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Description of Sutter Health My Health Online

Note: This app replaces the existing MyChart app for Sutter patients. If you previously accessed My Health Online via the MyChart app, please discontinue use of the MyChart app and download this new, Sutter-specific app.

Use your My Health Online account at Sutter Health to manage your health information and send messages to your doctor and care team from your mobile device.

With Sutter Health’s My Health Online mobile app, you can:

- Message your doctor and care team

- Review test results

- Request prescription refills

- Schedule and manage your appointments

- Book same-day video visits

- View and pay your bill

- View your immunization history, medications and health reminders

- Access your family’s health information through proxy access

You will need to have an active My Health Online account before you can start using the mobile app. If you do not yet have a My Health Online account, you can find out how to register on our website: https://mho.sutterhealth.org

To learn more about My Health Online, visit our FAQs: https://mho.sutterhealth.org/myhealthonline/frequently-asked-questions.html

Have feedback or need help? Select Contact Support within the app.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:9.8.3 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Sutter Health

User Reviews


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Philip Wright 2020-04-18

My doctor appeared correctly, but my video was sideways. We both tried rotating our phones, but no matter which way we re-oriented, my video kept flipping sideways. Awkward! I had to supplement the audio with a phone call because my doctor could not hear me. Possibly a bad internet connection, but that is unusual for me.
Rocio Caro 2020-05-07

This app gets 1 star only because it is impossible to rate it worse. If I had my choice, it would get negative 5 stars. It must be reinstalled constantly in order to get it to work, it drops your video chats for no apparent reason, and is generally unusable in any way, shape, or form.
Moki Me 2020-07-07

So much easier to communicate with my Dr, nurses and staff. I love this app! I read some of the other reviews I can say the video chats are challenging but I think it depends on the dr and what they are using. My PCP I have no problems with video chat my pulmonologist is a different story, we have some problems with the video chat. He claims it\'s him because he\'s not too savy on his phone??? And my PCP I do think she uses a computer with a webcam which I think it makes it much easier.
Pamela Blankenship 2020-07-23

The app would be okay if I could log in regularly when I need to. However, half the time the app tells me my username or password is wrong even after I try it two or three times. Then I just go over to the website and log in with no problem. I can just save time, skip the app, and go directly to the website. The app has always been glitchy like this with me.
Helga 2020-07-14

The app itself is not too bad unless you need to use it for video chats. Video chats will not work on my Windows 10 laptop or my android tablet. Got it to work on my android phone, but the picture is way too small. Sorry Sutter, your video chat is not ready for prime time.
Beatrice Osten Echols 2019-10-09

Appreciate how simple this app is, and how well it has progressed. Love ALL my doctors and nurses, plus the many folks in the background services, you have been most wonderful! The past 20 years they have cared for me have been wonderful!
Carolyn Frances 2020-06-16

The following improvements would make this 5 stars ... 1) not all options available on the browser are available on the app. 2) video visits never seem to go smoothly. Video always ends up freezing and a phone call happens instead. So much time is used on technology that I forget what additional questions I had for the doctor. IT says to reboot phone prior to each video appointment to prevent problems. That\'s quite a dependancy.
Jessica Evans 2019-02-27

I only need to use this for two things: to communicate with my doctors and to see past test results. It works fine to look at test results but it\'s terrible for communication because unlike the website, I can only see my Dr\'s messages, I can\'t see my own \'sent\' messages. I\'m only seeing half of the conversation, and I can\'t go back to check if I\'ve already told my Dr about something or not. It\'s super annoying.
Andrew McAllister 2019-07-22

When scheduling an appointment, if I leave the app to check my calendar I have to start the entire appointment process over again. It is extremely irritating.
Inna Shevchenko 2019-06-22

For the most part this app is good. Love that you can see all your results and communicate with your health professionals. However every time I try to make a payment it starts glitching and all the numbers I enter for card information go crazy. It really bugs me, and I\'d love to be able to make payments through my phone. Please fix this issue.