth buying. All the essential system and user apps are themed and upon that he regularly updates the themes. It\'s a no brainer. Definitely worth buying.
al brown 2020-01-19

Theme is spot on, especially for an initial release. Always great work developer