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Description of Sync for iCloud Contacts

An intuitive, easy and secure way to sync your contacts between your iCloud account and your Android device.

Sync for iCloud Contacts is a professional syncing tool to improve integration between Apple's iCloud ecosystem and Google's Android ecosystem.

There are no limitations:

* 2 way synchronisation

* Supports multiple accounts

* Sync directly to your iCloud account

* Users the default contacts app

* Set sync interval for each account

* 2 step authentication guide

* Very easy to use

* Syncs in the background.

* Syncs contact images.

* Connects directly to iCloud servers. No third party servers used.

- Setup only takes 4 steps. Contacts are synced to your default contacts application on your phone / tablet. Although a 2 factor authentication password is required to log in, this can be easily generated from the app itself.


iCloud is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Our code is licensed under the GNU v3 license.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:13.3.8 Publish Date:2022-05-22 Developer:io.mt

User Reviews


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Rican 2019-07-22

super easy to use. I wish I would had read the instructions sooner. thanks to this app I finally have all my contacts from icloud on my phone. thank you so much for the great app, it was a life saver. 😁
Sarah Holder 2020-10-14

The Icloud sync is awesome. Its simple and easy to use. And if you switch to another phone, you will find it easy to pull up everyrhing you have backup, and will down load with no problems. Thank you. Sincerely, Sarah Holder
m 2020-07-11

I\'m able to login. App says \"make sure to enable syncing by selecting the address book from below\". There\'s no address book listed. Sync for iCloud Calendar works for me but Sync for iCloud Contacts doesn\'t. I tried SmoothSync and this is what I\'m currently using to sync iCloud Contacts.
A Google user 2016-12-11

Perfect Don\'t listen to any of the negative reviews, those people just don\'t know that you will need a one time password from Apple in order to set it up, your normal password will not work. Perhaps the only failing of the app is that it doesn\'t tell you this. Once you get that, it works exactly as you would expect. And if you get the same app for Calendar, you will need another new one time password for that too.
Thomas Monument 2020-10-18

This app insists on an @icloud or @me email address. My apple id came from my old email address and has never changed, so this app refuses to work.
Siseko Bukani 2017-10-08

This a kak app.. Just a waste of databundles to download it. Keep saying service not recognized after inputting the credentials.. Don\'t even try to download this scrap app.
Stephen Eric Biggs 2017-03-10

so far i have had more ofline problems and brooowser problems so i dont realy know if this android tablet pc is any good at all
Nick van Duijn 2019-09-18

After update doesn\'t work. Was workers as described before, after recent update doesnt work and freezing phone. After reading the comments I\'m not the only one. Please fix because the previous version did exactly what it needed to do
Carol j Aldridge nee Cooney 2020-07-09

If I have problems getting on my ipad or in it this useful to have so you don\'t have to go online to access email in icloud.
mohammed saley 2019-04-13

horrible. does not sync with iCloud. doesnt even sign in to icloud