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Description of Super Fowlst 2

The demons are meaner, the bosses are bigger and there’s still only one chicken that can stop them!

Fowlst returns in a new adventure that’s all about squashing bad guys, dodging danger and striking it rich. There’s a ton of new power ups, cool new abilities, and an army of new enemies to unleash them on!

- The sequel to Super Fowlst (2018) and also Fowlst (2017)

- Bigger, more interesting levels.

- Unlimited stages that are different every time you play.

- Simple controls: touch the left side of the screen to hop left, right side to hop right, swipe up to use the item you are holding.

- Controller support

- Spiky demons, spinning demons, flatulent demons, big ol’ snakes and a whole lot more.

- There are mechs! You can pilot giant robots!

- Powerful new body slam ability lets you wreak havoc on anything underneath you!

- Upgrade your inventory to carry more power ups!

- Portals! Cannons! Buzz saws! Spiky things! Fire!

- Five new bosses, with more to come!

- A different bonus treasure to hunt down every day for a ton of extra coins.

- A crazy cast of unlockable characters.

- Bigger explosions!

- It’s pretty good, I like it

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More Information Of Super Fowlst 2

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.17.0 Publish Date:2022-06-01 Developer:Thomas K Young

User Reviews


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BlazingBen 2020-06-04

Update: The developer fixed the crashing bug. Thanks! My review: I don\'t see the point in making a sequel. The graphics are the same and the developer could have just updated the 1st game. In my opinion, there should be a big change if there is a sequel. (Like 3D Graphics) Suggestions: 1. Daily Bonuses. 2. Character Skins. 3. Multiplayer. 4. Equipable gear and pets that give boosts, and 5. A mode where you can make your own area. It\'s a fun game and a decent sequel, but it has lots of potential.
Anolosto 2020-06-13

If you like Super Fowlst you\'ll love Super Fowlst 2! All of the art is original, there\'s radically different and new enemies in addition to old ones. The stage themes are completely different and unique from one another. I love the new upgrades and power ups. The new enemies provide unique challenges in dealing with each one. Xbox controller controls are a little goofed so maybe add the option to map what button does what? Controller support isn\'t really even necessary but, it\'s a cool feature!
ahmad zharfan 2020-07-07

Its fun the first 100 levels of the game. After you discover everything its starts to get less interesting and you go over and over with the same thing until you eventually reach a point where there\'s no point of playing anymore. But the game is very addictive and the levels get harder and harder the further you go and is more challenging (like most games). The boss levels are easier than the normal levels and I don\'t know is that a good or a bad thing but overall it\'s a really good game.
Yasser Tariq 2020-07-06

When I get bored by playing card-based games, this game refreshes and energises me. It\'s a tongue-in-cheek arcade game that\'s build upon the solid foundations laid by its popular predecessors.
Ian Lawrence 2020-10-12

I don\'t know about you but this is my ideal type of game. Just random enough to keep you on your toes and for fun stuff to happen. Just difficult enough to keep your interest without being discouraging. Just spread out enough to keep you coming back. Great as free to play but bought ad free to support.
Quizzically 2020-11-07

Hi! I have played Fowlst very happily for a couple of months now, my experience has been extensively positive and i enjoy the game more than i have the energy to say. I came to request the addition of a feature similar to an encyclopaedia for the enemies and the characters and powerups etc etc just so you can know their names and exactly what they do as you encounter them. I think it would round out gameplay eith a home base achievement aspect and give a nice worldbuilding element to the game.Ty
ThiccBean27 2020-12-31

Great game with unique controls that fit the crazy game style, the ads are barley noticable and the graphics are charming. The only thing I would want Is more ways to unlock characters.
ᴄʜᴏɪ.ʟᴜᴠɪᴇ ะ 2021-02-15

I love games like this and the graphics are nice
Landon Vincent 2020-06-11

Edit: the bug was fixed and I can play the game now! Thanks for taking care of that. This game is very similar to Super Fowlst, but there are some new upgrades, enemies, traps, and characters to play as. The physics are also slightly different and take a bit of playing to get used to. But it\'s definitely an enjoyable experience. I\'m very excited to play this more and I can\'t wait to see what\'s in store!
teddy b 2021-01-28

I am on samsung s10e and parts item and coins are covered by the hole!! please fix it is very annoying!! otherwise good game