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Description of Tacx Training

Take your indoor training to the next level. From phone to tablet to desktop, this app gets you the best virtual cycling experience. Simply connect your Tacx Smart trainer to the Tacx Training app and the world becomes your playground. Explore our large collection of high-quality training films, including everything from famous spring classics to the Alps. Or create your own workouts, and control just how much pain you’re feeling tomorrow.

While you ride, your speed, power, cadence, and heart rate are displayed on-screen. All your indoor training data automatically loads to the Garmin Connect™ app where you can track and analyze your training stats afterwards. Year-round cycling has just got simpler.

Download and use the app for free or choose for Premium or Premium HD

Premium and Premium HD:

1. Streaming high-quality video workouts

2. 3D GPS map workouts

3. Live opponents

4. Import your Strava routes or create GPS workouts


1. Structured workouts based on slope, power, or FTP

2. Analyze your activities with Garmin Connect

3. Export your data to Garmin Connect

4. Sync your workouts and activities between devices


This application is compatible with Tacx Smart trainers and sensors with Bluetooth 4.0 or Ant+.

Please Note: Internet access is required. When Internet connection fails, functionality is limited.

To use Ant+ it may be required to attach a dongle.

Don’t forget to email our support team if you have any questions, concerns, compliments, or feature requests. https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?productID=696770&tab=topics

Designed and Produced in the Netherlands


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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:4.26.1 Publish Date:2022-03-09 Developer:Garmin

User Reviews


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richard green 2021-01-06

Been using tacx for 5+ years the software has slowly got worse. Garmin, it\'s not great. I\'ve re installed the app twice in a week, it\'s the only way to get Bluetooth to connect. It use to crash when saving (I\'ve lost countless rides over the years). Sorry the engineering on this app and the hardware just doesn\'t cut it. Ok, I can\'t give this 0 stars, and I want to. Tacx have now removed the share button and doesn\'t take elevation into Garmin connect. You cannot get you data off, it\'s trapped.
Jozef Jarosciak 2021-02-10

The power training is missing calorie slide, I can\'t see how many calories I am burning and constantly need to pause the training to see where I am with my caloric goal. Please add it in, people are asking about this for over a year now.
Justin Chang 2020-04-10

I have been using this app for about 5 months now and it is not reliable if you want to track your workouts/rides. After completing a workout, it says your progress is 100% saved and returns to the main screen, but your workout does not get saved. This happens about 50% of the time or more, especially in the last few months. I have tried logging in/out and reinstalling the multiple times but the problem persists. Decent app if all you want to see is real time metrics.
A Google user 2019-03-21

You guys are nuts, why do you try cloud upload before saving locally? I lost both training of today because of a communication error with your cloud. 1k of trainer and you cannot develop an app that is an essential part of it.
Kevin Chapman 2021-01-06

When it works, it just about does the job. Uploading, however, is painful, randomly happens or doesn\'t, and takes ages. The move to Garmin Connect broke it further. Now I sometimes see my activities, sometimes I don\'t. Uploads get lost forever. There is a reason I don\'t use a Garmin outside, and now I am not safe inside. Update: after a week it seems fixes have been implemented. Missing rides appeared after two days, and upload is now much smoother (two minutes). Rating updated accordingly.
Artem Ivashkin 2019-12-13

I have tested the app with premium 30days trial period using my Google account. Well, I found that if you finish the full course, then you get an initial screen with course details and nothing is saved. I faced with this issue twice and now I am sure that I will not pay for the service. Also it\'s inconvenient to send results to Strava through cloud, but not directly from the app. It would be better to upload video in advance, to prevent bad internet connection and send minimum of data.
Nathaniel Davis 2016-12-31

App is Useless Linking worked no problem. But will not run in the background, need to keep the app open constantly like YouTube for it to work. Workout stats do not record. I basically purchase a resistor for my bike. Need to record workout elsewhere. Polar has my back....
Stephen Menzies 2016-04-21

Terrible App App is really poor. Tacx have to take notice of this. People spend alot of money on Tacx trainers and are completely let down by the app. Nees some proper improvements and quickly.
Neil Barter 2015-12-13

Doesn\'t work - terrible Really disappointed with this app. Using it on a HTC 1 M8. Rarely does it work, just starting up and stopping after 2 seconds. It can\'t run in the background, if you want to play music at the same time the app stops. It never remembers the trainer and therefore doesn\'t automatically connect. I\'ve had it working once, seemed ok, but so buggy. As a software developer, I\'d be sacked if I let this app out the door! Wouldn\'t have bought the trainer if I could have tested the app first. Terrible effort Tacx!
Christoph Wurst 2021-01-09

Mediocre. Since the Garmin merger there are constant technical issues, support is bad unless you go public on Twitter. They removed the export feature, so your data is locked into their platform. Next workout in current plan shows a random user-created session instead of the next time from the plan. All in all not great for 9.99/m