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Description of Survival Ark : Zombie Plague Island

Survival Ark: Zombie Plague Island is a free zombie survival game. One of the most attractive survival games and story games ever. One of the dreadful horror zombie games ever. One of the most intense survival games ever. Survival Ark is a unique hybrid of zombie survival games and adventure games. It’s FREE! The Player has to face unknown situations and survive. Just start your text story games adventure trail now! Start one of your survival games or adventure games and survive from the zombies here now!

The "SEV" virus almost destroyed the island, and mutated creatures filled the island, savage beasts, terrible giants and zombies, threats are hiding on this plague island.

When you wake up on the plague island, you find that you are the only survivor on the island, and the whole world around is full of walking zombies and enemies. The zombie war of the walking dead has just begun. Modern civilization has been destroyed. You need to face hunger, plague, infection, disease, and fight against endless walking zombies. How long can you survive on the last day of life on earth?

Build your own Ark shelter, armor yourself, fight to survive, and become the next survivor of the plague.

Survival games offline

Survival is your first priority, but you can't just hide in the Ark shelter. Treat every move with caution. Is there anyone behind the disaster? Where does the plague come from? Choose each step carefully, and you may find out who brought the virus here. Stop him, stop the plague or virus from destroying the whole world!

Explore the Paradise Island

Paradise Island used to be an ideal place for a holiday, but now it is full of danger. The beasts in the jungle, mutated zombies are hidden in every bush, and viruses have taken over the entire town. Explore by yourself!

Search resource & Craft

Collect all valuable resources and craft into survival necessities. You need to find resources to survive. Every drop of water, every piece of meat, every pile of rocks, you need to use them to craft daily necessities to build your Survival Ark.

Build your own ark

You can’t survive if you don’t have a place to hide. Build a virus shelter and that will be your ark to survive on this island. Use your survival crafting skill to build an ark shelter and defend your ark shelter.

Game Features

- Sandbox Survival Games Offline

Collect resources and craft everything needed for the ark shelter. Arm yourself now!

- Eazy controls

Two-wheel control, easy and fast.Instant action, full of impact. Excellent fighting experience, especially for survival game fans!

- The visual impact

The bird's eye view, everything is in sight. The best graphic ever created by a team of professional artists.

- Monsters are diverse

From sparrows and pheasants to wolves and bears, the creatures on Paradise Island have been infected and mutated! Need to use different weapons and strategies to kill different variants.

- Rich story

An exciting story, immersive, explore the island with your character. As the story progresses, explore the complete adventure. Facing danger, will you give up?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Survival-Ark-Zombie-Plague-Battlelands-459880888175538/

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lable: Action - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:JOYNOWSTUDIO

User Reviews


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Aldrin Paul Morales 2020-07-01

I have just finished the game. It was quite fun, especially because it requires you much preparation before battles. Gather and gather, upgrade items, trade needed equipments. But I have to give it 3 stars because, first, of faulty controls. I had trouble moving especially during fights because the analog won\'t react on time. Next is the dialogue, I can\'t understand some lines. Then, there was an issue where I brought extra arrows for boss bandit fight but disappeared when I got out of the cave.
Scott Meyer 2020-09-29

Very enjoyable to play (I am on day 60) I would give five stars for the game itself but: 1. Every day or two you have to restart the game due to screen errors 2. Items purchased in The Refuge (over 30 to date)repeatedly vanish 3. Completely locked up 6x 4. Many of the incorrectly translated English conversations with NPCs are completely unintelligible 5. Many of the subs screens have not been translated from the Oriental characters. Once fix this game would be five stars!
Shane C 2020-12-14

It\'s a fun game. The design is good. Crafting. You have to get recipes for many things. Some of the quests later in the game give you recipes that, I thought should have been given earlier in the game. (Ie- the sheriff gives you a wooden crossbow recipe that is worse than the long bow and metal crossbow I already had.) The English text thoughout the whole game is bad, making the plot a bit confusing (definitely written by someone who English is not their first language.)
Kirlan Paul 2020-09-28

It\'s a great game to pass the time after I spent so much time trying to kill the bear blocking the part to enter the town , reach the town and the game starts to lag and then cut off, if this can be fix I have no problem giving a 5 star.if I can\'t continue playing I will have to uninstall it .
Summer Artemis 2020-06-02

Fun game. Definitely enjoying it so far. Though it seems you need an English speaking editor. ( I. E. Report not reprot ) there are also some NPC names that are not translated into English. This is not deterring me from the game just little things that are an easy fix. Keep it up. Looking forward to see what is next.
7LucasFernandez 2020-02-10

!! Total Game Freeze !! in the main missions Amazing game ! It\'s a real pleasure to go through the island stages, even though you spend more time collecting resources than doing the missions. Challenging, entertaining, beautiful, well done !! though I\'m stuck at the \'Devil in a cave IV\' after talking to the sheriff the game freeze. I can\'t avoid talking to him, he\'s coming back by itself, freezing the game. Any help from the technical team would be greatly appreciated, and will get a 5 stars 😁
SirThunder 2019-12-31

Really good game cant complain at all and the cool thing about the game is that the resources are not too hard to get and not too easy either like the mobs and story and has got some really good storyline but what would be nice is if the dog could go with you out to hunt and find resources
edgar leonardo 2020-09-29

I like the game. Please release the latest chapter as soon as possible. And please fix bugs and spelling errors. I want to rate 5 but there are issues to solve so I give 3. Bugs in the side missions eg. Child 2 and family. Or just review the map.\" The town\". There are logs in that area. Thank you I had a good game.
Yangyuba Aier 2020-12-19

There seems to be too many bugs in this game. First of all there are times when the game freeze the moment you die or after completing some quest, then the exchange in the refuge- items bought disappears and the open dialogue or action button pops up even when not needed. You need to fix this asap...and yea even the dialogues are broken english
Jarrell Graves 2020-02-08

This game has the potential to be 5 stars. I like it a lot. Theres is a lot of translation mistakes that need to be fixed. Some of the NPC\'s names arent even english yet, and some of the sentences just dont make sense at all. I am on a mission called \"Devil in Cave IV\" i have to go talk to the sherrif to complete thw mission. When i talk to him the game freezes. So i cant go on any further.