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Description of Sword Of Xolan

Sword of Xolan is an action platformer game that includes the juice of pixel art style.

Xolan is a young and brave man who fight for justice no matter what the cost.

Help him on his adventure to stand against darkness and bring back the peace and serenity that once was.


- 30 handcrafted adventure levels

- 9 time-based challenge levels

- 3 "End Of Act" bosses

- Over 30 different enemies like: zombies, giants and flying creatures

- 10 unique game-cards to improve Xolan's skill

- Customizable touch controls

- Controller support

- 19 Game Center achievements

- Original soundtrack by Burak Karakaş

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More Information Of Sword Of Xolan

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.0.15 Publish Date:2022-06-01 Developer:Alper Sarıkaya

User Reviews


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Alokym Creeper 2019-01-28

Don\'t download this. This game sucks. Nothing challenging or interesting. Enemies are stupid. I\'m not trolling. You can\'t fix this game unless you do everything from scratch.
Dylan Albers 2017-04-10

I don\'t write mobile reviews often, but after clearing the first forest stage and defeating the boss Beethor I had to give this game 5 stars. As far as platformers go this is perfect. If you miss the Gameboy day platformers this will have a special place in your heart if you\'re willing to try it. And as far as advertisementa go they are skippable after 3 seconds, and they don\'t intrude into the game, only after you die a few times! And you will die 😎
Paul McAviney 2018-11-12

Probably one of the best action platformers on mobile. The enemy AI is nothing to write home about but aside from that, this game is fun and easy to get into. The ads are just at the end of every level, and easily skippable but I recommend making the ad-free purchase. It\'s a steal of a price!
Aman YTMusic 2019-04-21

Hi there devs. I can say after a long time I finally found a good game. The levels are well designed and you can feel the difficulty increasing with every level. It\'s perfect game who loves to play adventure games. I see many complaining about the enemies AI but I don\'t think there is need for any changes. Though you can improve the controls. The character\'s speech makes the game more enjoyable. Thanks devs, completed the game.
Christopher Shaffer 2017-11-27

This game is awesome! They\'re aren\'t many high quality retro side-scrollers in the Play Store, but this is one of them. The controls are tight and responsive, the 8 bit graphics are utilized well and look great, and the gameplay is challenging, but never feels punishing. I only wish the upgrade system was a more prominent element. Even so, it is still, without a doubt, worth 5 stars. I hope to see more games like this, or even a sequel to Sword of Xolan from this developer.
Ignacy Wegner 2019-08-01

It is a good game but, the controls are glitchy and difficult to hit, they often won\'t respond at all (mainly jump) and due to this I find that the game becomes far too difficult, far too quickly.(I got stuck at level 3).
Noah Friedel 2017-05-22

Ok, so I probably would\'ve given a better review if I had lower expectations. Recently I have been playing a different action platformer called Dan the man. It is probably the best mobile game on the market,and is 20 times better than this. The plot is better, the graphics are better, the controls are better, and even the- well, ya know what? Everything is better. Get it.(I promise that this review is not sponsored, its just personal opinion.) I thought it would be fun to try out a different platformer, but I was wrong.
Chase Hallstrom 2018-11-12

Nice platformer, standard controls. Mild enemy variety. Horrible, HORRIBLE ads. Die? You get to watch an ad! Win? Ad! Exit? Ad! The only thing you can do without watching an ad is pause the game. Not worth it.
Fita Ardhani 2017-03-12

Good game. Refreshing to find a game that actually lets you control it. And no combos, they just ruin gameplay. I like it, well done. It does kindof make me want to play terraria though,although i grew up on wonderboy. Perhaps mining would be a good addition to a sequel? This combat is better than terreria though
mike torr 2020-04-19

Overall the game is pretty good. It has very tight and responsive controls, that\'s the first thing that stood out too me. It does actually have voice acted segments, unfortunately the english is poor. Other than that, the game is well made, and feels good. Well done! Great job!