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Description of Swarachakra Bangla Keyboard

মোদের গরব, মোদের আশা, আ-মরি বাংলা ভাষা - অতুলপ্রসাদ সেন

If your device can display this sentence in Bengali perfectly, then your device supports Bengali and Swarachakra should also work well. If you do not see any text, or if some of the words are incorrect, Swarachakra may not work well.

Swarachakra Bangla (স্বরচক্র বাংলা) is a touch-screen keyboard for inputting text in Bengali. (Swarachakra is also available in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, Konkani and Tamil). Swarachakra uses a logically ordered design based on the structure of Bangla script. It displays the consonants sequenced according to the logical structure of Bangla script, phonetically grouped and arranged in a grid similar to those found in most school textbooks.

Typing with Swarachakra

In Bangla, we frequently need to type a combination of a consonant (ধ) and a matra (ো) like ধ + ো = ধো. When you touch a consonant, a chakra with combination of consonants and 10 frequent matras pops up (ধা, ধি,ধী, ধু, ধূ, ধে, ধৈ, ধো, ধৌ..). The chakra gives a preview of the possible character combinations. To select a combination, you slide the stylus or finger towards it.

Typing conjuncts like ক্রি , ষ্থ, চ্য় is particularly hard for most people. Swarachakra makes it easy. First tap on the first part of the combination and select the halant from the chakra (স + ्). Swarachakra then shows a preview of all possible conjuncts that begin with that consonant (স + ् + থ = স্থ; চ + ् + য় = চ্য় etc.). If you need to add a matra, select it from the new chakra like earlier (স্থা, স্থি, স্থী, স্থু , স্থূ ...).

To type a b>rafar (র্থ ), a rashtrachinha (ত্র) or a nukta (ড়, খ়), first select the corresponding key from the right-most bottom keys, and then type as usual.

Complete vowels (অ আ ই ঈ উ ঊ এ ঐ ও ঔ) appear in a separate chakra on the bottom right. The less used vowels and matras are next to it (ঽ ৎ ৃ ঋৄ ৄ ৠ ৢ ঌ ৣ ৡ ). Numerals, symbols and rarely used characters appear on a shift. You could also switch to the QWERTY keypad temporarily to input English characters.

Installing Swarachakra

First, install Swarachakra Bangla by clicking the “Install” button above.

Next, you need to “enable” the keyboard. To enable, open “Settings”, select “Language and Input” and check the box in front of স্বরচক্র বাংলা (Swarachakra Bangla) in the “Keyboard and input methods” section.

Finally, click on the “Default” option in the “Keyboard and input methods” section, and select স্বরচক্র বাংলা (Swarachakra Bangla) as the default keyboard. (Sorry, but that’s how Android works)

NOTE: Swarachakra is designed for Android 4.0 (ICS) onwards. It does not work right now on older versions because they do not have Unicode support.

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More Information Of Swarachakra Bangla Keyboard

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:2.01 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:Swarachakra Team, IDC, IIT Bombay

User Reviews


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D C 2018-10-24

Great app for Indic languages. But at least in Bengali, some letters can\'t be located - ri (as in rishi), lhi type vowels. Anyone can help me if I am missing them somewhere? Also, the \"chakra\" is small. So the variants get hidden when I use my finger. May be the circle can be bigger. Otherwise a great app. Also coming from IIT, I am assured of its quality.
Br. Mark 2020-03-06

Its a very easy and cinvenient app... but i would like to suggest the admin to update the dictionary memory system so that typed words will be saved and that will show up as a probable Word. a lot of time will be saved if you do so. All eglish keyboards show up 4--5 probable words durig typing and thats very cnvenient. thaksহা, তবে Dictionary টা আপডেট করা হোক যাতেকরে পুর্বে ব্যাবহার করা শব্দগুলো মেমোরীতে থাকে এবং পরবরতিতে লিখতে গেলে সম্ভাব্যশব্দ হিসাবে দেখাদেয় ৷ যেমন English কিবোর্ড 4--5 টি সম্ভ
Dreams world 2019-06-13

This apps working sysem is good but every 10/5 minut after that hanging..so thats why its very anonoying
Azizur Rahman 2020-05-02

Bangla writing is very beautiful but sometimes it is a little problem to write in English and I hope it would be better if you add emoji with the keyboard.
Shyam Das Adhikari 2019-12-26

I absolutely love the format of this app\'s keyboard! The proper Vedic / Devanagari order of the letters (akşara) & very logical - Indian/deshi logic, not some foreign imposition. Well done to the clearly very intelligent developers! =o)
Purnima Nandi 2020-07-16

It is a very useful app to express my opinion or my own expression to my nearest friends or relatives.
Arifur Rahman 2020-04-03

kinly update for new android version supported. im using android 10 & there shown some error after few minutes repeatedly.
Mrinmoy Banerjee 2019-03-26

Great . This is the best keyboard i ever found and wish every indian must use this.This is very easy to use and any one can use it , mostly in there mother language.
Aritra Ray 2014-11-04

খুবই ভাল কিন্তু একটা \'সমসা\' আছে I guess the problem can be figured out by seeing how I spelled \'samassya\'. I could not find the \"Jo-fola\". Looking forward towards your help in finding it if its already there. If it isn\'t there, I request you to add it to remove this slight smudge from this otherwise flawless app. PS: If the developer is unaware of this character JOFOLA please ask for it to someone with a knowledge in bengali. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Great works.
Kaushik Sinha 2020-06-22

After using swarachakra i can not use any other Bangla keyboard. It is absolutely scientific and user friendly. Moreover very light tool.