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Tablet Messenger APK

Tablet Messenger

Size:Varies with device


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Description of Tablet Messenger

Tablet Messenger is a multi-messenger app for Android tablets that synchronizes your messages in a bundled app and provides numerous settings

Supported Messenger:

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Telegram, GMail, Wire, Wechat, T-Online, GMX, web.de, Twitter, VK, ... More messengers will follow soon.

That's what the Tablet Messenger can do:

- Manage Messenger => Add, remove, or mute individual messengers

- Adjustments => Change font sizes and zoom into text or images

- Messages => Easily send and receive text and voice messages. Receive messages with notification - even if the app is running in the background or the display is disabled

- Security => Secure the Tablet Messenger and all messages with a password. No saving of user data

Just start:

1. Install

Install the Tablet Messenger on the Play Store on your tablet

2. Select

Select the messengers you want to use

3. Login

Register once with your messengers

And so the registration goes by the example WhatsApp:

1. Start the tablet messenger on your tablet and switch to the tab "WhatsApp". Wait until the QR code appears

2. Start WhatsApp on your phone

3. Open the menu on the right in the "Chats" tab on your mobile phone and select the menu item "WhatsApp Web"

4. Scan the QR code on the tablet with your mobile phone camera

5. The connection is made

6. Done

... from now on you will receive all your messages on your tablet

Your advantages:

- All Messenger: Switch easily between all your messengers

- always in sync: continue to receive messages with other devices

- clear: Use the large display and write comfortably with a large keyboard

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please send us an e-mail: support@tabletmessenger.com

We look forward to every message from you!

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More Information Of Tablet Messenger

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:tabletmessenger.com

User Reviews


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Gary Smith 2020-03-01

Rediculous amount of adverts!! This used to be a really good way of keeping in touch when you are using your tablet instead of grabbing the phone every time it pings. Now an annoying advert comes up everytime you open or click on the program. All meant to force you to pay the $5-6 per year to stop you screaming at the money grabbing people that make this program. Going to unload it as soon as I find an alternative.
Elaine Hawkins 2019-06-30

I continue to enjoy using my tablet. it has a large keyboard that helps me type without making numerous errors; and I can\'t describe the joy of watching my eldest son react with his grandson, my great grandson, at a church celebration for high school graduates! My children can be aware of what is happening in my life, and vice versa, although three of them live overseas. It is marvelous technology. God has blessed me through its invention!
Kok Khai Tan 2019-10-09

I think this is the best after multiple search for an app like this. My purpose is to run whatsapp on my 2nd phone This does the job very well - much better than those stand alone whatsapp web app. It loads fast and clean. And it doesn\'t have that ignoring popping up of keyboard everything you click on a chat on the left panel. This is truly the best
A Google user 2020-04-26

New version will not work. Cant add any messenger Now it works, the ads are very annoying. The ads are bid, and noisey and intrude on anything that is happening. Very bad and ridiiculous . Terrible. Probably created by Russian trolls. full page ads are very annoying. The app is very slow to respond. find something else. this app is full of full page ads. its an absolute nightmare. dont install. it usedto work decent. not anymore. junk!
Frank Unterwegs 2019-10-28

Installed the app, started it, it crashed right other start and closed. Tried a few times with different settings but same result, crashed and don\'t work. I am on andoid and a chromebook.
Elinor Benchimol 2020-07-01

I like this app and it works as described but the ads are too intrusive and annoying and there\'s no way to disable them permanently. The paid / premium version allows to disable ads only for 1 year so not worth it in my opinion. It would be great if the developers would add an option for permanent ad removal.
Ambidextrous 2020-06-03

I Skype keyboard doesn\'t work. Down to 1 star because of this extremely annoying advertising. Permanent onscreen and video. With allegedly over half a million downloads one should think this was not really necessary. It becomes scam-like especially as one can observe that bugs are not attended to. Also, the app is very heavy and slow. And, you only get the chat option. No phone or video connections. Unfortunately there does not seem to exist alternatives for tablets.
Edgar Guzman 2020-12-22

I payed for the app because it looked promising but as soon as I left my tablet alone or put it sleep it seems the app goes sleep too and I don\'t receive msg anymore even when it has all the permissions. Another issue is while trying to share a link or something it tells me that sharing is only compatible with WhatsApp, which is what i needed, then it tells me to pick a contact to share with but it doesn\'t share nor paste anything. I hope it can be fix
Daz H 2020-06-24

Yes, it\'s a good app, well worth paying for just to get rid of the ads, I contacted support on some issues I was having but didn\'t get any response (they would have got 5*s if they had), one thing it is lacking is an audible sign / noise to tell you when you have a message instead of a mail box in the very top left of your screen, but all in all it\'s great, I\'m using it with WhatsApp and had no problems at all.
Howard Webb 2019-11-05

Sadly this app has turned in to a buggy, ad ridden mess. It plays video ads full screen, full volume meaning it is useless if you want to use it in a room with other people. Attempts to use attachments normally cause crashes with WhatsApp and has been an issue for a long time. Sad because it used to be a good little app