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Description of SumUp

Business made simple

The SumUp App makes it simple to accept payments and manage your business. Use our free app together with a SumUp mobile card reader to get paid anywhere.

Our app also makes it easy to manage your item catalog, build an online store, sell gift cards, issue invoices, send payment links, and more. These tools are intuitive and involve no binding contracts – all you pay is a fixed fee per transaction. So whether you need a mobile POS solution or you’re looking for new ways to boost your business, we’ve got you covered.

Card payments

Download our app and pair your device with a SumUp Card Reader to take chip and contactless payments. With SumUp, you can accept credit cards and debit cards, plus Apple Pay and Google Pay. We also make it simple to set sales tax rates, add tipping options, and issue refunds.

Payment Links

The flexible way to get paid online. Simply enter the amount you want to charge, create a link, and share it with your customer via social media, SMS, or email. The link will take the customer to a secure website where they can complete the transaction. It’s a great way to take cashless payments without a credit card reader.


With SumUp Invoices, you can generate professional, legally compliant, on-brand invoices in minutes. When your customer receives an invoice, they’ll have the option to pay securely online. Create and send as many invoices as you like with no service fees. There are also no costs for receiving payment by bank transfer – just a small fixed fee for card payments.

Gift Cards

Interested in a new revenue stream that requires minimal effort? Open the SumUp App and you’ll find a gift card page for your business, ready to share. Your customers can buy digital gift cards for any amount, and personalize them by picking from a range of designs. You can manage the balance of every gift card you sell within the SumUp App.


Create your own personalized item catalog. Use our payment app to add, edit, and delete items. Having your entire inventory at your fingertips makes transactions speedy and simple. You can also organize your items into categories, to make selling even easier.

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More Information Of SumUp

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2.54.1 Publish Date:2021-10-26 Developer:SumUp

User Reviews


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Helen McQue 2020-11-17

I decided to use sum up in March and I have to say initially I was happy with it, however I\'m greatly disappointed with it now. Today I am once again trying to reboot, reconnect the device as once again it is refusing to acknowledge the device. So i am going to look elsewhere. Trying to run a business with efficiency, this device is letting me down. Dreadful
Pete Hodgetts 2021-02-09

Following a previous 1 star review based on the fact that since the android 10 update it would rarely connect, it now seems back on track and I am using it on a regular basis with no issues. On the plus side I now have a spare iZettle,just in case, but dreading android 11 update!!
Kate Thom 2020-12-03

Months later and still loads of problems.. refuses to connect to the card reader, constantly resetting and reinstalling the app. Complete embarrassment that I cannot take a payment most the time and its affecting my business. When you call for support they essentially ask you to turn the reader on and off and you can be on the phone for a long time and even then sometimes it still doesnt work. No more! I\'m changing to iZettle. Dont buy sum up if you\'re trying to run a business efficiently.
Gallery Antiques 2019-08-28

Was OK up until latest update. It is now taking forever to connect from app to machine, even though it has been paired, it appears it keeps losing the Bluetooth connection, which it never did before the update. I couldn\'t take the customers payment, tried for 5 minutes, the customer left and went elsewhere for the item, costing me a £145 sale. Not very happy.
Russell George 2020-10-11

Finally got to the end of my tether with this service. Too many failed connections, too much embarrassment and delay, and too much lost money. Using Square instead. Thier card reader is even worse but you can at least type in card details directly to the phone and that\'s far preferable to a series of ridiculous pantomimes with kit that doesn\'t work. I suppose I should have tried to get my money back but it was more satisfying to chuck the bloody thing out the car window and watch it explode.
Lee Keightley 2019-05-14

never had any problems was reluctant to use initially but more customers ask for it (self employed taxi) best and easiest i could find. in bank account in three working days and they take the least commission i can find (less than 2% as opposed to my previous of 10% !!!!
Gabi Humphries 2020-12-29

I\'ve been using SumUp for a couple of years now. It is OK, however I am not happy that I cannot use all its features from my laptop - such as sharing the gift card link. This has to be done via the app. Also I cannot see the details I have put on the payments waiting to be paid so I do not know who has not yet paid. This is really problematical for my business.
Reg manson 2020-07-18

Sum up the card reader and service centre easy avoid , on my second reader Blu tooth connection problems are constant , tried different phoned ect problems never resolved now reader said it\'s blocked ! Call centre there reply buy a a new reader from them !! As a taxi driver and I know of lots more having same problems with sumup buy from another company simple !
nick georgiou 2019-10-31

Constant Bluetooth connectivity problems, so frustrating when customers are waiting,and it\'s not just me, look at the countless other reviews with the same problem
Carl Keeling 2020-06-04

Same issues won\'t connect 😪 Worked half a dozen times and now will not connect despite numerous Bluetooth resets and phone restarts. S20 Ultra. Received a reply after a few days. But the app suddenly just started working again? Will update as I use it, changed from 1 star to 4.