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Description of Suzy Cube

Oh no! The dastardly Skulls have stolen all the gold right out of Castle Cubeton! 

Only Suzy Cube has what it takes to recover the castle's lost treasure from those blustering bullies!

Discover the simple joy of platforming in this bright, fun and surprise-filled 3D game.


• Simple, tight and responsive controls

• Over 40 unique stages to master

• Secrets and power-ups to discover

• Support for most Bluetooth gamepads!

A passion project which gets at the heart of what makes a great feeling, smile-inducing, 3D platform game for all players.


★★★★★ "...absolutely well-crafted to a ridiculous degree" —TouchArcade.com

"The best 3D platformer you can play on mobile" —Pocket Gamer

"It's guaranteed to make you smile" —AppAdvice

A Word From The Developer:

Suzy Cube has been a labour of love and an incomparable learning experience. 

After years of work, I am thrilled to release the game so players can have as much fun playing it as I've had creating it. Thanks to everyone who have helped make this possible and to all of Suzy's exceedingly patient fans. 

Merci, Thank you, Gracias,


NorthernBytes Software

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More Information Of Suzy Cube

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.0.12 Publish Date:2021-09-12 Developer:Noodlecake Studios Inc

User Reviews


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David Klimaszewski 2019-12-12

Gameplay seems fun. I think if the controls weren\'t so terribly bad, this game would be a really great one. I suggest waiting. If an update goes out and the reviews mention better controls. Give it a shot. Otherwise pass, because honestly it\'s almost unplayable. Surprised the devs would release it in this state. Replying to the devs: really? Then why do most of the reviews call the game unplayable? Stop drinking the Kool aid and fix the game.
Drew Scheer 2018-06-22

Doesn\'t work with my Daqi M1 controller. L1 and R1 just jump, nothing else does anything. Waited a while to try it out cause the dev is usually on point and now I\'m outside the refund window. Bummer.
Peedi Piper 2018-06-22

I\'m not going to lie, this game is fun as hell. It reminds me of Super Mario 3d land alot but the only thing I hate is the touchscreen controls and I can\'t get my ps4 controller to work on it so I\'m stuck using touchscreen. I hope you guys fix the touchscreen controls in the future.
A Google user 2018-07-03

Love it. Could use improvement on the joystick responsiveness, I find it a bit sluggish. Could use a more laid back mode without the timing. Graphics are amazing music is amazing. First platform game that\'s more like a console game. Love to see more games like this!
Christina Stewart 2018-06-25

I bought this game last night and it will not work on my Samsung Galaxy Tab E but works on my Samsung Galaxy S7. I am disappointed it will not work on my tablet because I wanted to primarily play it on the bigger screen. If I would\'ve known it wouldn\'t work on the tablet, I wouldn\'t have paid for it.
XplodingFilms 2018-06-22

Bought the game and am presented solely with a black screen. What a great use of £3.50
Jordan Itkowitz 2018-06-24

Rare to find a 3D platformer that works on mobile as well as this one. It\'s better on slower, breezier levels, though - when the levels require quick responses or twitchy action the limits of the touchscreen control scheme become much more apparent and frustrating. No new mechanics or concepts here if you\'ve played this genre for the last 20 years but still a solid execution of classic platforming gameplay.
Steven Browne 2018-11-16

Could you add cloud saving to this game? This game reminds me of the N64 days with super Mario 64 and Banjo and Kazooie (and more recent super Mario 3d land for the 3ds). With so few games like this on Android (kraken land, dragon land), this is a great game. The only two things that need fixing is the floaty controls for touch screen and the lack of cloud saving (I\'m playing this on a galaxy s7, galaxy tab s2 and nexus player). As for controllers I\'ve used the Asus nexus player controller, Ps4 controller and a corded Xbox 360 with no issues. I hope you make more games like this or at least a part two.
Nick L 2018-06-21

Very fun and well made game, highly recommended trying it.
Justin Thomas 2020-04-01

Designed very well aesthetically, and I\'ve enjoyed it overall. The joystick is difficult to control at times, and it resulted in more than a few accidental deaths. You can learn to play with it, though. Achievements don\'t work, though. That and the joystick are my two downsides. Good game, though.