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Description of Supaplex

The legendary game of superb quality!

One of the best action-puzzle games in the world!

Millions of people around the world have already experienced this joyful adventure! Help Murphy to travel through 111 of the most diverse game levels!

We have also added new features to this incredible adventure! Here are just some of them:






15 introductory levels are available for free with all features.


For beginners:

- Supaplex CLASSIC - Legendary classic Supaplex!

- Supaplex SQUARES - Unusual square levels!

For advanced players:

- Supaplex HARD - Complexity and speed!

- Supaplex GO! - Run. Run! But do not forget to think!

- Supaplex THINK! - Think. Think! And if you need to - run!

- Supaplex WOW! - For those who are not afraid of Supaplex HARD!


The "eat-with-a-look" feature. The feature when MURPHY is still, but takes something from the neighbouring cells of the playing field is used quite often. Just tap your finger anywhere on the screen and hold it where you prefer! Arrows will start flashing around MURPHY indicating that he is ready to take something from the neighboring cells of the playing field. Now it is only necessary to specify the destination!


You can change the location, size and brightness of the game control buttons on the screen of your mobile device to your personal preferences!


Make yourself comfortable!

You are about to experience a great adventure!


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More Information Of Supaplex

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.24 Publish Date:2022-02-23 Developer:inArcade

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Alexander Leonov 2020-08-31

I just uninstalled the HYPERFLEX 3D which is the same Supaplex, but to skip POSSIBLE levels it was required to pay in apps-purchses. The $15 dollars for the radio-hypnosis to play-play-play or jump out the window. If the Supaplex to play-play-play because of just collectors of the Federal Radio-Communications?!! It is the SAME game as Hyperplex 3D, the same levels and money EXTORTIONS on them. Mean guy, nothing working like in Walkthrough; 107 - bad COMPILED timer; mentally sick spy-medic.
Aisha Bano 2020-06-19

I bought this game and there is many features are missing There is no button to grab the items I am unable to grab the item which is creating issues to clear the level If I know about this earlier, I hadn\'t bought it
Vasilisa M 2021-01-25

Thank you, guys, very much! Finally I\'ve managed to finish all those great Supaplex levels! As a child I stucked around 20th. And it was impossible to go further. Yet, I feel a bit cheater now. :) Cos save/load and also speed features help a lot. Thanks for this great experience and memories! :)
Deyan Dobromirov 2020-01-16

I very much like the game of my childhood ported to android and as I am already passed all the 111 as a kid, still enjoy it to this day. These controls are kinda new for me, but surely you can get a regular office USB keyboard and attach it to the phone using a hub. Just found a bug at lv 11 [Run for life] if you scroll the screen to the edge, the last scissor is missing from the place it should be and instead is located to 1/4 of the bottom left unbreakable square ;)
trancehi 2020-05-18

Similar to the old Boulder Dash game which was brilliant. I played this supaplex for 30 seconds but just could\'nt get on with the controls. It would have been better to have one thumb multi-directional pad and not 2 thumb navigation. Please add the up, down, left and right for one thumb operation then you\'ll have a great game.
Edo Suhartanto 2020-10-14

Control ia splitted ... It feel weird ... Control Arrow is nicer if all in one finger (on the left side) ... So the right one could be used for eat away/drop (spacebar)
Oswaldo Agurto 2020-12-28

I would purchase this in a heartbeat, but controls are unresponsive sometimes. It becomes unplayable altogether and you die. Specially the \"invisible\" button to eat to the sides. Why not just give you choice of making it visible if the player wants. The graphics and music are great. Physics seems as the original game, but the controller is awful. Uninstalled.
Molly Sandera 2019-01-17

i just found out that when you tap the stats, you get the menu. I FOUND OUT THAT WHEN YOU FIRST START TO PLAY, IT DOESN\'T GO TO TUTORIAL DESPITE TUTORIAL LEVELS EXISTING. this neeDs to be fixed. otherwise a great game, i\'d like to buy rest of the games of this series.
Quinn Reiswig 2020-06-25

Classic brain teasing and brain numbing gameplay from the Dos days 👌 😎
Liran Barsisa 2020-07-15

Enter key works. Can you please allow to adjust it to something else, and also to hide the screen controls? Also, it seems a bit buggy in terms of fluid-ness. Was much more fluid on the PC. Not sure if this can be fixed. And about save&load, it could be nice to have keys for them too.