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Description of Surveys On The Go

If you were looking for an app to make money, you've hit the jackpot. The Surveys On The Go app will help you make money on the go. When you’re bored at home or out shopping, you have the chance to earn some free easy money. Download this survey app to earn your first $1 instantly!


Make cash by taking surveys. We pay you real cash, not points. It’s fast, it’s easy, and most surveys will pay $1-$5 with some surveys paying $10+ if you qualify!

To get high-paying surveys, FULLY enable notifications, digital surveys, and location services “AT ALL TIMES” in your settings. This will ensure you get surveys that will pay you top dollar.

You can start redeeming rewards once you’ve earned at least $10.


We’re introducing a new feature that will pay you around the clock as long as you have your digital surveys and location services on! Compound your survey earnings and get to cash out faster.


“Have cashed out about 6 times since downloading. Sometimes it takes a month to get $10. Sometimes longer. all spends on how often you get surveys and if you even qualified.” - Marissa R.

“Worth it! I kid you not, I got paid $30 to eat a salad and take a survey. This survey app pays much more than others I have tried. Even if you aren't qualified, you almost always earn at least get 10 cents for just answering a couple of questions.” - Amy C.

“I enjoy doing surveys for Surveys On The Go. They offer more money for completing their surveys than most other survey apps. They are fair and reasonable and admit and compensate when they make a mistake. Excellent customer service and fun surveys.” - Melanie T.

“I like the shorter surveys in this app and they're easy to do. I like that you get paid for screen out. I also like the guarantee of getting at least one survey each week that I qualify for. :-)” - Sheila P.

“Out of all the survey apps out there I love this one. I cashed out twice so far. Earning money here is a lot faster than other survey apps I have used.” - Ciara S.


At Surveys On The Go®, we value your privacy just as much as your opinions. We’ll never forward, sell or transfer your personal information without express permission. It’s safe and protected – guaranteed!


This app uses Accessibility services. Surveys On The Go is using the respective permissions with active consent by the end-user. The Accessibility permissions are used for analyzing the application and web usage on this device as part of an opt-in market research panel.

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:2.55.4 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:MFour Mobile Research, Inc

User Reviews


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A Google user 2021-01-27

Survey\'s on the Go is one of the best paying apps out there. I would recommend it to anyone. They actually pay compared to other apps. Surveys on the Go is my favorite survey taking app. Redeeming your cash through PayPal is never an issue. Payments are sent out immediately and Overall I\'m happy to be a member. I\'ve been paid numerous times without an issue. I feel validated as a member. Representatives are always helpful. It\'s an app I\'ll be using for a very long time. I love Surveys On The Go
Jacquelyn Ramirez 2021-02-18

Great app, at first I thought it was very sketchy but turned out to be true! There aren\'t a ton of surveys available so it may take a bit to cash out. Update! I still LOVE this app!!! Sometimes it takes a while to get good surverys, but trust me, IT IS WORTH IT! Also, if you ever get product surveys, do them! You get PAID to try out FREE stuff! Like, who doesnt like free stuff? Also, their customer service is great! They are super quick to respond, thanks so much!
Brittany Bogan 2021-02-27

This is one of my fav survey apps because it pays you. If you do not qualify for certain surveys they will give you about 10 cents just for trying. However, I qualified for 1 survey for $20!! And yes it was only 1. So if you have extra time every now and then log onto the app because sometimes the high paying surveys are listed. Cash out is very easy.. you can use your pay pal account. If your survey had a glitch they will still pay you for your time! Download it! No regrets!
megan andal 2021-01-14

Love this app! Even though it may take forever and a day to get to your $10 cash out point, at least it\'s money when you least expect it! I do realize that once you are 10 cents to a dollar away, they tend to not give many survey\'s. But like I said, it still pays and is legit! EDIT- Love this app even more! I\'ve cashed out almost $200 so far. For a survey site, that\'s pretty amazing!
Sarah Kenney 2020-11-16

It took about a year or more for me to start getting surveys coming on a regular basis. Now that they have, it\'s a nice bit of \"side spending\" money. Some of the surveys are long and seem repetitive, but its worth 20 to 30 minutes of time that I\'m not doing anything to gain a few bucks. Easy payout options. The more surveys I take, the more come in. Recently I\'ve had more surveys that are worth a much larger amount than usual, product evals, etc. They don\'t require much more effort, great payout
Denise C 2020-12-17

It\'s pretty good. Sometimes its glitchy but the customer service is excellent. They are professional and the response turn around is great. You really get to cash in for gift cards. The only downfall which isnt a huge thing but would be cool is if you can split your payment.Once you\'ve accumulated $10 you can redeem but if you have like $30, you can only choose one way to get paid out of the 4 options.
FreeStyle20XX 2021-01-08

The app is legit. It is really easy to use and the support team is very gracious. For example, if you were close to completing a survey and you had a problem with the survey not allowing you to complete it, they would still give you ghr money. I cashed out around $40 dollars the whole time I have used the app and I never had a problem using it. Best survey app imo. Status: Working 2021
Nicole Thompson 2021-02-19

Survey opportunities come just about everyday. Sometimes you qualify, sometimes you don\'t. Either way, you\'re always compensated. I\'ve been doing this for a month and have just cashed out for my first reward. Straight to my email, I\'m going to redeem it now. I look forward to taking more surveys. Edit: Its one month later and this time I\'ve earned 3 times the amount of my first payout. I love the different gift card options; so far Amazon and PayPal are my favorites. Keep the surveys coming!
Patty Sweet 2021-02-26

2-25-2021, new update. Had a hard time with them about getting credit, contact and xontacted them. So finally not the resolution i expected. So now they stick their nose up at me and will not let me continue doing surveys. So installnf after aboit 5 months of no surveys so uninstalling them. 1-26-2020 still love this app. So easy to earn cash. When I reach $10 or more.
Player_ KitkaL 2020-11-24

This app has been amazing in helping with a few extra dollars for those little things I need. The only one I\'ve found that doesn\'t give me a bunch of ads and actually pays me. The fact that it sends surveys I can take without me having to spend hours looking for any is so convenient and fast and payout is really quick. There\'s really nothing I can say that would improve this app. Good job to it\'s creators!