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Description of Supermarket City : Farming game

Supermarket City: Farm Tycoon is beautiful time management, farming and city building game with a gripping background story. Build factories, create goods and label them with your own brand. Sell organic goods in your market and supply them to nearby village.

Expand your business and become a real Farm Tycoon!

Keep customers happy and earn money to buy factories all over the city. Take control of the map and decorate your village and make it world’s most beautiful place to live! This also has fast paced super market to manage which has exciting power-ups, boosters and surprise gifts.

Walk in the footsteps of a farmer, cultivate and harvest crops, feed them to cows, milk the cows and sell goods in your own supermarket. Produce large amounts of textile and agricultural goods by growing apple trees, Open Dairy, ice creme factories, run a poultry farm by managing Hen Coops, textile mill and much more. Decorate your village, place your own Taj Mahal and many other amazing fountains, walls and statues.

Supermarket City is fun supermarket management game where you start by managing your small markets and slowly turns into a beautiful supermall. Run a grocery store and accept big amounts of organic supplies from your own farms.


❤ Grow Thriving Farm!

~ Design your dream town and farms as per your imagination.

~ Setup factories, grow a variety of crops on your farm near township: hay, corn, vegetables, flowers, fruits and berries. Harvest delicious crops every day!

❤ Build Your Own Supermarket!

~ Supermarket management means you’re in charge! Create and maintain multiple markets, mall or shopping centre layouts to promote your business

❤ Charming Town!

~ Fun, charismatic townspeople with orders you need to fill.

~ Lovely animals to take care of

❤ Design Your Supermarket & Farm!

~ Design your supermarket, vile & farm by purchasing decorations to give your own personal touch

~ Decorate your virtual supermall & farm with all kinds of in-game decorations

❤ Expand Your Business

~ What are you waiting for to invest your money and open another supermarket right across the island to fulfill customer demands.

❤ Stunning Visuals

~ Lively characters and beautiful decors elevate the visual quality of the game and take it to another level.

❤ Many Decors & Upgrades

~ Decorate your virtual super-mall & farm with all kinds of in-game decorations.

❤ Helpful Boosters

~ Speed up serving speed and dash your way out to gain higher popularity!

~ Space crunch in your cart? Upgrade the trolley and carry more items to fill your shelf faster.

❤ Real Simulation Experience

~ Enjoy every bit of managing your supermarket and watch it grow before your eyes. Your actions define how you'll be earning. Thrive your farm to get full fill customers organic demand.

Tending a garden on the farm is surely the best way to spend your free time this day. Try farm game simulator and make this day in the town happy day! Plant fresh crops, FEED lovely pets, GREET friendly neighbours, TRADE in other town, DESIGN the prettiest farm with hundreds of decorations.

Do you have what it takes to run a busy supermarket? Now you have a chance to show everyone!



Supermarket City respects your privacy, does not store any personal information and does not allow you share this information.

We do require a few additional Permissions:


These permissions are needed to read/write data for downloaded new content.


This permission is required to check internet connectivity to download new game content for new content.

Supermarket City is FREE to download and play. However, you can purchase in-app items with real money to enhance your gameplay. Game may contain third-party advertisements.

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More Information Of Supermarket City : Farming game

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:5.7 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:AppOn Innovate

User Reviews


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Sharon Halstead 2019-12-26

The game is fun to play as far as it being fast paced when you are selling your products in the market! But the only problem I see with this game is having to wait for milk which takes 9 to 10 minutes way too long 1 to 3 minutes would be better! Chicken coop took 2 hours before you got it to use so you\'re standing around doing nothing! On top of that eggs took 30 minutes before you got them! Sorry this way to long! Game will get boring with nothing to do!
K Ronnie 2019-07-31

I was not impressed. There are still bugs to be worked out. I had to keep pressing options multiple times. That got old very fast.
Crystal Alley 2020-11-13

I like the game but the higher you get on the levels the less rewards and the more tech problems it has. I check on my factories and they\'re still at the same time they started or I lose them. ready to uninstall at level 26.
Mel McIntyre 2019-10-23

Random ads are annoying (not like you cant choose to watch em for bonuses so..) but the game is smooth and a great time killer. The variety is nice and since I usually go for idle games I find this to be a nice change of pace
Salina Cline 2020-05-18

It\'s the perfect game but....it will not let you play often it says cant connect etc and then when your playing it says please wait and it never opens up after that. PLEASE FIX THE BUGS PLEASE it\'s a game I can play all the time and use real cash to advance.
Sushant Deshpande 2019-07-15

Awesome game.
Laura magner 2019-10-22

So far I really like this game I have been playing now about 4 or 5 days. The only problem is with the recent update it seems to be a little glitchy. after playing about three weeks I have gotten bored with this game and now my diamonds has disappeared thankfully I did not buy them they were diamonds I won in the game the game is still glitchy so it\'s time for me to move on
Bhagyalaxmi Prajapat 2019-07-22

Awesome game.
Mona O 2019-09-08

Played twice. Paid $10 to $30 on purchases each time. Froze and would not load each time. First at level 12 then next time at level 19. Emptied cache and rebooted but each time froze on the loading screen. My connections are all 100% fine as all other apps work perfectly. Re-installed and lost everything!!! Very upset. DO NOT UPLOAD THIS GAME!!
harish k 2019-07-31

nice game