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Description of Sysco Shop

Shop Sysco products, anytime, anywhere.

Sysco Shop allows you to search Sysco’s complete product catalog, locate key items from any page, and place quick and easy orders on your schedule.

You can access up to 14 months of previous order history and modify existing orders up to the delivery cut-off time. Sysco Shop also features offline sync, so you can continue to build your order anytime, anywhere.

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More Information Of Sysco Shop

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2022.3.8-c2101319d Publish Date:2022-03-11 Developer:Sysco Corporation

User Reviews


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Lizzy WIll 2019-07-29

Why do I need 2 apps sysco shop and sysco delivery app? That takes up to much space. Plus there is no option to modify an order after I submit it. You can\'t even see submitted or historical orders. PLEASE DON\'T RESPOND ASKING ME TO UPDATE THE APP. I UPDATED 10 MINUTES BEFORE I TYPED THIS STILL SAME THING. If I want to modify a submitted order I have to text my representative, or log in on the computer. Might as well delete both apps and work from computer.
devijim 2019-05-19

would like a sort by aplhabetical when searching products from lists/previous ordered
Austin Buhler 2019-07-01

**update** Significant improvements were made the new app is wonderful. The speed is now great and the customization options are amazing. I really like the lay out BUT it\'s very slow. I don\'t have time to wait 5 minutes for lists and items to load constantly. I\'ve tried using it on wifi and my data and no improvement.
Michael Wessels 2020-01-27

Crashes most of the time and sometimes it won\'t load the lists. It\'s really really annoying. You probably should fix that.
Michelle Bomgaars 2020-06-17

Hard to figure out what key words to use when searching an item. Out of stock label would be nice so I can look for an alternative product before submitting. Would be nice to update the app when we choose, rather than being forced to do it prior to opening. I realize you want everyone to have the most updated version, but sometimes I\'m in a hurry and it\'s hard enough to place the order without extra fluff taking up precious minutes.
Raymond Fortier Jr. 2019-06-02

Just downloaded. App is pretty bad. I was a marketing associate for 20 yrs. I would NOT recommend this to a customer! My family has been in the restaurant business for over 35yrs and this app would definitely provide unneeded stress!
Rusty Mustard 2019-08-15

Edit: after several updates I tried again and now the app crashes at login every time. the previous version would crash when trying to add items. it just gets worse, previously or was just slow and inconvenient, now I can\'t order at all. App is slow and laggy, horrible! ordering a single item should happen with one click but requires numerical entry. Notifications slow things down to a crawl. I got 3 items into my order in the time it takes me to complete an order using Mobile. I\'m uninstalling.
Brett Conner 2019-06-04

Absolute disaster of an app. Wish I could keep sysco mobile. The touch is off, it hangs, some buttons on screen don\'t work or need multiple presses. It\'s also missing the quantity verification, when you order a large amount of one item, the old app would ask if you really wanted \"13\" cases of xxxx.
H 2020-05-30

Allow us to determine the time to update the apps. Stop preventing to use the apps without the update. It\'s annoying to stop for update when you are trying to order. Guess have to call the Rep. It\'s really counter intuitive. Look at the perspective of the buyer.
Amber Johnson 2019-06-03

It is slow to load the lists. It also crashes on me and I can\'t find my customized list on this app. On the sysco mobile app have the ability to sort my list into my customized list but I do not see it on this app. I need to easily do my walk around at work in order of my custom list. I do not have time to walk around my entire kitchen ordering from a list that is not in order.