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Description of SugarSync

SugarSync lets you backup your files, photos, music, and more on any device.

Use SugarSync to securely sync and backup your files, photos, music, and more on any device. We add a layer of security to all of your file syncing and storing so you can keep your digital life private and organized. Easily sync and send files from one device to another, collaborate with team members, and enjoy seamless file syncing across your devices with minimal effort.


• Automatically sync your files to the cloud

• Instantly backup photos taken on your Android

• Sync multiple folders at once

• Remotely wipe your data in the case of device theft or loss

Complete Data Security

SugarSync makes security a priority. We use industry-standard encryption to protect your files and data while they sync to our servers, and store them in the cloud in an encrypted format.

Android Photo Syncing

Skip using a cable to upload your Android photos. SugarSync lets you automatically upload photos from your Android to your computer so you can have all of your important memories and more in one secure place.

Auto-Syncing Across Devices

SugarSync makes it easy to keep all of your devices synced. You can automatically sync files across computers, devices, and platforms, and all changes made in the cloud will be automatically applied to all of your synced devices.

Flexible File Sharing

Sharing files and folders has never been easier. SugarSync lets you control how and what you want to share, whether it’s a small read-only file or a large folder with editing permissions — it’s up to you.

Easy Restoration

Never worry about losing your important files, photos, and documents again. Our Protected Folders option lets you easily roll back your folder to a previous date in time so you can recover all files within it at once.

Enjoy a free 30-day trial when you sign up for SugarSync. Choose from our 100 GB, 250 GB, and 500 GB personal plan options, or choose our business plan which offers 10000 GB of space. We also offer custom business plans for teams looking for the right cloud storage for their needs.

Learn more about SugarSync here: https://www.sugarsync.com/

Terms of Service: https://www.sugarsync.com/terms/

Privacy Policy: https://www.sugarsync.com/privacy/

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-10-02 Developer:SugarSync, Inc.

User Reviews


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Ashely F 2016-10-12

Permanently stopped before a video can be uploaded Very unhappy about this app and none of my videos can be successfully backed up, it always stopped in the middle and the speed is extremely slow. I tried several months but it never improved. When I went to Sugarsync\'s website for support, I couldn\'t even find a place to email - worst experience ever! I have to think about switching to other companies. This is the 1st negative review in my life! :-(
Peter Persson 2016-10-05

A notoriously unreliable service. Files are missing and not up to date even though the desktop app says \"All Files Are Synced\".....The mobile app hang, crashes all the time regardless of which phone I run it on. I\'m locking for something better. People who are giving this service 5 stars are either drunk or just happy to find a free service. I\'m a full paying customer who happens to be too lazy to move on, but I will soon.
A Google user 2012-08-12

A bit disappointing Has the potential to be one of the best apps. But needs to fix some issues first like: eating too much internel memory; not syncing files and folders properly between your devices (keeps uploading/downloading conflicting files eventhough there werent any changes done on the affected files). Been trying to sync my pc files with my MP for 2weeks now and still.couldnt get them to sync all files. Thanks anyway for bringing this app available to us, i know youre doing your best!
Victor Perez 2015-12-30

Do not pay, you\'ll be trapped! If you pay for this service they\'ll trap you. You can\'t cancel by email, on the website or by phone. Don\'t do it. You\'ll regret it like I did.
Ben Armen 2015-12-30

SCAM account cancellation policy - avoid!! The service was too slow for my taste and lacked some functions. I am trying to cancel my account so I am not automatically billed in one year, however, to cancel you have to got onto an online chat during a 4 hour period during the day. This is extremely scammy and unethical and has been reported elsewhere. Avoid this scam business model of making account cancellation extremely difficult.
Will Peoples 2015-11-02

Garbage.... I have a TV with SugarSync pre-installed no matter what I did I could not get my video or picture files to sync up with my TV. The service is way too expensive and doesn\'t even work with its own software! Uninstall super quick!
Huub Dashorst 2015-09-30

Don\'t sign up, there are cheaper options available. Once you have a paid account it is impossible to cancel and Sugar sync will keep charging your credit card.
Wade Fletcher 2017-03-18

DO NOT SUBSCRIBE! service is soooo slow and not reliable... I\'ve just switched 230GB from sugarsync to Dropbox. To cancel you need to phone them during PMT period which is after midnight Australian time. It is easier to cancel your credit card.... VERY DODGY SUGARSYNC!
A Google user 2012-09-13

Good, but in need of improvement Let me start by saying that I love Sugarsync as a service. I use it across multiple computers and (until recently) across multiple android devices. However, the later versions of this app have gotten far too resource and battery dependent, even to the point of causing lag on my system (stock Jellybean) and slowing my internet. Do I still recommend Sugarsync? Definitely! But their android app? Not until some improvements are made. Until then, look to an alternative for android syncing.
Robert Colbert 2013-12-20

Never used it, nor will I Is Bullshit to charge for something that is free to set up on your own or by other services, etc..