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Description of Survivor Adventure: Survival Island

New remaded and inovated in the best way of classic action games on Android app ever is released!

How did you get to this island? Apparently this evil destiny threw you to the island.

Hey, Do you saw a mysterious monster in the forest? Is it a zombie?

And now you alone in the tropic forest. The forest is fraught with many dangers and may even other survivors. But YOU left to survive.

Island survival is not as easy as it seems. Look for food, build shelter from monsters, grow plants, craft weapons, tame or hunt animals and survive. This new survival simulator includes advanced crafting system, huge number of start resources, wild animals and weapons. New survival and craft is waiting for you! Is it your last day on earth?!

Survival Island features:

🐯 Hunting

The island is inhabited by dangerous animals. Try to hunt animals, or animals will hunt you. This is very dangerous. Are you hunter or a victim? Royal battle starts.

🐘 Taming animals

There is not only hunting - but also taming wild animals in this island survival. There are elephants, lions, and other wild animals. Each animal has a distinct personality, temperament and individual character. It won't be easy to tame animals. Be brave!

🔨 Craft

Mine resources and craft weapons you need to survive. Craft weapons: axe, pickaxe, spear, even ark and etc! The variety of food will let you dont starve. Crafting will help you to survive on the island. The best survival and craft is here!

🏠 Building

Build your own shelter on the island. Explore new places, craft tools, collect resources to build. Building a home is not an easy task on an island in the ocean! Do it right now!

🗿 Explore mysterious caves

These places are full of mysteries and secrets. Explore the wilderness and mysterious caves. Be careful! It's too dangerous here!


Make your own ark to travel with animals. Build a raft, boat or ship and go on a trip. There are a lot of islands to choose from. Travel, explore new places, discover new adventure islands. But do not sail far cry from home.

🌗Day night cycle.

Do not forget to make a primitive fire for the night. The night keeps a lot of dangers, the chaschniki moan aggressively. Survive in the long dark.

⌛Coming soon

Monsters with rare loot. (next update)

Trading system and advanced economy.

Unique fishing system.

✉️ In-game chat! (in closed beta now)

Realtime multiplayer ONLINE survival! (in closed beta now)

So online battle royal survival is coming!

Amazing story with various quests!

🔥 Survival tips:

+ Collect resources in the forest and craft primal tools.

+ Mine all the useful resources that you'll see.

+ Build your own shelter to protect from monsters or zomie.

+ Make a farm and grow any food you wish but not froget to COOK it!

+ Hunting is very dangerous. You need armor and weapons to survive.

+ Unite with other survivors and have fun on the last day on earth.

The best free survival simulator is here! There are wild animals, mysterious caves, hunting and taming, building, crafting and other things in the game!

Join right now and become the royal survivor on island!

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SurvivorAdventure

Sound By: https://soundcloud.com/anton-kochetkov-745604762

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.03.260 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:ReelToReal Games

User Reviews


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Clark Bailey 2020-12-09

This game should get a five star but it got boring after I unlocked everything the craft and after I built a house. The game kept glitching out on me and it deleted my progress so I quit after that
Iishia Dennis 2020-12-29

Really like the game. Love the fact you\'ve just got to level up and survive using the resource on the islands. Recently discovered how to catch rabbits and I\'m excited to see how it works on chickens. However there are a few items that I can figure out what they are needed for, the clay and mushrooms for example. Its becoming the only game I play and look forward to see how far I get. Addictive x100.
CyberWolf 2020-07-17

Its not a bad game but there\'s one problem which is really annoying. It works like this, the game only allows one of you dead bodies to exist at a time, if i die twice than my earlier corps will disappear, and there lies the problem. I got killed by a crocodile, went back to collect the loot in my died body, got killed again, went back again but the body with all the loot was gone. I worked a long time for it all. Pls add a higher body limit or make the bodys iv looted disappear or something.
Perran Pryor 2020-07-15

Awesome game. For a free game on a phone I\'m impressed. Very few ads too. My gf must hate me for playing this all day ha. Level 32 now and I feel I\'ve done everything. Mass resources stored. Multiplex houses and docks. Hunted everything. What do I do now? Do we know why my torches have stopped working? I have about 50 in my houses which looks amazing at night. But now only 7 flick on and off depending where I\'m looking. I cant see inside anymore...
Oliver Gongob 2020-03-04

I really love this game, I like building my house, wondering arround. Itslike traveling in our past with no building and traffic. The surrounding is very relaxing, I don\'t experience log as I use 6ram, the game automatically save whatever your doing so no problem if you just leave phone without closing the app. It\'s easy to understand and you can also be creative. I just wish that It a multiplayer so that I can play with other in the same world/game. Can you make this a multi player. ❤️❤️❤️🤗👍
Hilary Carrano 2020-03-08

Energy renewal is ridiculous, it should renew gradually over time, and doesn\'t. The only way that I have discovered is to use the bed, but then you wake up dying of thirst and spend half the game day getting water- very counter productive. Furthermore, due to no energy, I told my character to drift back to my island last night (15 min trip), and find my character still halfway between the two islands this morning. And btw where are those caves we can explore- oh, they don\'t exist?!
Shiva Mohan Mishra 2020-10-12

The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is there is not much left to do. Graphics is brilliant, gameplay is good, and I liked the idea of Foraging/hunting on other islands. I would love to see more weapons based on steel. More islands with other resources. May be partner with player of opposite gender. Overall thankyou for building such a nice game.
Deszie BE 2019-05-19

DO NOT INSTALL ...... App is a scam! asked me for credit card details, my bank CALLED to let me know to this app has been trying to take money out without authorization! this game is a scam! rip off, and i needed to connect to a server in order to play! do not download!!
Tom Horseman 2020-09-16

Not bad, minor issues. For example the \"free\" stuff, you have to watch an ad for, and you DO NOT get the rewards. So it\'s a waste of time. Also the night cycle is SO LONG it makes the game unpleasant at times. Enemy hit boxes are weird. For a mobile game, it\'s actually not bad! I am enjoying it, it\'s the best mobile survival type game I\'ve played so far. Some of it is confusing....but you get used to it. Dont have to pay to win either. Also the graphics are pretty decent.
Steam Xero 2019-10-16

I love how realistic this game is and looks to real life no lag so far not a whole bunch of ads. Its such a great game. I have searched for mobile survival games for years and this one is the best out of all so far in my opinion. It managed to be the fortnite of survival games even though i hate fortnite.