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Description of Sweet Crossing: Snake.io

Moonton's first casual io game!

A casual candy-eating snake game!

Sweet Crossing: Snake.io is a casual snake game. Different from traditional snake games, the game enables you to enjoy more fun with its 2.5D graphics. Enjoy a pure moment of bliss with the smooth gameplay and a variety of cute characters!

"Sweet Home"" mode is available now"

Build your own unique town! Plan the layout of your town at will. Whether you want to build a lovely town or a magnificent city, it's all possible here!

1. Smooth Gaming Experience

Smooth gameplay! No lag issues or performance problems.

Download right now and start to play!

2. Grow by Eating Sweets

In the game, you keep hunting for various kinds of food and buffs to get higher score. Making opponents crash into your tail then swallowing their remains is the best way to grab tons of scores! Keep it up!

3. Unlock Adorable Skin

A tried-and-true game to kill your boredom!

Penguin, rabbit, puppy, and more animal characters to choose from.

Various animal characters plus tail skins.

4. Build Your Way to the Top

Multiple ways to rank up to the top! Eating sweets, getting BUFFs, defeating other players... Which strategy would you choose to win?

We'll be appreciated to hear your feedbacks/suggestions to help us make a better game. Our friendly support team is always ready to help.

Please contact us via email: sweetcrossing@moonton.com

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More Information Of Sweet Crossing: Snake.io

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-09-11 Developer:Moonton

User Reviews


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Use : WHAFF App : Get IOK DoIIars 2020-09-25

I just started playing this game yesterday... It is very fun to play and there are so many avatars/skins and companions to choose from! :) But one thing that annoys me the most is that the game always crashes whenever the video AD ends. It is so frustrating because after playing for hours, I had to restart again; and the lost game isn\'t recorded at all. And I wasn\'t even able claim the reward at all. So much time wasted. I already said this in FB. I hope you fix it.
The Crafty Foxe 2020-09-29

Honestly? I went into this thinking it was a multiplayer game, and remained with that belief for a few games. The ai ranges in intelligence. Some are very clever! Others will \'feed\' you by running into you on purpose. It\'s fun enough. Bit boring after a few games. I got to nearly 5 million, there wasn\'t much to do. Multiplayer would liven this up a lot!
Grace Padilla 2020-11-16

Absolutely love the game! I didn\'t expect to enjoy it so much but it\'s really fun! I saw some others review that the multiplayer system was \"faked\" bc when she went offline it didn\'t work, however it says in the game bio that you can play offline! Either way I would still love the game! I only wish our tails could be customized... Maybe you have to unlock it, I\'m not sure 🤷‍♀️
Mel_Latiao 2020-10-18

It was fun for the first few plays but it gets boring because I think the bot in here are not as clever as compared to the other bots in other games like this. And it\'s too easy to hit the million digit. I even reached the maximum 99,000,000 easily. And after it hits one million it does not grow anymore, I hope that it will continue to grow. And I think it\'s fun if we can able to switch to other backgrounds and the thing they eat.
Danielle McGee 2021-02-21

Updated review: Deleted this game. Was an excellent game. Was my new favorite game, until it wouldn\'t allow me to collect some rewards. I didn\'t get much help to fix it. I restarted, refreshed, reconnected and updated the internet, game and phone with no luck. Fix this and I\'ll give 4 stars. 5 stars if I could connect with friends to play against them and visit their town. Also 5 stars if Google was a sign in option.
Mysthic Leviohsa 2020-11-26

Sooo cute!! This game is really cutee but can i have a suggestion? I just wanted to play with my sister and friends, because it would really be sooo cool andd when i logged my account here after a while it disconnected, what happened? But anyways, just put on a code or lobby which you can join into other friends andd please put chat box and language or regions so that we could play with our co-country.. And it will be super cool if the next update there will be new game. Thats it!
Akilaramtin 2020-12-13

This game is great, but gets kinda boring from time to time. Some of the items are quite expensive but there\'s nothing really bad about that. I don\'t really know how to actually play with actual people on the internet, since this game is offline and you rarely play with bots. The art style is very cute! There are a lot of cute animals that you can play with in this game. But did I mention how hard it is to get just one character? I don\'t really like going on trials, but it\'s still fine. ^_^
Ghenwa d 2020-09-21

The game is awsome, but it looks like it needs some improvements, and you may let us be able to move the controlers to fit with our hands.. Sometimes we stuck..😅 One thing more i would really see in the game, is multiplayer mode or friends mode to play and chat in the same time.. I\'m sure this will be so so funny.. Goodluck Sorry for my english.. I\'m not english 😅
Andrew Charlton 2020-10-05

I\'m a huge fan of these \"worm\" style games. I have tried out a dozen of them and Sweet Crossing has the potential to be the best. The game oozes cuteness, easy to control and has lots of items to eat. But... Battery usage is horrendous, you lose too many points for going fast and it does get a bit boring playing against bots only. Fix those things and this game would be 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Keep up the great work.
Mark K Amisola 2020-11-03

Good game, What would make it even better if you guys could include ah buddy up system to create a lobby where friends could compete with the game modes, will make it more collaborative and exciting in my opinion.. Where gifting system could also be implemented. Add versus mode for the game modes (ball) to wager coins or companion shards to a tournament style setting. That would be awesome.