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Description of Superfarmers: Superhero Farm

Hey, the Superheroes need the help of your farm!

The Superhero farm defends the peace and prosperity of the entire planet. What about the Superheroes? Well, you know, the Superheros are just lazy celebrities, all the real work is done by yours truly - the Superfarmer!

Superfarmers is a farm simulator, but it's a special one, with superheros. In order to keep up their heroic endeavors and good deeds, the Superheroes need food too, and this is where you will help them. Breed livestock and grow crops to develop your farm.

Your residents are superheroes, who are in need of shelter, food and entertainment. Construct buildings, improve technologies, make deliveries, and grow fruits and vegetables. Become mayor of the super-city!

Every mundane item here has some extraordinary properties. Do you think you see an ordinary truck? Of course not, it's actually jet-propelled and capable of delivering goods to any city or village almost instantly. What about this old shed? Look closer: lo and behold, a cutting-edge technology-packed information hub for superheros! Super Veggies do wonders for your health. The milk you get from your cow is magical, it increases superpowers. Even that toad over there behind the wheat patch is more than meets the eye.

Game features:

- Meet all the Superheroes and join the Super Team

- Help the Superheroes save the world by making deliveries for them

- Supply goods by land, water and air

- Set up secret superhero headquarters

- Discover new continents and build up collections from all over the world

- Build a global-scale Superfarm!

This world needs its own Superfarmer!

Download the game and join our ranks! Start playing now!

Superfarmers - Superhero farm and city. Offline game.


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More Information Of Superfarmers: Superhero Farm

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.11.1 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:HeroCraft Ltd.

User Reviews


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Bree Boyd 2018-03-18

I\'m glad I gave this game a chance. Its pretty much what I\'m looking for. The gameplay is good and simple, it has a story line and its graphics are great. There are a few minor bugs. It freezes or briefly pauses, the only reasons I gave it 4 stars. Please fix
Andrei Miclea 2018-03-18

You should never release a game that requires a server connection if you are not able to maintain it. I know that errors are inevitable but way too many times it.s happened to me.
A Google user 2018-03-16

It keeps lagging. The game won\'t move pass the super hero hide out location. It show\'s it to me and freezes. It seems like a nice game so far. Please fix it.
Sue Sicilia 2018-03-16

I would have given it more stars but the game keeps freezing up. I cant visit neighbors. Whats wrong why is it doing this?
Nancy Adlington 2018-03-16

Adorable game enjoying it so far just started.I like that u guys created something different by adding superheroes into the mix,what a unique twist.Thanks for the adventure. Keep creating and adding to it.
Alan Ahmed 2018-05-12

Well, after the new update the game works really fine, but there\'s one problem i can\'t see my friend list, helpers, help needed, please fix it. Thanks!
A Google user 2018-07-16

Im seriously hooked on this game. Loads of fun & a great relaxing enjoyable time. Must warn you you\'ll love this game. Thank you for making this game. Just one thing though how to I get neighbors? I\'m on Google play games & need neighbor help. How do I get them? I don\'t have Facebook please help. Thank you.
Nicky Smith Slone 2019-03-14

well i cant play mine bc it has me @ a lvl i was no where near. & they take 2 days to get back to u about a problem. & my game still isnt fixed bc y i got 2 wait for an stupid ass update! I quit playing, u cant fix my problem now im not going 2 play not going 2 wait 3 weeks so u all have fun!!!!!
A Google user 2018-08-10

It\'s alright, we will see as my game progresses. Most games make it almost impossible to play without HAVING TO PURCHASE SOMETHING. I only play for fun... While I am at work!
Patricia Becker 2018-07-05

Way too many ads. If you want a great farming game, check out Hay Day. No ads, can play at your own pace and no stupid story to read all the time. Super farmers is not fun at all.