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Sweet Candies 2 - Match 3

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Description of Sweet Candies 2 - Match 3

Get ready for the biggest puzzle adventure ever, filled with sweet cookie crunching & candy blasting happiness!

• This game is HUGE: a stunning *4401* tasty levels for years of candy matching fun!

• No impossible levels! No frustration! Easy enough to be playable by anyone!

• Don't wait for lives, don't annoy your friends to progress! Play all day long!

• Simple, free and relaxing! So addicting you can't put it down!

Discover the challenging bright and fun levels in this enjoyable game. Chocolates, cookies, cupcakes and colorful candies in abundance! Sweet? You bet ya!

Do you like the taste of jelly, lollipop, jam, juice, soda, marshmallow, gummy and other jellipop treats? Then follow our happy flavoured story. Use powerful bombs to blast the sugar out of the fruit into a candy pop fever mania!

Be sure to share the fun with your facebook friends. Invite friends and compete with them in the leaderboards and on the level map!

If you like candy themed match 3 puzzle games, click and match, swap and match or any type of casual match 3 puzzle game then Sweet Candies 2 is the right game for you!

For more match-3 puzzles, go to https://www.facebook.com/SmileyGamer

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More Information Of Sweet Candies 2 - Match 3

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:2.8.0 Publish Date:2021-12-13 Developer:SmileyGamer Match 3 Games

User Reviews


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A Google user 2017-12-18

The levels have been really sluggish during gameplay. can you make the items and rubies more readily available instead of having to buy them? i don\'t use them currently because i have so few. Could you add more backgrounds? if you must have ads, be more strategic with where and when they pop up. can you somehow phase out the ads please? pray or something.
Dora Baldassare Sailor Black Butler Moon fan 2016-03-11

This game is the best Finally I found a game with no lives limit at all and it is a sweet treat game that I love. Unlike three of my games that has lives limit of 5-10 only and it take a long time fill back up. When they do fill back up you end up using like 3 of your lives in one level which stink.
Hunter Kamaka 2016-05-27

Frustrating Ads Some ads have no \'X\' to clear them once (forced) to view after a short period of time. Because of this a player has only 2 options ~ click on ad or shutdown game and reopen... hitting the return key on your device will not work. I have no problem with ads...even those flashing.. nonstop..at the bottom of game ads...BUT really!! get rid of those irritating no \'X\' ads..and I will rate this game again. Mahalo
Deb Sosa 2016-03-05

Sweet Candy 2 -Cookie Crush I am really enjoying this game . Anyone who likes match 3 games will love it .
Jill Stevenson 2017-05-11

This is not as easy as you think it would be. It keeps you guessing and have already use the power ups. Not sure how long I will play.
Nadia Miskiw 2016-04-25

Sweet Candy You are still not listening to gamers, so why should we bother imputting our comments?
Bruce 2016-06-20

ADS! I can understand an ad banner at the bottom of screen during play, and an ad between games, but ads popping up in the middle of a game is too much, uninstalling...another good game ruined by excessive ads...so sad
jeanette dixon 2017-05-24

Not bad game .it as just asked me to invite friends and get 18gems. Well I got none. Or ready got izhouses. Not sure yet ally
Theresa Cook 2016-03-09

I like the idea where the game can be played continuously without having to wait for lives. If developers were smart, all games would be like that.
Nancy Newman 2020-10-16

Cute game. You don\'t give out a lot of jewels. Not a lot of rewards. Players like to be able to earn rewards. You should be able to get more moves and jewels by watching a video. I am going to keep playing and see how long it takes to run out of jewels and boosters. Some games give out rewards or jewels after a certain amount of levels. Just some suggestions. ran out of jewels. Uninstalling