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Description of Supermarket Cashier Simulator

Note: This game requires knowledge of money math. Recommended for ages 8 +

Train to be the best cashier in your own grocery store. Exercise your brain by counting and entering the price of the grocery items and making change for your customers. Practice your math and calculator skills by being fast in timed mode. Both kids and adults will find this cash register game fun and challenging.


⦁ Realistic working cash register with scanner, credit card machine, and receipt printer

⦁ Varying amount of items that you count with unique prices

⦁ Practice making change to keep your mind sharp

⦁ Keep those calculator skills sharp entering PLU Codes and barcodes

⦁ Unlock new grocery items and upgrade cash register hardwares to add to your shop

Use this game for your first job training or improve your mental concentration and focus while having fun. See if you can finish all the levels of Supermarket Cashier. This game is challenging for both kids and adults.

You can play in Timed Mode for more challenge or you can play in Untimed Mode for relaxation. Choose from USD ($), British Pounds(£), or Canadian Dollars (C$). See if you can finish all the levels of Supermarket Cashier.

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More Information Of Supermarket Cashier Simulator

lable: Educational - Games Current Version:2.0.8 Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:Lucky Hamster Games

User Reviews


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Renee Azzopardi 2020-05-18

I absolutely love this game. It has a super easy tutorial and the math aspect can be a tad challenging. There is so much attention to detail. From the amount of food to the pricing, the length of the receipt for products scanned. Cash, card, coupons, change missing from the register. The register has a great layout. I finished all 60 levels in one sitting. I can\'t wait for more.
Terriona Laynette 2020-08-30

I love this game, but I dont like how they give you so little coins each level that you win. By the time you are able to afford to \"upgrade\" anything, you\'re pretty much already done beating all the levels. That brings me to my next disappointment...there\'s not enough levels! I downloaded this game 3 days ago and already finished beating everything. Wow. And they shouldn\'t give you anything less than 100 coins per level or at least lower the price of the upgrades. Its ridiculous.
Sarah Speakman 2020-12-21

Installed to help my child practice counting money and making change. The game is good but when it comes to making change, the amount is hidden by the graphics at the top of the screen....so unless your child can quickly see and remember the amount that is supposer to be returned on the receipt that is very quickly shown, you\'re out of luck.
Mikaylah Linden 2020-08-20

I love the game but I\'ve already finished all the levels and I\'m waiting for more. I understand that it\'s takes time and dedication to make the game and levels but, it\'s so annoying when you finish all the levels that are already there and your just waiting for more. But overall I love the game. I\'m super into the cashier side of it. I love how it\'s simple yet sophisticated.
DG Daguplo 2020-05-25

Really love this game. I can\'t wait for the update, I don\'t mind playing it even up to a thousand level. Haha! And what I also love about this game is you don\'t really have to spend a real money to enjoy it, I hope it stays that way. And for the developers please make some more career games for grown ups as lit as this one, and for free. 😁 keep it up.
Patricia Paschal 2020-05-09

This is a great, simple and easy game. It shows you step by step how to do everything so there\'s no confusion. I finished all the levels there are and am waiting for more to be added on. You barely get any ads and I love that in an app! I just dont understand why I have to chase the barcode around lol that doesnt happen in real life. But I don\'t mind.
Genevieve Knowlton 2021-01-10

I love this game. It is great for keeping your reflexes up to par as well as basic math skills. Need new levels as I have already played them all so now I am trying to get 3 stars on each level until new levels are released. That is not so easy on all levels lol!! Keep up the great work on this game!!!
Rebekah Guidry 2020-10-17

This was a fun game.. while it lasted. I only have a few problems with it. 1) for some reason I could never get 3 stars. Not even on the first level. There were levels where I didnt mess up not even once but still only got 1 or 2 stars. 2) The upgrades are so expensive that I\'ve finished the game without being able to upgrade everything. Because you dont get enough coins after beating a level. The last update was in August so when are we getting more levels? Great game, needs more levels soon.
Shaik Ahmad 2020-04-25

The game is really good but it well be better if the game developers will let you add the amount of total in the credit card Machine,thanks for reading. 😊
Kiana Dumaine 2020-06-08

Good game , keep you entertained but it keep crashing .At every level it crash in the middle of it and I have to open the app again and redo the level from the start...tried to uninstall it and reinstall it but didn\'t fix it. Plus I tried to buy(with in-game money) an assorted food pack and it froze , lost all the money (2500$)but I still don\'t have the assorted pack and said I need to buy it again ..the game need fixing asap...