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Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game



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Description of Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game

Get fun with exciting simulation farming game! Harvest crops and fruits to keep your barn plentiful! Buy and construct various farm buildings to start new production and provide a huge variety of manufactured goods.

Do not forget to invite friends because neighbors’ help makes farming more pleasant. Trade with your friends in co-ops and compete with other neighborships to be the best farmer! Expand your farm and improve the beautiful garden to make your village prosperous! Regular events and challenges will make your farm story really exciting!

Create your nice lucky village story with a great family atmosphere! Build your own paradise household. Enjoy your excellent sunny and happy hay days on your township. Explore the mine to get resources to improve production! Сomplete exciting ship orders in a paradise bay, trade items and earn coins to make your farm bigger and more beautiful!

Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game features:

- Various crops and fruits to harvest

- Cute animals to get nice products

- Different farm buildings to make great recipes

- Market stand, ship and order board to trade and earn coins to expand your farm

- Many interesting farming quests and challenging orders

- Regular in-game events

- Fishing to get fish and make delicious fish recipes

- Nice decorations to make the farm more beautiful


- Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game is free to download and free to play, however

some in-game items can be purchased for real money.

- The game requires an active internet connection to play.

- Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game is a standalone game and will not synchronize

or connect to the Facebook version of the game.

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More Information Of Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.1.3 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Manalot Games

User Reviews


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Cindy Achey 2021-02-06

This game is a good game but it has some serious internet issues every time you\'re trying to do something they\'re an internet issue pops up and it takes away an interferes with everything that you\'re trying to do and that\'s not right and also visiting one neighbor a day or at a time is b******* you should be able to visit as many neighbors as you want so this game has some serious issues and I need to be fixed this would be a really great game I do have some great neighbors
Martin Joseph Kavanagh 2020-07-21

Could you please consider sorting out the problem with the settings 🙏 so that I do not have the problem of having to reconnect each time I come on the game and please sort out the characters 😀 to look human instead of cartoons by improving the graphics. I have down rated the game 🎮 to 1 🌟 as I asked about the same things but seems to have fallen on deaf ears and minds. So please consider the request once again that the gamers like me are 👂. Also it has not been updated for ages, overdue.
07722759951 Warby 2020-08-21

I have only just had the game for a couple of hours but enjoying it so far, the only criticism I have is you can\'t earn much money though as having to pay for vegetables to plant to feed your animals and your goods (milk etc) doesn\'t earn much at all
The Novelist 2020-06-01

There\'s a huge problem aka glitch with the co-op. You go in, select request, put in item required and wait. You then get an envelope above co-op to say that someone helped you out. You go in, try to take items requested just to find out that the new request has disappeared and a previous one shows up. Also if you click to collect it glitches and you lose rubies. My count last night was 27 rubies. This morning it\'s down to 9 rubies. Contact no reply!
Donna K. Thompson 2019-11-27

This is absolutely one of the two worst farming games I have ever played! Would not recommend to anyone. No useful information available. It doesn\'t always credit your game with what you have harvested. That is one of innumerable problems with this horrible game. I will make certain I never even open any game from these people. And should I accidentally download one from them, it will be erased immediately!
Donna Brant 2020-10-30

I have been playing for a while now Recently i log on the game it launches,Within Minutes it kicks me out of the game!!Very Frustrating!I tried everything to make this stop .I dont want to Uninstall! And i tried asking for help PLEASE WHAT IS GOING ON!!
Samantha 2021-01-05

Good game, however it\'s constantly freezing which means have to keep rebooting it. Also when donating to members of co-op it\'s not showing up by the persons name in the co-op, and some ppl in co-op have their level showing as 0 when they are obviously more than that. Please fix these issues and I will happily give 5 stars. Edit: Everytime I donate items to co-op members they don\'t get them but I lose them and the chat is very glitchy.
Cheryl Feldman 2020-01-27

I really enjoyed this game for the last few months and the challenge of the different quests. But, after reaching level 35 I no longer get any quests to achieve. I have sent an email about this issue with no response. Now without any quests, it\'s just boring. More than likely will be deleting this game unless they activate the quests.
Angelique Duvois 2020-03-04

Worst farming game I have ever played. Why 1. No support from this developer .I think they have abandoned the game. It\'s the same old grind and nothing is different. If U accidentally take yourself out(because of the atrocious button placement ) Noone else can b leader. noone can edit, delete, anything. or if your leader quits same thing. 2. Glitches galore my uncle bought a feeder didnt receive, my mom got a task for tourney never received, so many glitches.
Desiree Meloy 2019-10-09

I love this game, I\'m very picky with my farm games because most suck😕 but this game is relaxing and challenging and it has a very comforting appeal