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Description of Tacx utility

Important notice:

To use the Utility app for Android

1. Turn off all apps running in the background

2. Turn off Bluetooth and then turn it on again

3. Then start the Utility app

This is done to ensure the phone can properly connect to your trainer and send the firmware without other applications interfering.

Firmware update for:

- Bushido Smart (T2780)

- Vortex Smart (T2180)

- NEO Smart (T2800)

- Genius Multiplayer Smart (T2010)

- Genius Smart (T2080)

- Ironman Smart (T2060)

- Flow Smart (T2240)

- Flux S smart (T2900S)

- Flux 2 smart (T2950)

- Neo bike smart (T8000)

Use the Tacx Utility app to upgrade your Smart trainer to the latest firmware. This will keep you up to date with the latest protocols, like FTMS and product improvements like accuracy.

Smart trainers by Tacx have the following features in common:

-ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart compatible

-Standard power and speed/cadence profile

-Stand-alone: without connecting to a device the trainer acts as if you’re riding on a flat road

-ANT+ FE-C certified

-Bluetooth FTMS certified

Because of these features you can use the trainer as you see fit: connect to the device you want and use the software fitting your needs.


Tacx combines passion for technique and innovation with passion for cycling. We keep all knowledge close to home as our entire team and production plant is located at one place, in the Netherlands. The standard for our products comes from requirements of professionals, who test our products and give us feedback. By doing so we hope to achieve our goal: to produce innovative, high quality products in order to motivate you to increase your performance and love sports.

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More Information Of Tacx utility

lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:2.4.0 Publish Date:2021-11-17 Developer:Tacx B.V.

User Reviews


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Jim Hobold 2018-12-30

Broken - Can\'t Connect to Vortex. The training app can connect to the vortex just fine, but is not capable of checking the firmware. This app doesn\'t allow me to connect to thr trainer at all.
Drew W. 2017-02-16

Spent the better part of a night going from no connection, to intermittent connection, and finally figuring out how to get this going. I sharing my steps below in the hopes it help people struggling to use this app. I am running Android 7.1.2 beta on Nexus 5x: 1. Kill all Apps/restart phone 2. Turn on Wifi and Location (yes i mean GPS). 3. Turn on bluetooth. Ensure not \"tacx vortex/bushido\" etc is NOT paired. 4. Hit more settings under the bluetooth menu 5. Make sure you can see your trainer such as Tacx Vortex ##### under available devices. 6. Turn bluetooth off-> this will make \"scanning settings\" available 7. GO into \"scanning settings\" make sure both are one 8. open the app and you should hopefully see your trainer. This gave me a reliable pairing with my trainer I certainly hope it helps you all. Good luck! @TACX: you have the option to request turning location services, wifi and scanning on. Please embed that in your app and allow the user to refresh devices.
John Reinke 2019-11-23

This app needs work. First off, this app doesn\'t close correctly by hitting the back button on Android. I have to click the home button and leave it running in the background. Second, it remembers the units (Imperial) but forgets weights I enter for myself and my bike on the Defaults screen. Third, on the testing screen, only once have I gotten it to enable the road feel settings for my Neo 2T when I change those settings.
Jordan Jessen 2020-03-12

Pathetic. I have the NEO 2T and trying to update the firmware with this app is a joke. Won\'t connect. Need to disconnect from other Bluetooth LE items (like, how). For $1500, this should just work, and it doesn\'t. Might get a wahoo next time.
Andrew Seidman 2016-11-26

Latest version of app won\'t connect to Vortex Smart The latest version of the app won\'t connect to my Vortex smart to calibrate. But the vortex still connects to Zwift.
Bob Hadden 2020-04-05

Updated the firmware for my new Tacx Neo 2T from 0.0.26 to 0.0.34 without issue using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Not sure why other users out here are having so many issues. I did have to turn on both Bluetooth and Location for it to connect, but that\'s not surprising.
Michael Dimaya 2019-12-18

An absolutely worthless app. Doesn\'t connect to the trainer. It connects to my HR monitor, etc, but doesn\'t give readings. Worse than all this: even the \"problems connecting to your device?\" button does literally nothing. No troubleshooting guide, no fix. On top of all of that, I\'ve found that even functions such as calibration are off. If the app says I\'m in range, I\'m still too loose (slipping, even with a trainer tire). Completely useless.
Blake O 2016-02-07

Worked Flawlessly Perfect tool to set up a Tacx trainers. Set up power and tire tension easily. Used it to upgrade the firmware on my Tacx Vortex Smart and it worked flawlessly.
Stanislav Sheyn 2019-11-14

Hangs up all the time, have to reboot 1 time out of 3 to get it to work right. Awful.
Timothy Filla 2020-02-23

Useless. The calibration feature works about 1 out of every 10 times, otherwise you get an error. Also, if you forget to close it before starting a Zwift workout, it will hijack the trainer\'s controllability and Zwift will have no control over the trainer. Would have considered a different trainer brand had I known the Tacx app was so worthless.