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Description of Tangram King

Complete the puzzles by combining 7 different pieces.

[game characteristics]

- players can enjoy various game modes .(classic, double, flip, spinning, hard mode)

- hours of playing time with countless stages .

- easy control and user friendly interface.

- multi-play : support versus mode (1vs1)

- support 16 languages.

- support leader board, achievement and Invite friends.





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More Information Of Tangram King

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.2.3 Publish Date:2022-02-12 Developer:mobirix

User Reviews


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Cody Blomburg 2016-07-07

It\'s not working right. This is ridiculous. I need to get the pieces in exactly the right spot (can\'t be even 1mm off) for it to accept that I did it right. That would be fine if it were even possible on my tablet. It\'s always just barely off. (I tried the app on my phone and it works great.)
Heather Reid 2017-04-16

Too fiddly Its a great game except that you have to have a REALLY steady hand as pieces need lining up exactly to a hairs breadth. Once its almost in place it should \'snap\' together but doesn\'t so takes ages to match exactly. If it wasn\'t so fiddly it would be 5*****
Brian Reyna 2019-03-07

The grid used to place the shapes is unnecessary and very hard to use. It would take less time to finish levels with a less precise grid or no grid at all. Overall, this game is annoying to play.
Priscilla Twilight 2016-07-06

How to complete levels I know that tangrams has always been about accuracy, but this game became so accurate that I can\'t even pass the first level, even though I\'m right. How is it supposed to work?
Eileen and Merv Hartland 2016-12-30

Tarmgarm king Love this game so far tet you know more whe i have played it a bit longer .
Wandering System 2016-11-25

Just whizzing through this Just downloaded this game and now I\'m just whizzing through it pretty fast. I had been given a yearly test between k to 12th grade and this was part of the long testing. Those tests were too easy, must be because I have Asperger\'s Syndrome unknowingly. Good game though, I like. 👍👍👍👍
Kyle Han 2016-07-18

Annoying. This is great. I do wish that the tangrams would snap in place because to the human eye, they look perfect. To a computer, it\'s one pixel off. That becomes annoying when you don\'t know which piece is off.
Rebekah Whisenant 2017-02-10

I love the game! It can be really tricky to flip and/or rotate the pieces, but that minor bug doesn\'t take away the fun.
Monique Hanna 2017-01-03

Basic game Not to hard, fun if you just want to waste time. Would be a good game for kids!
Jacqueline Watkins 2017-04-12

Just ran across this game playing another game. It looked interesting and I decided to download it and try it. I must say I love this game and don\'t want to stop playing it. Lots of fun and challenging. One of my favorites