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Description of Tabby

*The time is meow!

Tabby is the cat-person’s dating app! Find someone who will love your kitty as much as you do, or find someone to get a cat with in the future. Date a cat-person who has their own cat - or even their own clowder!

Cat photos are the best photos. Add photos of you and your kitties in your profile. Add captions to each photo, too!

Meet on the The Cat Tree before you match. Share stories, your favorite cat-friendly locations, date ideas, and cat-friendly events in Tabby’s online Cat Tree. The Cat Tree is a social feed within the app. Like and comment on photos posted by other cat-lovers.

Showcase your cat’s personality! Highlight your cat with tags like “lap kitty,” is a “hunter,” and is an “influencer.” Give everyone a heads up that your cat “sleeps in the bed,” is “allowed on the table,” or is “hairless!”

Need conversation starters or help with your bio? Use Tabby’s premade prompts like “Here’s how to win over my cat...”

*We call the exterminator on fleas and inappropriate photos.

If you’re trying to be crude, stop now. Tabby’s fully fledged content moderation team is made of the world’s second-best species: humans. Photos and content will be reviewed and approved before they’re made public on Tabby.

If you’re not having a seamless experience, let us know. Send notes, photos, or screen recordings of app bugs to our development team at info@sensate-inc.com. Think someone on the app is crooked as a dog’s hind leg? Report immediately.

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More Information Of Tabby

lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:1.1.2 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Dig Dates, Inc.

User Reviews


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Krystle Fields 2020-11-15

I have to rate it 2 stars I love this idea I\'m such a cat lover and finding someone who shares that love sounds cute and idk more promising than tinder but YOU HAVE to pay for the app there really is no free mode. Free mode is you can add your pics you can edit kinda a profile. But you cant message you cant see who likes you. Its disappointing to me. I love this idea. I really do. But im not pay or upgrade to something I don\'t even know will help me. Its a little flawed
Lizete Ramirez 2020-10-29

It was a cool idea until I found 4 fake profiles. And I\'m still finding more. There seem to. E a lot of fake profiles. Different name same pictures. I report them and they keep popping up. Be careful with this app!!!
Demimonde Mesila Thraam 2020-10-19

The idea and presentation is wonderful. But if you expect to find any actual cat people to chat with, you\'ll be disappointed. This seems to be connected to some sort of foreign dating profile aggregator. You\'ll find people from \"California City, California\" and \"Texas City, Tx\", which are obvious clues that this site\'s full of fake foreign accounts. There\'s no charge whatsoever for it, however. Maybe some actual people will float in over time. Google images to weed out fakes.
Victoria DiGiovanni 2020-08-11

Love the idea, but some work to be done. App continuously takes me back to the \"home\" screen and asks me to login again. 4-5 times in less than 10 minutes using the app. Idea of this app is great and I\'m excited for when its able to work properly! Just some bugs to work out which is normal for new apps.
Francesca King 2020-10-19

I like app features. I would like the app more if there was more variety in my area. It needs more security features to prevent cyber stalking. It needs an advanced preferences expansion. I tried to express that I didn\'t want to have kids or date anyone with kids and my profile was flagged for mentioning the word \"kids\". Some of the men on the site are very clingy and unrealistic. So far I\'ve only found two in my area. I\'m hoping the app gains popularity.
Kelly Butz 2021-01-13

Like others have said, you have to pay in order to do anything. I love the idea of having cat friendly people to find a match, however it is a highly niche dating app. The one message I received but could not read was from a (cute!) Guy in Dallas, TX but I am in Chicago. The free feed also showed lots of men on other states even though I filtered for near me. Maybe there are only 3 guys in Chicago that try a cat dating app? Who knows, but I am not willing to pay to find out and waste my time :(
Rebekah Duke 2020-12-13

Another user attempted the iTunes gift card scam on me. Also, you\'re expected to pay right away. You can\'t read incoming messages without upgrading. It would be nice if there was at least a \"try before you buy\" but nope. It isn\'t the easiest to navigate either.
charlieinfinite 2020-10-16

I accidentally created a profile using the \"log in with Google\" function but 1) it just takes me to a blank page when I attempt to log in and 2) I prefer to sign up with email anyway. When I attempted to contact the company, it forces me to enter my username - but I never even got to create one! This means I cannot contact the company - leads me to believe they don\'t really want to be contacted. Guess I will be deleting this app and warning others to stay away.
Hocus Pocus 2020-10-18

No option to delete your profile, instead you have to select remove your profile under the \"technical issues\" report feature. This throws the error \"Username is a required field\" despite there not being a Username input field and the fact you\'re already logged in your account. I\'ve tried on desktop web browser too and it throws the same error. Please delete my profile and personal data as I wish to exercise my right under data protection law.
Suzanne Bronson 2020-09-03

After having my account deleted from administrator error and then reactivated with no apology, I still don\'t like this app. It\'s very difficult to use and you don\'t get notifications when someone messages you.. Also, even though I said distance within 100 miles I\'m getting people from all over the world. Plus the scammers have glommed on already, there needs to be a way to verify users. And can\'t delete messages from inbox, still shows messages even after a profile was deleted. Good concept thou