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Description of Tactics Frenzy – Chess Puzzles

Magnus Carlsen, the world champion in chess brings you Tactics Frenzy.

Solve millions of unique, entertaining and high-quality chess puzzles. Start competing for prizes in the monthly high score lists.

Tactics Frenzy has been developed by the world champion Magnus Carlsen, WGM Olga Dolzhikova, GM Jan Gustafsson, GM Jon Ludvig Hammer, GM Aryan Tari, and IM Sebastian Mihajlov.

The computer-generated puzzles have been created by the first author of Stockfish (the world's strongest chess engine) Tord Romstad and chess puzzle developer Martin Bennedik. Human-generated puzzles are also thrown into the mix, all approved by our team of Chess Experts.

Follow the development of Tactics Frenzy on Magnus Carlsen's YouTube channel and be an active part of the community. Tell us what you would like to see next.

Become a member and participate in monthly competitions, and unlock exclusive features.

Win Awesome Stuff

Win gold, silver or bronze prizes in all our monthly competitions, sponsored by Chess24, Chessable, Magnus Trainer and Magnus Carlsen himself.

Choose Your Difficulty

Can you handle 5-minute frenzies? With membership, you can compete in three additional difficulty settings, each with their own high score list and prizes to win.

Unlimited Attempts

Membership gives you infinite attempts at climbing the high score lists.

Exclusive Features

As a member, you get to be the first to access exclusive new features from our ongoing development of Tactics Frenzy

Review Mistakes

Learn while playing. Membership unlocks the review mistakes feature in timed mode.

Need to learn and train more chess?

Try our app called Magnus Trainer where you can play mini-games and read theory lessons to improve your chess skills.

Do you want to challenge the world champ?

Try our app called Play Magnus and play against the world chess champion of different ages.

For Tactics Frenzy we offer the following subscriptions:









Tactics Frenzy is built by the world champion in chess and his team, who wants to make the world a smarter place through chess!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playmagnus

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/playmagnus/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/themagnuscarlsen

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/PlayMagnus

Info about the membership: https://www.playmagnus.com/en/tactics-frenzy/membership

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More Information Of Tactics Frenzy – Chess Puzzles

lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.61 Publish Date:2021-04-23 Developer:Play Magnus

User Reviews


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duttasagnik 2020-07-28

Hi magnus team, I\'m having a serious problem. After opening this app, I can\'t play any video or see any photo in other apps like Youtube, Facebook. Then I\'ve to restart my phone every time to make things normal. The problem is with the app for sure because after restarting, the problem starts as soon as I open this app and doesn\'t start if I don\'t open this app. Can you please fix this issue? Edit: After the last update, it doesn\'t seem to be happening anymore. Thanks a lot.
A S 2020-10-09

it\'s just a garbage app. freezes and crashes constantly. by the time it\'s loaded a 2 minute time trial, 40 seconds have already blown by. freezes in the middle, too.... except the clock of course. I was excited by it and subscribed as soon as I downloaded, but once I actually used the app and saw what a useless product I had just paid for I canceled immediately. this should not have been released until it was actually working.
Stephen Ford 2021-02-23

App crashes immediately after opening since last update. What is going on with Play Magnus? Feels like at least one of their apps is offline at any given time lately. Reconsidering my subscription...
samuel gebru 2020-12-27

It\'s good app. I like the fact that the puzzles get harder as you progress unlike random puzzle apps out there. The calming background music is a plus. However, it would be awesome if you put sound effect when pices move. It would be satisfying to hear a capture sound during play. The other is it doesn\'t disable the lockscreen unlike other games. Screen locks during play if you take time to think.
Perseus F 2020-09-04

Not particularly impressed with the app. Subscription should have more features. And there is no analysis board/evaluation, which is a serious drawback.
Oliver Tong 2020-03-15

Love this game! It has a great design with a music to make you concentrate and comfortable with chess. And there is training and if you make mistake, there are solutions. But for me, this app should be added more features to make it more interesting. And also this app often crash. I hope Play Magnus will improve it and add more features :-)
Akshay 2020-05-02

Hi Magnus Team, My puzzle rating in this app. is going down without solving any puzzles. it was about 1675 yesterday and now it become 1556. Hi Team, Thanks for your update. I was thinking that there is some server issue. It is the correct explanation for my reduced rating. I am enjoying this game a lot. Please add some difficult puzzles.
Kevin Tortolini 2020-08-06

Amazing application for practicing tactical chess puzzles, and possibly the best application of its kind for mobile devices. It\'s new but the bugs are being fixed rapidly. It has become my new favorite application for chess puzzles.
Revyn Mungcal 2020-03-30

It is just a black screen! The ad for membership pops up, I close it, then it turns into a black screen! I have Android 6.0 and this will not work. Even on PC. If I try it on my computer the settings button won\'t close thus blocking a quarter of the board. Please fix this problem. I want to get good at chess :(
Stefan Dragos Popescu 2020-06-08

Im not a great chess player but some of these puzzles are bad. I wasnt able to figure it out and when I checked the solution, it was based on the enemy making a bad move. Not a maybe bad move, a dum move. Theres no \"report\" button for puzzles like that. What am i to do, write on a piece of paper all the ids of stinky puzzles? Maybe also support for puzzles, like a link to a site where we comment each puzzle.