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Description of Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena

Tactical Monsters: Rumble Arena - A globally featured real-time & turn-based strategy action RPG on Google Play & a repeatedly honored mobile app on various gaming news media such as IGN, Pocket Gamer, Touch Arcade and Android Police

- A globally featured game by Google Play

Seeking a challenging new adventure that requires your cunning strategy and outsmarting tactics?

Experiencing fast-paced 3-5 minute strategy battles and whimsical gameplay in the world of Tactical Monsters comprised of fantasy monsters from all time and space. Whether you are competitive in real life or virtual reality, this is the ultimate competition game for you!


Choose your perfect formation of tactical monsters and conquer the epic real-time multiplayer gameplay in this final fantasy war game. Outsmart and destroy your opponents by strategically positioning your monster heroes before battle and tactically controlling their actions in battle!


● Unlock numerous PVE stages to win all 3 stars!

● Set the optimal defense formations and layouts in Mine Defense Auto Chess!

● Sharpen your tactics by visiting Monsters Academy!

● Duel real players in real-time live PVP to take their thrones and claim the world season chest!

● Endure through the Guerrilla Warfare Mode (Survival Mode) to defeat the never-ending BOSSES!

● Collect, recruit and upgrade over 80 unique monster!

● Play with friends from all over the world!

● Enter 1on1 matches with new friends worldwide!

● Ally with your clan mates to chat tactical strategy knowledge, to share and to trade hero monster cards!

● Build your own clan defenses to fend off the enemy raiders and rank for the #1 clan in the world!


● Network connection is required, even the auto chess mode.

● Tactical Monsters: Rumble Arena is free to download and play, some in-app items can also be purchased for real money. In-app purchases can be disabled through your device’s settings.


● Email us at support@tacticalmonsters.com;

● Follow us on Facebook to get news and updates: www.facebook.com/tacticalmonsters;

● Join our Discord channel to chat strategy: https://discord.gg/XYHhgB4

*Get 500 FREE gems by joining our Discord group

*Tactical Monsters is fully developed, owned and operated by Camex Games

*Camex Games partnered with Lemix Games to bring your favorite characters from Monster Castle

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More Information Of Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.19.15 Publish Date:2021-10-29 Developer:Newland Canada

User Reviews


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Ed Boyd 2018-07-28

The game claims to be not pay to play, but it is. I\'m sorry I am at level 20 and my characters range from lvl 13 to 20. There is no reason for a lvl 12 person with characters ranging from lvl 9 to 14 should come out and beat me and not lose one character on his team none at. The game cheats and I will not be spending any money sorry not happening at all
Fernando BK 2018-07-07

The game starts just fine, but then you hit a paywall. You cant win anymore and becomes impossible to advance. Earning cards is soooo slow. You will lose, lose, and then lose again. Oh, and buying things wont get you any real benefit as the cards are drawn randomly, so you might end up leveling one or two monster at max, and they might not be the one you wanted to.
Nick Gallant 2018-07-14

Pay to win. And after you have paid 100$ or more, devs release new monster that wrecks all yours. So you must pay again. After 200$ or more, devs release a new monster that wrecks all yours. So you must pay more. Brilliantly vicious cycle created by clever devs. Don\'t want to spend hundreds? Devs Will say you can progress for free. That\'s a lie. Blocky ruins this game. Blocky ruins this game. Blocky ruins this game. Blocky ruins this game. Blocky ruins this game.
Phil Godby 2019-07-04

Very fun game. You can get quite a bit of entertainment before hitting the pay wall; even then I just bought basic $5 membership and got many more months of entertainment. My only gripe is that solo (adventure) mode has pretty pitiful rewards for the effort you have to put into it. Otherwise, it\'s fantastic, well-balanced strategy game. Reminiscent of Heroes of Might and Magic and chess
Turd Burglar 2019-07-21

this game sucks dont bother downloading it.i hate the taunt in this game this game is as bad as every phone game is.i hate this depressing game.the game developer is bogus they should of not made a comment all games dont need taunt buttons.thanks for the bogus comment from the game developers yeah this game is still a depressing money hungery game just like southpark phone destroyer.
Jacqui Warner 2019-11-01

This game is so fun as it has plenty of things to do in it and it really makes your brain think as it is really challenging. The only downsider is it takes for ever to level up😭 but other than that the game is awesome.
Nicholas Bonito 2019-02-18

Nothing interesting to see here, unfortunately
ARCADEIUS 2020-05-04

Trash trash trash. Starts out fun like any game on moble eventually turns into a pay to win game. Dont expect to win unless you drop money on the game for legendarys. This game could be good if it was fair for all players but it never is. Free to play will have to grind months and months and months to get no where. Finish line is not the same. Your games unbalanced. Take your p2w crowd and give them there own server.
Michael Oshilesi 2018-12-21

Great. In Clash of Clans Game, we can tap on players in many places to Invite them to Clan and friends. Let send Clan Request, to Invite players with no Clan to the Clan. Thanks. Very well balanced Game with perfect Network. When the Network is lost, the Game will synchronise game progress in well balance. Not like the stupid Field Runners Game, cos when their game network lost, all game progress in battle will be lost and counted the battle as defeated
Harsh Sanghavi 2020-04-14

A brutally annoying P2W (Pay to win) game. You will be matched with much higher opponents who have paid and make progression impossible even if you buy the premium plus subscription. Would take 6 months of regular playing just to get competitive. No thank you.