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Description of TalkRemit - Worldwide Money Transfer Online

Immediately send money to friends and family with the ultimate service from TalkRemit.

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TalkRemit’s money transfer service can help you deliver funds all over the world in seconds. The setup process is fast and simple. There aren’t any hidden fees - just a money transfer charge.

Install the app for an Instant Quote in just a few seconds!

👍What makes TalkRemit the best choice to send money abroad? 👍

✔️ Look after your loved ones from your living room with a simple app to send money

✔️ Hook up your bank account and use a mobile wallet for even easier money transfers

✔️ Cash collection and bank deposit options are simple to set up

✔️ Automatic confirmation receipts keep you updated about your transfer

💰Aren’t all remittance services the same?💰

Nowadays almost all major online ways to send money abroad are safe, relatively low-cost, and make transfers very quickly. Probably you’ve heard about Transferwise, Worldremit, SendWave, Taptap Send, Remitly, Paysend, TransferGo, Western Union, RIA, and Moneygram. We believe we’re a better choice because of our commitment to no confusing pricing structures, good exchange rates, and ease of use for the sender and the receiver.

💬What else makes TalkRemit better than other services?💬

TalkRemit is a community-focused business. Since 2018, TalkRemit has helped more than 12,000 UK migrants stay connected to their communities. 1 of 3 users joins TalkRemit because someone in their community recommends the service.

TalkRemit is the cheapest way to send money to Africa. Support your parents, pay off a card bill, debt financing, or help build your home community with low-cost transfers. TalkRemit has close connections to many African communities and has expanded in the EU to help even more people send money back to their family and friends.

TalkRemit processes more than 15,000 transactions to African and Asian communities every month. Loans and utility bills are being paid off, families are being supported, and home communities are staying connected through TalkRemit’s money transfer service.

🗺️Where can I send money from?🗺️

United Kingdom (GBP) - Switzerland (CHF) - Sweden (SEK) - Denmark (DKK) - Norway (NOK) - Spain - Portugal - Netherlands - Malta - Italy - Ireland - Greece - Germany - France - Finland - Cyprus - Belgium - Austria (all - EUR) - Croatia (HRK) - Bulgaria (BGN)

💱Where can someone pick up my money transfer?💱

Funds can be collected in 60+ countries worldwide including Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Canada, Cote D'Ivoire, Djibouti, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Senegal, Thailand, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United States

TalkRemit covers popular transfer corridors to send money to Africa and Asia:

UK to India

UK to Kenya

Sweden to Nigeria

Germany to Nigeria

France to Morocco

UK to United Arab Emirates

UK to Bangladesh

📲How do I get started?📲

Download the app, and then enter your mobile number, a username and a password. We’ll send you a text to confirm your identity. We’ll have a few quick security questions, and then you’re good to go! If more security is needed, we may ask for a photo ID.

🏦When will my money arrive?🏦

Payments to a bank account, cash pickup, and mobile wallet are usually instantaneous. Bank account payments can take longer if there is a delay in the receiving country.

The TalkRemit Customer Support team is available 24/7 for you! Check our Support Portal, in-app Help section, or chat options if you have a question.

TalkRemit, 6th Floor, 2 Kingdom Street, Paddington, London, W2 6BD. Talkremit Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom in accordance with the Payment Service Regulations 2017 and Electronic Money Regulation 2011. Registration number: 900825.

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User Reviews


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I E 2020-07-02

Absolutely terrible app, i use bank transfer and the transaction keeps pending. I tried using a card and this does not work. I tried to top up my wallet and this too does work. I telephoned the customer service and they kept me on the phone for ages without resolving the problem. I tried the chat service and they are a joke! Have no value for their customers.
Abdulrahman Muse 2019-11-13

Very difficulty for registering it keep saying contact support admin after reporting nothing been sorted
Fayfilo M 2020-01-31

Poor customer service, the app support chat never respond, Requests for new documents out of the blue. The app is easy to use but when it comes to deal with staff it is a disaster.
Jamal Qorax 2021-01-03

I have been using other remittance platform but was first introduced to TalkRemit last year. I found the service very efficient, competitive, easy to use and generally easier than others. well done to the team keep working hard.
Sharaf Cademaalin 2019-09-07

It is very good but if i want to use the up it is difficult to use means it is not to be loga in asto send the money that is the only the problem that I have
Mustafe Abdilahi 2020-07-17

Hello talkremit team, I have been using this App since I found and I was happy with this online service I invited friends and I haven\'t received any bonus . This App sometimes is not available or working I struggle to use it I can see that there is increased amount of fee which is too much more than double with out any notice and I think you will double again so I\'m not happy with these things. Thanks
Simeon 2019-01-03

Really frustrated with this - input phone and email to register but it came up with \"unknown error\". Then when I try to register again it says the user already exists. If I try to log in with the same details it says user does not exist! Stupid bug please fix
Queen Weeks 2020-06-25

Very efficient fast response paid out really quickly
Aabo Abul 2020-12-05

TFP Terribly Flawed Processes!! They would hold onto your money with out passing it to beneficiary. Then they will send you an email saying hey do you mind sending us some ID, when they should have done that in the registration process. Oh if email goes to your junk mail good luck. I uploaded ID, money was not sent. Contacted by phone & chat. Requested send or cancellation. Conclusion both on set of staff confirmed ID. Not able to cancel or send. TFP Terribly Flawed Processes!!
jamaal_cade maazim 2021-02-10

MashaAllah i really like this app it made life alot easier.i daily use the app and I never had any issues..i will definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to stay close to their loved ones like me and well done guys whomever took part of this application . keep up the great work guys