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Sueca Online GameVelvet

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Description of Sueca Online GameVelvet

How is it?

The Sueca is a variant of the game Bisca in Portuguese and Briscola in Italian.

Play is Sueca with a deck of 40 cards where the first team to win four rounds wins the game. At the beginning of the round you get 10 cards and dispute 120 points. Each hand is won by the highest card played and double that do more than 60 points wins the round.

What do points?

The ranks of the cards, in order from highest to lowest, is: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Q, J, K, 7, Ace All of these has a corresponding value ranging from 0 to 11. The total value of all cards sum is 120 points.

Download now and have fun with:

• Sueca online to play with people or robots

• Played in 4 people (two doubles)

• Excellent game graphics and easy gameplay

• Lounges for all types of players


• Play Tournaments

• Dispute positions in the ranking

• Check your game stats.


• Play casually Online

• Train and have fun with our robots.

• Chat with players during the game or individually with your friends!

• Use search filters to find players

• Meet people and make friends!

Sueca mobile is a card game app for amateurs and professionals card players! Download now and enjoy!

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More Information Of Sueca Online GameVelvet

lable: Card - Games Current Version:109.1.35 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:MegaJogos

User Reviews


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Paulo Carvalho 2020-04-09

This game is bloody fixed. After a certain amount of times playing . It will rarely allow you to win the algorithms will give you more or less the same cards all I get is 3 5 6 or 2 5 6 and never the \"trunfo\" cards 10 out of 9 you will end up with 1 or none. You lose your coins therefore you must buy more. I actually have written down my cards for the last 20 games the sequences barely change. Good trick to make money though I will give you that.
danilo oliveira 2018-10-21

very good game.
Emanoel Gomes 2016-10-12

Bom Ótimo passa tempo
Bruno Guedes 2019-03-06

Muito lento por vezes mesmo com a rede ao máximo. Tem ainda muitos bugs, por exemplo às vezes quando chega a nossa vez joga sozinho, após ter havido um empate a equipa que ganhou o jogo a seguir teve 2 pontos apesar de ter ganho por margem mínima e durante um jogo em que foi jogado copas não deixava jogar copas, dizia que tinha que assistir quando eram copas que estavam na mesa... Não seguiu a jogada, nem dava para jogar outro naipe, acabei por ter de fechar a aplicação e perder o jogo.
Andre Amaral 2020-12-12

Alot of adds, very slow server, and now the app is not working. There are players that should be banned. Other times it\'s as they force to lose so you keep playing. AND NOW IT DOESN\'T EVEN LET YOU PLAY ANYMORE.. IT JUST PUMPS YOU WITH ADDS AND THE GAMES DON\'T RUN. DON\'T INSTALL THIS GARBAGE, CHECK OTHER APPS!
Rui Campos 2020-03-21

All bugs everywhere, a lot of adds, gameplay with bugs, bots are trash, in 3 days playing and was so annoyed that had to unninstal
Neia de Jesus 2019-06-20

Pensa em uma app podre, trava toda hora joga pra você, afff gosto muito de sueca mas desistalei o jogo muito ruim devia ter a opçao de dar review negativo 👎👎👎👎👎
Helder Santos 2020-11-28

Great game love that you can still finish a game if people leave also there is a system in place to insure there are benefits to completing your games. One thing I would change or work on is the computer AI but honestly best sueca game out there
Armando Pereira 2020-03-27

Too slow and too many adds. The game itself sucks.
Pedro Rocha 2020-05-21

Devs, ur server\'s lately is having too much lag problems, the game freezes, and we can play the game proprely...