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Description of Super Mechs

Liberate a post-apocalyptic world. Assemble your own invincible war robots and battle for victory!

Super Mechs is a breathtaking turn-based action game that provides you with a unique chance to create an invincible super robot!

Choose your weapons, armor and more to build your Mech warrior robot.

Create your own style and become the ultimate fighting robot.

Fight against your friends and rivals from all over the world in epic PvP battles, participate in the Super Mechs weekly tournament or advance your Mech through the single-player campaign missions.

Each fight you compete in will give you the opportunity to improve your Mech and advance in your quest to become the greatest Mech Gladiator out there.

There can be only one! Do you accept the challenge?


- Tactical Turn-based combat

- Single player campaign: Fight against battle Mech robots and collect rewards

- PvP matchmaking: Compete against real players from all over the world

- Total control over your Mech warrior's configuration

- Play and chat in real-time

- Join an alliance of Mech warriors – or start your own!

Super Mechs is a war robot game that tests your logic and wit. Be brave and fight for victory against other war robots worldwide in a unique single-player campaign and challenging PVP battles.

Important notes:

Super Mechs is a unique battle bots MMO action game that requires an active and stable internet connection.


Visit our official forum at http://community.tacticsoft.net/c/supermechs

Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/supermechs or like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SuperMechsCommunity to get more info about all our upcoming events.

Check out our videos and game trailers on YouTube at http://bit.ly/supermechsyoutube

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More Information Of Super Mechs

lable: Action - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-08-18 Developer:Gato Games, Inc

User Reviews


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Guy smilee 2021-02-17

After some time, I decided to re-edit my review. This game is fun and all, but 100% pay to win! I understand they gotta make money, but it\'s ridiculous how hard it is to get anywhere in this game, and I\'ve been playing for 6 years. 6YEARS!!! It\'s absolutely absurd how this game is pay to win or pay to even go anywhere! And they definitely need to make getting T coins easier. And they should bring back the 6.5k gold box they use to have. This game is probably gonna end up disappearing forever!
Jason Mester 2019-05-07

Should just rename this game Shutdown arena bots. You cant win in the arena unless you pay money and even then it\'s a matter of how fast you can shut the other person down. and of course the dev\'s dont care cause it\'s their cash cow. so let\'s put a rank 15 player against a rank 8 for giggles too.
MC Baldoz 2020-08-16

The game is not like what it used to be. Its hard to get good items for us, free to play players , i suggest returning the old item boxes like \"Silver box\" \"Mix Box\" beacause it would be a huge help for us because we cannot gather tokens that fast, it will take longer for us to improve our mechs. You cannot grind the game anymore, its now just a waiting game and its pay to win. Again the old item boxes would be such a great help if you add them again to the game. Thats why i rate it 3 star.
Mythic Alpha Demon 2020-11-28

Supermechs... I\'ve had this game for 3 years. I love this game. I would give it 1000/10. I wish this was so popular, it was on Netflix. The creators of the game are amazing. I like the legacy version. Heat grenades? Its just awesome. Hopefully you add poison effect to the game! Also, I miss rockets and bullets. I love it so much, I play it everyday. Hope more good updates in the future!
Guitar Psycho 2019-05-21

client update erased my data, could not log in with google,facebook, or otherwise...6 months down the drain. I\'m uninstalling, I was a beta tester for this game, my suggestion were the melee weapons, axes/swords ect.......I was t4nker on the mobile app and paradox8089 when I beta tested.
Connor Reifsteck 2019-07-24

Very good game and fun to play, buying tokens and spending money can give a bit of advantage but it\'s mostly strategic moves. I would recommend this game for someone who needs time to kill or just want to mess around. Keep up the good work!!
Sarjeet Choudhary 2020-04-13

I am playing this game from 2015 and I really like it. But this game undergone a large number of updates and become less exciting. When I started playing you can buy items from shop with coins and you can also check all items of the game in shop but this totally changed. Now you can\'t check every item and have to get them through boxes or base. Earlier you can get mythical items in item boxes but now you can only get legendary items. In total, the old version of this game was good.
Simon Z 2020-09-03

The campaign is fun, but the multiplayer ranking is, kinda iffy. I\'m at like, 500 HP right now, yesterday i got paired in multiplayer with someone with over a thousand. Because people can buy good stuff, or just get a pre-built mech, they are way better then others. I get a win in multiplayer once every 6 or 7 games. It just annoys me that there are some super overpowered people in the same rank as the people who can\'t or won\'t purchase in-game currency to beat others.
kahetel13 2019-08-01

Game after a long time gets to be a job. It\'s a money sink hole if you don\'t want to wait, and also for the competition, and much like a monkey tapping the cage - quest wise many times for a treat. Good luck... it does get boring as hell
S҉͍͇ͬh̠̐̂in̼͍̆ig̦̟͂aͧm̥̟̂i͔ͩͧ 2019-12-11

this game used to be good, but now it\'s garbage. filled to the brim with in-app purchases, ads and unbalanced weapons. sad to see how my favorite childhood game was ruined, just like that..