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Description of Subway Princess Runner

Subway Princess Runner, also known as Motor Bus Runner or Jungle Dash, is an endless running game that appeals to hundreds of thousands of players.

Run as fast as you can and dodge the trains or buses that are about to collide with you. Be careful of the rolling logs in the jungle! To dodge obstacles and collect coins, you need to take great reflexes to move, jump and slide.

Help your favorite princess to escape from the policeman. Want to enjoy the fantastic hovering experience? Double tap the cellphone screen to enable your hoverboard! Stand out from the worldwide players and hit the leaderboard!

Upgrade your level to multiply your game scores. You can gain the experience points through completing tasks or opening chests. Anyway, the higher the level, the higher the score.

To become the best runner to save the charming princess! At the same time, many featured roles are ready to do some stunts!

How to play Subway Princess Runner:

1.Dodge the trains, buses, and all kinds of obstacles.

2.Scores rest with your avatar levels.

3.Gain the experience points to improve your levels.

4.Experience points come from tasks and chests.

5.Swipe deftly to run as far as you can.

6.Use boosters wisely. Upgrade boosters to extend its perseverance.

Subway Princess Features:

1.Snow scene, city scene, forest scene.

2.Best Princess running game.

3.Endless runner gaming.

4.Smooth control experience and gravity sensitivity.

5.Double tap hoverboard to do awesome surf stunts.

6.Compete with global players.

7.Play with your friends.

8.Delicate and High-definition game interface.

9.Thrilling soundtracks.

10.Promote boosters to get infinite power.

11.Collect as many gems as you can.

12.Upgrade your level by notching tasks.

Download the addictive Subway Princess Runner now!

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SubwayPrincessRunner

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More Information Of Subway Princess Runner

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:6.6.9 Publish Date:2022-05-31 Developer:Ivy

User Reviews


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The Happy Family 2020-08-10

I liked the game at first but suddenly I got bored and I think the creator copied this in Subway surfers because you run away from a police in a train track and pretty much ya. I don\'t recommend this game. And sorry to say I hate it, that\'s why I gave one star.
Aadya Halagi 2020-12-01

Nice game but there are many issues I\'ll will just list 3 of them which I\'m fed up and I want to get rid of these.👉1. There are lot of ads if I on the internet. 2. If no internet then it says\' ads loading\'. 3. I don\'t even touch the hoverboard option it only starts working. It is a very beautiful game but if you fix these problems then it will be much more better. And I\'m not uninstalling this game because I have trust on your team that you will fix these problems.
Sadhin Chowdhury 2021-02-09

This game got too many ads that l need to restart my mobile . And when l make it jump it doesnot jump or crawl. It is the worst game ever l thought it will be fun but it is not. But is also got a bright side.........it has so many models so l am giving it good
Subham Acharya 2021-01-07

The game is just amazing,but if I off the internet then the app gets automatically cut . I have installed the game 8 months long back so never the problem has fixed and when I updated the game the new version has came and now the game is not working at all .But I wont uninstalled the game because I trust the team.Please fix my problem because i have collected coins more than 14 lakhs and gems are more than 1800....
Milka Benjamin 2020-12-24

It\'s cool,challenging and fun. But it\'s pricey if u want 2 unlock the genie girl$2.99 or 2300 tshs and 10000 or 8000 coins for unlocking a character jeez!!.Take it down a notch. And don\'t get me started on the VIP Club 7000 tshs a month . Whhhaaaaat!!! or they tell u Level maybe 5 u unlock a certain character but when u get 2 level 5 u need 2 use coins or gem. So get excited that u get a new character but when u get there u need buy it🖓🖓 so 4 stars
vedika vlogs 2020-11-11

I hate that people which is copy cat, thats accumpritate, as well this game is copy of \"subway surfers\" i love subway surfers, yes this difficult than subway surfers but anyway this game is copy cat. And the reason of giving 1 star is this only, i hate that game which copy my favourite games like this. Please humble request DON\'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME plzzz!!!!!!
Adolf Fernandes 2021-01-22

It is a very nice game. Many people think that this is a copy but it is very different many, different portals it is very nice . My mom was the one to download this game She first played subway sufers but eventually got bored. I think it is WAYY BETTER than subway sufers. If there are a lot of ads then put your mobile data OFF it is just that simple. They have put a lott of effort into this keep it up.
Suseela Ashokan 2021-01-27

It\'s a very good game I have no complaint about it. Some of the differences between this and subway surfers is that this game have many levels. And we will get a treasure box several times. And if we beat levels we can earn many new places. And there will be caves that lead us to the places. And there are many more differences but these are the important ones.
ALL in ONE 2021-02-27

Very nice game, I loved it. When I open my mobile phone I first play this game and then do another work. But a problem is there. There a very much ads of 30,20seconds. Please improve this.
Archimedés 2020-12-01

Great idea and properly executed. I\'m guessing you guys were inspired and took the good features from subway surfers and made it even better by adding more details, such as going downwards in the tunnels, teleporting to different places, boosted jumps, Wider field of view, etc. However, I must say that the overall user interface and the game mechanics need to be worked on. All the best!