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Description of Sunny School Stories

Wake up! It's time to go to class at Sunny School Stories! The school where everything that happens depends on you, and the only rule is to use your imagination to create amazing stories.

In this school, you can play with students, teachers, parents and countless objects, surprises and secrets. With 13 locations full of activities and 23 different characters to make your imagination fly and create amazing stories. There are endless ways to play!

Designed for children from 4 to 13 years old, but suitable to be enjoyed by the whole family, Sunny School Stories expands the universe of the saga Stories to trigger your imagination and creativity. Remember, there are no rules, no limits, no instructions on how to play. In this school, you decide.



Take control of the facilities of this school and its 23 characters and create the funniest stories. Whose love letter is at the box office? Has a new student arrived at school? How is it possible for the cook to cook so fast? Why is there a hen at the bus stop? Let your imagination fly and create the most exciting adventures. 


You have hundreds of objects, 23 characters and thousands of possible interactions in the different locations of the school, and remember, there are no goals or rules, so experiment and have fun touching everything! In Sunny School Stories It's impossible to get bored.


● 13 different locations, full of objects to play, representing an incredible school: a class, a nurse's office, a library, a sports court, an auditorium, a cafeteria, an art room, a laboratory, a hallway with reception and lockers... Discover for yourself all the hidden places and Secrets of Sunny School Stories.

● 23 characters, including students, school staff, parents, and teachers. Have wild fun dressing them with the dozens of clothes and accessories of the game.

● Thousands of possible interactions and things to do: assist students in the nursing, represent a graduation ceremony or a funky dance contest in the auditorium, parent meetings with the principal, or conduct crazy experiments in the lab. The possibilities are really endless.

● No rules or goals, just fun and freedom to create your stories.

● Game safe to be played by the whole family, without external ads and by a unique purchase for a lifetime.

The free game includes 5 locations and 5 characters for you to play unlimited and try the possibilities of the game. Once you're sure, you'll be able to enjoy the remaining locations with a unique purchase, which will unlock the 13 locations and 23 characters forever.

About PlayToddlers


PlayToddlers games have been developed to be enjoyed by all members of the family, regardless of their age. We promote responsible social values and healthy habits in a safe and controlled environment without violence or advertisements from third parties.

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More Information Of Sunny School Stories

lable: Educational - Games Current Version:1.0.91 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:SUBARA

User Reviews


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naim idham 2020-11-20

It is very fun and great but I wish all rooms are unlocked so we can enjoy playing more rooms. Also there\'s a problem , when we leave the game , our progress will lost like the things we prepare and more but that one I don\'t mind so much . Just , can you change your game to unlock all rooms , it would be much more fun . Thanks .
Ai PHANTOM 2020-06-02

Really great game! Super cute, super fun and super easy to play! It controls really easily which is a major plus side to a game like this. I also like that this game is 3D unlike other games from other creators that I play. The only downside to this game is that you need to pay to play everything in this game but other than this, I love this game! I love all of the games made by PlayToddlers! Well done!
Celestine Hernandez 2020-09-16

I used to LOVE this game when i was small, im a 10 yr old and i still like it, but problem is i cant acess to other places and for your other games. And when i ask my parents to buy it, they said no, so i will uninstall for now, until this issue is fixed and i see other ppl agree with me. Overall great game, but pls dont put cash in them, because u are tricking people into installing the game, but really its cash
·Feønîe Dømînîque· 2020-12-08

Just a waste of space on my tablet. I\'m 9 years and I while this game was downloading I was thinking that.. It would be the most favourite game of my whole life! But then when I opened the app I was pretty surprised that I spawned in a classroom. Like always hehe. But when I went outside the classroom.. EVERY. SINGLE. PLACE. IS. REAL. M O N E Y. why would you do that to a kids game? Maybe make another game that is payed not this! I hate it!! Children aren\'t going to like this. Don\'t Install!
Cotton Tea 2020-06-17

I really like this game but the problem is You have to pay for everything! Cafeteria,nurse office,principle office,classrooms i would give this 5 stars if you would make them free becuase your trying to make buisness but really your trying kids to beg their parents to buy all of them😅
Osuji Anita 2020-05-25

I would absolutely love to give this app five stars one thing I so much dislike about play toddlers games is that you have to use real money to unlock locations and you still claim that it\'s for toddlers. I strongly advise you guys that if you want to progress you update and make all the locations and characters unlocked
Kaylah Valerio 2020-07-22

This game is just horable all you can really do is go to 1-2 places plus the places are small you have to pay for so many things and there is only a few people. I would only play this game again if these changes are made because once again they made another horable game.👿
lolididitagain 2020-02-08

These game are amazing for little kids! And so much for them to do!! But....you have to spend money which is ridiculous! For a little kids game when there is more out there,but its still a good game
Bandaid Twins 2020-06-25

I like the game its fun, but what i dont like is that u have to pay for most of the fun rooms, in a kids point of view they would be begging there parents to get the full version, and then there parents wouldnt want to pay for the full version when they might get sick of the game when they start to grow up, so for me personally u should just be able to watch a video to get the whole version for that day only. And then if u want the whole version again u should just keep watching vidoes.🙂
Official Kiya 2020-02-14

I gave this game 1 star because like you only get to stay in one room.and I think for the locked rooms like you can do a video and make the player play for like a half an hour in the locked room.