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Description of Swappa - Buy And Sell Used Technology

Want to get the most money when you sell your used phone? Looking for the best deal on a newish phone, tablet, laptop, or game console?

Safe, simple and human-powered -- that's what sets Swappa apart from other marketplaces and selling apps. With our “No Junk, No Jerks” policy and world-class support team that responds in less than an hour, it’s easy to see why we have a nearly perfect 5-star rating on TrustPilot.

Sell Your Phone And Make More Cashback

Skip store credit. Ditch the gift cards. Sellers make more on Swappa. Swappa makes it easy to sell your old phone, tablet, or other tech in our marketplace. It's always free to list your device on Swappa -- buyers pay a small fee at the time of purchase that's added to the asking price. And when your device sells, cash gets deposited into your PayPal account quickly. Use our real-time data to see pricing trends and what other devices have recently sold for.

Buy A Newish Device

At Swappa, you can save money on a newish phone, tablet, laptop, game console, and more. Every listing on Swappa is reviewed by a real person so you can feel safe knowing that we don’t allow junk devices. With our Subscribe and Save feature, you can watch items you’re interested in, and we’ll automatically email you when a new listing meets your criteria.

Use our free IMEI Checker -- check if a device is lost or stolen

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a unique 15 or 16-digit number used to identify individual mobile devices. Devices on Swappa are checked against a database of blocklisted devices to confirm it's not lost or stolen. Run an IMEI check from within the app to start your selling process.

Need Help?

Swappa is a human-powered marketplace. That means we’ve got real, live people ready to help you with any questions you might have about your listings and approvals. Email help@swappa.com 24/7/365.


The Swappa Marketplace is only open to buyers and sellers in the United States of America.

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lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:3.1.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Swappa, LLC

User Reviews


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Alex Pride 2019-08-01

Does not include pricing history or recent sales, which renders the app useless to a consumer who researches sales to ensure getting the best deals and using patterns to negotiate where they exist in the buyer\'s favor.
Andrew Cooper 2017-10-26

Search results in app don\'t match those on the website. I briefly wondered if perhaps the app was a scam and not associated with the website. I seems it is, but the inconsistency does not inspire confidence.
Michael Garcia 2017-11-02

Recently completed my first sale as well as my first purchase. Process was very easy in both cases. When it came to viewing my listing after purchase i found it to be buggy. Tracking number wouldnt show up. I had to go to website to track the item i purchased. Bit inconvenient. I also noticed the item description in the app was incomplete. It didnt show the full description as shown on the website. Ok app with room for improvement.
Allie Ogden 2019-03-16

The app keeps getting better with every release. The team is very responsive to issues.
Stephen Wisener 2020-03-22

I wish someone would create a \"copy\" app just like this one was when it first came out. It use to be GREAT.....but now it sucks! Phone companies have Swamped it AND you have to pay sales tax now. So do yourself a favor and just go back to facebook or letgo or something to avoid ALL the cell phone companies who moved in a ruined a wonderful app.....plus you can avoid sales tax...which was already paid once when the phones were purchased new....so it is double taxation!
Robert Shivers 2021-01-15

I wish I could do more on the app instead of having to get on my computer. Needs tweaking on the tracking number. You have to hit it just right.
Vanderlei Tadeu DeSouza 2019-03-20

Frustration... The app per se is useless. It basically let you sign-in and sign-out. Everything really happens in their website. The app doesn\'t have editing tools for listings, mistakes are common, but once you made them, there\'s no way to fix things in an intuitive way, The posts are revised before publication. Then you receive an email with the actual rules, pointing your mistakes and LINKS to webpages for you to fix them and once there the edit option does not edit everything. It\'s a mess.
Ryan Flynn 2018-12-03

The app used to be awesome. You could browse through devices by filtering manufacture, device type, carrier, etc. They have since updated and removed all of that. Now all you get is an unorganized list of phones or tablets with no way to sort or filter. You can\'t list devices to sell either. It\'s a shame as I\'ve purchase devices through the app before and it worked great. Not worth downloading anymore.
Jack Stephan 2021-02-03

for selling any electronic device such as a phone this is a terrific website. they make sure the phones in great shape, clean IMEI, so the buyer has a good experience. I don\'t sell phones often but I\'ve used this site twice and it\'s worked great both times
Shanna Nicole 2020-11-16

My first time purchasing online I used Amazon, then eBay. I bought the same item and had to return it the first 2 times until the 3rd time. I tried one last time online and was very happy that I finally got the item and did not need to make a return. Swappa has rules & guidelines they use and you will not be disappointed. it\'s very frustrating making returns online. and is too much of a financial burden. Swappa is the way to go when purchasing any electronic devices!!