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Description of Survival Master 3D

Imagine finding yourself stranded on a deserted island with nothing to eat and nowhere to go. All alone. Test your survival skills and find out if you’re worthy enough. It’s a wild and dangerous adventure out there, and you need more brainpower to win Mother Nature than you think. You’ll also need to defeat natural forces and hide from vicious predators wanting you dead. So fight for your right to stay alive!

Go and explore the deserted island. You can make a raft and try to escape, or just adapt to this new environment until help will come (gulp!). This 3D survival action game simulator will help you develop strong survival skills and instincts as danger is always lurking around. Can you make it out alive? Play to find out!

Game Features:

Make fire from scratch

Rub those sticks together and do everything you can to not freeze to death!

Catch fish and harvest food

Save yourself from starvation, catch fish with your spear, grill them fresh, sow seeds to harvest vegetation for a lifetime. You can even steal some eggs...if you can!

Build shelter

Use your intuition and logic. Gather wood, leaves and stones, and assemble your fort to stay protected from the wild.

Fight off pirates

Self-defense must be your number one priority. Attack those bloody pirates who are trying to kill you. Or else, it’s off the plank you go!

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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More Information Of Survival Master 3D

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.8.1 Publish Date:2021-09-09 Developer:Lion Studios

User Reviews


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Joshua Van Winkle 2020-12-27

Completely ad driven. Complete a task, watch a video. Complete part of a task, video. Try to take the cheaper reward in hopes of avoiding ad, video. Finally spend the resources on superficial upgrades, that are a result of all of the ads you\'ve endured, and you guessed it. Video. Neat idea. Definition of click bait gaming.
Tim Razik 2021-01-11

Great Idea, Too Many Ads. Each day is about 10 seconds of play followed by 30 seconds of ads. 60 seconds if you want to unlock items. I get that ads help generate revenue but 80% of the game play is ads so I can\'t even determine if I would want to purchase the \"no ads\" option. The graphics are nice. The story is fun. So there are positives. Maybe offer a 3 hour trial period.
Slade Noland 2021-01-10

The tasks are simple, straight forward, and not particularly challenging. Young children might enjoy this quite a bit. There is an ad after every task, but the ads are skippable after 5 or 10 seconds and there are several different ads so you don\'t get stuck watching the same ad 500 times. There is also an option to pay to remove ads which i haven\'t tested because I am cheap. If you\'re expecting an immersive game with complex characters and story development then this is not your game.
Stuart Harrison 2021-02-16

Just awful. Tedious, boring, repeating actions for varying tasks. Adverts, adverts, adverts. There\'s no real goal, other than survive. Why? If this game was all I had to live for I\'d kill myself! Thankfully it\'s not, there\'s better and for you too. I\'ll save you the trouble, you won\'t like it either, you\'re smarter than this. Make a better life choice.
Blake Tuke 2021-01-06

The games graphics and idea is okay? It\'s not an open world survival but its a wild roller-coaster of ads. You\'ll literally get your first ad 5-10 seconds into the game. You\'ll get your second less than a minute after that or if you\'re extra lucky, partway through the task.
Cosmin 2021-02-10

Absolutely horrible. I got my first and within 3 seconds of gameplay and uninstalled it immediately. You also get forced to accept their data processing otherwise 20% of your screen gets blocked by that banner saying tap here to fix it. Pathetic how money hungry and cheap game developers have became.
Brandon Nicholson 2021-02-16

I love the occasional mini game and video about important things going on in the world of apps that are irresistible to dowload because most of them can make me real money! This game has been generous enough to offer such things almost 6 times in row!!! XD screw the real game i downloaded i didnt want to play it at all. I mean cutting down 1 tree and getting 6 mini games (ads) in a row is so worth my time. Greedy people go to hell, just saying. Good thing all of you aren\'t greedy and all.
Seymour Fields 2021-01-22

Would give zero stars if I could! Each task takes three parts and you have to watch an ad each time. Only good thing about this game is you have a chance to find a halfway decent game in the ads. Chop tree. Ad. Start fire. Ad. Cook. Ad. Collect cotton. Ad. Prepare soil. Ad. Plant cotton. Ad. Water cotton. Ad. Even worse is the amount of lag this excuse for a game has. All of the tasks that require timing are almost impossible because the arrow keeps moving two seconds after you click
Aaron Sample 2021-02-11

It\'s bad the ads where so constant that it glitched a little bit. In the beginning I thoough \"this looks good\" first ad came I was fine but after that I realised that this game is just making money from ads or if someone is desprate to play the game enough then it\'s pay the developers.
Alex Weaver 2021-01-03

It is a simple game very nice but it is far too easy and has like 6 ads a level you can put it into airplane mode and it STILL HAS too many ads THERE IS MORE ADS THAT GAME the rest is just a suggestion if you put more purchases into your game you might get more payment so you can have less ads and also make it harder